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Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle - Decorative Outdoor Ashtrays

Not having cigarette butt receptacles may be dangerous to the appearance of your facility

Whether you own or manage a business, retail store, warehouse or restaurant, having outdoor cigarette ashtrays will eliminate having unsightly discarded cigarette butts all over the property. Maybe only a small percentage of your employees or customers smoke but there is a need to provide them with cigarette butt receptacles to extinguish and dispose of cigarette butts.

Outdoor cigarette ashtrays and cigarette snuffers are the answer. Providing the outdoor cigarette ashtrays not only helps to prevent litter but also provides smokers with a quick and safe way to put out and dispose of their cigarettes so there is a less chance of an accidental fire.

How do Cigarette Butt Receptacles Work?

The design of our cigarette butt receptacles solves many problems associated with smoking areas. The long neck of the receptacle restricts oxygen so the burning butts are quickly extinguished and there is less smoke from a smoldering butt. In the bottom of the cigarette butt receptacle, there is a metal bucket with sand which prevents lit or unlit butts from blowing in the wind. The top of the smoking receptacle is designed to keep water out so you do not get the waste smell of wet tobacco.

So unlike open ashtrays you get burning butts that do not smolder, smoke is reduced, fire danger is reduced due to the oxygen reduction and the receptacle being wind proof and the butts remain dry reducing smell. The added bonus is your location does not have cigarette butts all over the ground.

Choose from all-metal or all polyethylene receptacles

Our all metal cigarette disposal receptacles were first manufactured in 1965 when a very large percentage of the population smoked. Today, as in 1965, one outdoor cigarette ashtray model we sell is manufactured with heavy galvanized steel and is powder coated in yellow or beige. You will get many years of service. The metal tube unscrews from the base so the steel bucket inside can easily be emptied.

The classic polyethylene models come in a wide variety of colors to match the design or colors of the inside or outside of you facility. Receptacles for cigarettes come with a metal bucket to hold the butts and integrated tabs to hold down the base for security and for wind protection. Made of high density polyethylene and treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading.

Our classic models are made of polyethylene with designs to enhance the appearance of any property, as well as being a great housekeeping tool.

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Classic Cigarette Butt Receptacles

cigarette disposal can

Description: Our classic cigarette receptacles are more attractive and are available in two sizes and several colors. They have a polyethylene disposal tube and an internal metal can.

The color options and sizes available make this can more appealing for retail and professional buildings. Smokers can take their break while keeping the area litter free and maintaining a clean, professional appearance.

Uses: Use in front of retail stores, grocery stores and malls. Office building entries, restaurant entries and break areas are perfect for this model.

Metal Outdoor Cigarette Receptacles

5 gallon all metal cigarette butt can

Description: Galvanized steel butt cans are ideal for industrial locations. They're sturdy and practical while providing a safe method of disposal for cigarette butts, cigar butts and matches.

Available in two attractive powder coated colors: yellow and beige. Metal or Poly tubes unscrew for emptying the 2 or 5 gallon steel cans. Promotes good housekeeping and safe practices.

Uses: Use for designated smoking areas near shipping docks and other industrial areas.

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