Fleece Rags

Fleece Rags

Colored Fleece Rags-25lb box $22.97 Colored Fleece Rags-50lb box $36.97 White Fleece Rags-25lb box $31.97 White Fleece Rags- 50lb box $55.97

Soft Fleece Wiper Rags for General Purpose Cleaning

Shops with heavy grease and grime, like fleet maintenance shops, need heavy duty absorbent wiper rags that won't break down and won't leave lint all over the place.

Our absorbent fleece rags are made from reclaimed sweatshirt material and other fleece apparel.

These fleece towels are tough and resist snagging while wiping down greasy equipment and machinery. Our price beats rental rag cost making them very economical.

Absorbent fleece rags are of various sizes and have two surfaces: a smooth side and fluffy side and have been quality checked as well as all buttons and zippers have been removed.

Janitorial and auto/truck maintenance crews love these wiper rags. They are available in white and in mixed colors. Sold by weight, our fleece wiping towels are available in 25 pound and 50 pound dispenser boxes.

Quick Overview

  • Reclaimed from apparel
  • Available in multi-color
  • Available in white
  • Various sizes
  • Quality screened
  • Buttons, zippers removed
  • Heavy duty and shop use
  • Two sided: Smooth side and fluffy side
  • Economical - Save money over expensive rental towels
  • Available in 25 lb and 50 lb boxes


Technical Info

15 to 40% recycled (depending on specific product) fiber construction helps with LEED-EB credits.

Help prevent on-the-job injury from slips and falls. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)


Compliance Info

Helps with LEED-EB credits. See our DRC MSDS sheet.