55 Gallon Drum Dispensing Systems

Space Saving 55 Gal Drum Dispensing

Items A1606E, A1608E, A1605E & A1632E
EAGLE Horizontal Drum Double Stacker EAGLE Drum Stacker System

If you are looking for a complete system for 55 gallon drum dispensing here it is. This horizontal system is also ideal for storage.

If you use it in combination with our spill pallets it meets EPA secondary containment storage requirements. Double up on storage and save floor space at the same time.

All components are durable polyethylene and chemical resistant. Units interlock into the spill pallet grating making it a very stable unit. The optional shelf attaches easily and makes filling containers from the drum a breeze. Our drip pans or absorbent pads are ideal to have on hand to catch any drips while dispensing.

Spill pallet item A1632E works with one or two drums stacked. Spill pallet item A1645E work with two to four drums. Spill pallets that work with this stacking system are listed below. This 55 gallon drum dispensing system can be purchased in one, two or four drum combinations.

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Quick Overview

  • Stacking drums makes for easy dispensing
  • Double up on storage
  • Save on floor space
  • Heavy duty polyethylene construction
  • Chemical resistant and rust resistant
  • Cradle designed to interlock into spill pallet for stable drum storage
  • Impact tested for durability
  • Shelf attaches easily and catches drips
  • Helps you comply with EPA requirements
  • Usually ships within 48 hours
  • 55 gallon drum dispensing and stacking system at bargain prices


Technical Info

Polyethylene construction
Dimensions, sump capacity, load capacity and weights for each product noted below in Description.
Drums in picture not included

High Density Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Guide


Compliance Info

40 CFR 264.175
See Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.

Pricing and Order

ItemDescriptionOur PriceQuantity
A1605E Drum Cradle, Dimensions - 29"x26.5"x22.5", Spill Capacity -N/A, N/A Fork Pocket N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 2000 lbs, Weight each - 50 lbs $167.99
A1606E 1 DRUM Stacker, Dimensions - 27"x26.5"x29", Spill Capacity -N/A, N/A Fork Pocket N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 1000 lbs, Weight each - 50 lbs $184.99
A1607E 1 - Double Stacker
Dimension - 48"x26.5"x13", Spill Capacity -N/A, N/A Fork Pocket N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 2000 lbs, Weight each - 30 lbs
A1608E 1- Drum Drum Shelf, Dimensions - 19"x23"x19", Spill Capacity -N/A, N/A Fork Pocket N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 100 lbs, Weight each - 15 lbs $75.99
A1632E 2- DRUM Modular Spill Pallet, Dimensions - 26.25"x51.5"x6.5", Sump Capacity -30 gallons, No Fork Pocket No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 5000 lbs, Weight each - 32 lbs $138.99
A1645E 4 - DRUM Spill Control Pallet, Dimensions - 51.5"x51.5"x10", Sump Capacity -66 gallons, Yes Fork Pocket Yes Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 8000 lbs, Weight each - 65 lbs $263.99


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