Pesticide Storage Cabinets

12-Gal Pesticide Manual Cabinet $541.97 12-Gal Pesticide Self-Closing Cabinet $589.97 30-Gal Pesticide Manual Cabinet $724.97 30-Gal Pesticide Self-Closing Cabinet $848.97 45-Gal Pesticide Manual Cabinet $909.97 45-Gal Pesticide Self-Closing Cabinet $1,027.97 55-Gal Pesticide Drum Manual 1 Drum Vertical $1,105.97 55-Gal Pesticide Drum Self-Closing 1 Drum Vertical $1,199.97 60-Gal Pesticide Manual Cabinet $1,105.97 60-Gal Pesticide Self-Closing Cabinet $1,179.97 22-Gal Pesticide Poly Manual Cabinet $832.97 Drum Cabinet Ramp $86.97 4-Gal Pesticide Poly Manual Cabinet $413.97
pesticide storage cabinets Pesticide Cabinet storage cabinets for pesticides
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For companies in the lawn care, golf course management, or agricultural business we have a great selection of pesticide storage cabinets.

We have steel and polyethylene chemical safety cabinets to store your pesticides and poisons. A pesticide safety plan for the protection of your employees and having the ability to control the usage of the chemicals is a must for every business.

Our pesticide storage cabinets allow for safe storage, insure better control and the ability to keep a good inventory of pesticides on site. Excellent protection with secure, lockable storage of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other poisons.

Our steel pesticide storage cabinets are constructed of 18 gauge steel. See the 14 standard features built into each metal cabinet. All metal cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements. See regulation guide here.

Poly shelf and bottom trays are included in these chemical safety cabinets to contain small spills and provide extra corrosion protection.

Our non-metallic poly pesticide storage cabinets are made with high density polyethylene. These are available in 4 gallon bench-top size, 22 gallon under-counter size. The poly cabinets have internal and top sump capacities of one gallon, adjustable shelves, door storage, lockable doors and vents with caps.

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Chemical resistance guide for high density polyethylene. Pesticide storage cabinets are available in green.

Quick Overview

  • 18 gauge steel construction.
  • Doors, sides, top and bottom are double-walled with 1 ½ " air space between walls.
  • Two vents with 2" threaded fittings.
  • Vents have fire baffle and cap.
  • High gloss green powder finish.
  • Finish makes cleaning easy
  • Large red warning labels.
  • Grounding attachment included.
  • 3-point key lock.
  • 2" raised leak proof door seal.
  • Each shelf adjustable with 4 brackets.
  • Two polyethylene models also available.
  • Pesticide storage cabinets are a wise investment for the protection of your business. Discount prices.

Technical Info

All chemical safety cabinets when ordering below are green. Call (800) 869-9633 for special color needs. Standard construction features noted here.
Dimensions and weights for each cabinet are noted below in description

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

The above warning applies to self-closing cabinets only. The self-closing mechanism has lead. Items APEST-24E, APEST-3010E, APEST-4510E, APEST-2610E, APEST-6010E below.

Compliance Info

All steel liquid storage cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements. See regulation guide here