Mercury Spill Kit
Mercury Spill Kit

Mercury Spill Kits

Mercury Spill Kit $97.97

Mercury Clean-Up Kits - Safely Absorb and Discard

Our Mercury Spill Kit is perfect for industrial and lab facilities spill containment. This highly-effective spill kit provides outstanding mercury vapor control.

Designed for smaller spills, this kit includes absorbent powder for mercury, safety items such as goggles and latex gloves as well as the necessary cleanup items such as wipes, dust pan, hand broom and a disposal bag.

Everything you need to clean up the spill.

The absorbent powder transforms mercury into zinc amalgam, suppresses hazardous mercury vapors and the stabilized mercury can easily be sweep up and placed into the disposal bag which is included.

The mercury spill kit is portable, durable, and requires no mixing. Comes with cleanup wipers to decontaminate hands, tools and surface. Easy access to the kit with it's screw-on lid.

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Quick Overview

  • Mercury vapor control
  • Safest and most effective way to clean up mercury spills
  • Complete and handy kit

Contents of Our Mercury Spill Clean-Up Kit

  • Mercury Absorbent
  • Absorbant Powder
  • Safety Goggles
  • 18 mil Latex Gloves
  • Mercury Cleanup Wipes
  • Dust pan
  • Hand boom
  • disposal bag.


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