Portable Incinerator

Save On Used Absorbents and Waste Oil Disposal Costs.

No Smell, No Smoke, No Fumes, No Pollution.

Looking for an environmentally safe way to cut waste disposal costs long term at your facility or at remote locations/job sites? Do you want to eliminate the second person contamination liability problem? This portable self-contained incinerator may be the solution for your business. Thousands of units have been sold since 2008.

EPA approved for small batch incineration. Meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. Two blowers create a cyclone of air that fans the fire into a white heat eliminating smoke and emissions. This small scale incinerator burns hot and clean.

The SmartAsh incinerator works on top of any 55 gallon open head steel drum. You can use it to incinerate any non-hazardous material such as soiled absorbents, paper waste, filters, wood, waste oil, food waste, oily rags, and organic material.

To use it, you load a 55 gallon drum approximately ¾ full of non-hazardous waste, light it and attach the SmartAsh incinerator to the top of the open head steel drum. A whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created inside the drum by the unit. Due to the intense heat the waste inside the drum is reduced to 3% ash without smell or smoke.

Standard features of the SmartAsh portable incinerator include:

  • Heavy-duty machine spun 304 stainless steel lid & assembly
  • AWS (American Welding Standard) quality welding
  • Elevated stand (protects floors from heat)
  • Internal manual shutter valve allowing fine adjustment of airflow
  • Easily removed motor covers
  • Quick access to air filters
  • 330 stainless steel spark screen
  • Cast iron stir port cover
  • 4, fast locking barrel clamps
  • Stainless steel air feed hose with quick couplers
  • Weather proof booted toggle switch
  • Galvanized plenum and toolbox
  • Wheels with brass bearings
  • Automatic kill switch for no voltage or low voltage shutdown
  • Rear mounted and shielded electric cord
  • Shielded wheels and handle


A detailed 27 page manual is included with this portable incinerator. Ships UPS (without drum). Some assembly is required. Warranty is six months against defects in material and workmanship under normal use.


Oil Away Waste Oil Injector

waste oil injector

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This attachment allows you to burn your waste oil in the SmartAsh Incinerator. It works in conjunction with the incinerator. The OilAway fits in a separate drum of waste oil and is attached to the burn chamber of the incinerator. It feeds the oil to the incinerator which is capable of burning up to six gallons of waste oil per hour.

This high quality pump is self-priming, submerged pump head, accurate feed positive-displacement piston pump, precise control micro-feed adjustment in 2 percent increments, self-cleaning Teflon ball valves, quick change seals, valves and pistons, mounts directly into containers with a 2-inch (50-millimeter) diameter opening and has a ball bearing gear motor and roller bearing drive.

The oil away is easy to install, comes with detailed instructions and manual, and a six month warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Note that this pump and incinerator cannot be use with materials or waste that contain gasoline or paint thinners. All materials must have a flash point higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smart Heat


Save money on waste disposal costs and on heating costs at the same time. The SmartHeat works in conjunction with the SmartAsh by capturing the heat being emitted by the incinerator and the Smartheat blower unit directs it into building.

This free heat energy recovery furnace complies with EPA ruling 40 CFR#279.10 and management standards 40 CFR#279.23 ©, regulating the on-site burning of materials contaminated with oil.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed additional information at (800) 869-9633 or by email.

Technical Info

SmartAsh Portable Incinerator Specifications
Construction:Stainless steel lid, Painted tubular steel frame
2-Blowers, Axial Vane 120v standard or 240v optional
Requires: 55 Gallon / 200 litre open head drum (not included)
Height:46 inch / 1.17m
Floor Space:36 x 26 inch / 0.91 x 0.66m with drum
Weight:96 lbs / 44kg without drum, 139 lbs / 63kg with steel drum
Average Burn Rate:50 lbs/hr / 22kg/hr (emission test data available upon request)
Power Consumption:.8 Kw/hr
14 amps start – 27 amps run (110v)
7 amps start – 14 amps run (220v)
Recommend a 20 amp breaker
Shipping Dimensions; Without Drum:26 x 26 x 20 inch / 0.66 x 066 x 0.51m
OilAway Pump Attachment Includes:
Metered pump (3-6 gallons per hour), (11 - 23 Liters/Hr)
Hose to Riser
Riser inside drum
Fittings and attachments
SmartHeat - Heat Exchanger Option Specifications
Construction:Heat Exchanger - Heavy duty steel with heat resistant coatings
Weight:420 lb / 191 kg
Dimensions:60 inches x 37 inches 67 inches / 152 x 94 x 170 cm
Fuel Source:Wood, charcoal, waste content
Fuel Container:SmartAsh Cyclonic Barrel Burner
55 gallon / 208 litre steel drum (not included)
Electrical:110v or 220v power in
Radiant Heat Area:Approximately 72 sq. ft / 7 sq. m
Burnable Material:Wood by-products, coal, liquid oil (requires optional attachment)
paper, oily rags, gloves, clothes, dry domestic waste
SmartAsh Cyclonic Barrel Burner sold separately.
OilAway attachment is an accessory for SmartAsh that injects waste oil into the barrel during the burn cycle. This allows the SmartAsh to burn "wet" loads.

Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
portable incinerator
110 Volt SmartAsh Portable Incinerator, Some Assembly Required, Steel drum Not included (Best to buy locally) 3967.00
Others Charge:
portable incinerator self contained
220 Volt SmartAsh Portable Incinerator, Some Assembly Required, Steel drum Not included (Best to buy locally) 3967.00
Others Charge:
oil away unit smartash
OilAway Unit for SmartAsh, Some assembly to connect to SmartAsh Incinerator required. 995.00
Others Charge:
oil away pump
110 Volt Pump Motor for Use With OilAway Unit Only (Oilaway requires either 110V or 220 V motor to operate) 891.00
Others Charge:
oil away pump
220 Volt Pump Motor for Use With OilAway Unit Only. (Oilaway requires either 110V or 220 V motor to operate) 891.00
Others Charge:
smart heat furnace
SmartHeat Energy Recovery Furnace Contact us for detailed information on this unit. 6853.00
Others Charge:


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