Flammable Safety Cabinets

12-Gal Manual Cabinet $548.97 12-Gal Self-Closing Cabinet $595.97 16-Gal Manual Cabinet $685.97 16-Gal Self-Closing Cabinet $721.97 30-Gal Manual Cabinet $798.97 30-Gal Self-Closing Cabinet $893.97 45-Gal Manual Cabinet $998.97 45-Gal Self-Closing Cabinet $1,097.97 60-Gal Manual 2-Door Cabinet $1,143.97 60-Gal Self-Closing 2 Door Cabinet $1,238.97 90-Gal Manual 2-Door Cabinet $1,571.97 90-Gal Self-Closing 2-Door Cabinet $1,662.97
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Flammable safety cabinets with legs. These tower style cabinets have many benefits over the floor model safety cabinets if you have obstacles as to where you can place your safety cabinets. With the 4" legs you can place cabinets over HVAC vents, wires, plumbing and increase ventilation to reduce possible corrosion. Each leg is adjustable so even un-even floors are no problem. If moisture on the floor is a problem at your location this is the cabinet for you. You can easily move these flammable safety cabinets with a forklift or pallet jack.

With the leading cause of industrial fires being the improper storage and handling of flammable liquids our flammable safety cabinets with legs makes them easy to set up at your facility.

Are your flammables and combustibles stored in safety storage cabinets? Here is a link to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 and Uniform Fire Code 79.202 regulations. You can easily comply with these regulations with our tower flammable safety cabinets.

Constructed of 18 gauge steel, there are 14 standard features built into each cabinet. Be sure to click the features link. All of these cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements.


Quick Overview

  • 18-gauge steel construction.
  • 4 inch legs.
  • Can be moved with forklift or pallet jack.
  • Doors, sides, top and bottom are double-walled with 1 1/2" air space between walls.
  • Two vents with 2" threaded fittings.
  • Vents have fire baffle and cap.
  • Safety yellow high gloss powder finish.
  • Finish makes cleaning easy
  • Red warning labels.
  • Includes grounding attachment.
  • 3-point key lock.
  • 2" raised leak proof door seal.
  • Each shelf adjustable with 4 brackets.
  • Shelves can support 350 lbs.
  • Cabinet is kept off the floor if moisture is a problem.
  • Flammable safety cabinets with legs can easily straddle uneven floors, wires, pipes and floor or baseboard vents.

Technical Info

All cabinets when ordering below are yellow Standard construction features noted here.
Dimensions and weights for each cabinet are noted below in description

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The above warning applies to self-closing cabinets only. The self-closing mechanism has lead. Items A1924LEGSE, A1905LEGSE, A3010LEGSE, A4510LEGSE, A6010LEGSE, A9010LEGSE below.

Compliance Info

All flammable safety cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements. See guide to regulations here.