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Keep Spills and Grime Wiped Up - Easily Clean Up Equipment and Parts

One thing is for certain: When you have a busy productive shop there is going to be spills and accidents. When liquid spills due to an accident, you need to clean up the spill quickly.

Delaying cleanup or waiting to wipe up slippery liquids is just another accident waiting to happen. Delay may even lead to on-the-job injury resulting in lost time and lost productivity. Keeping spills cleaned up is good business practice and keeps employees and customers safe.

Murphy's Law says: "Anything can go wrong will go wrong"! Be prepared for all incidents by ensuring that your shop or factory is ready for potential spills. You'll need a supply of industrial wet wipes, degreasers, cleaning shop rags, and absorbent towels. Stock inventories with clean up towels, rags, wipes in proportion to the size of your organization. With a variety of dispenser sizes and options, makes it easy!

Shop Towels

Our super absorbent cleaning shop towels feature DRC (Double Re-crepe) and are manufactured in the USA. Available in white and blue, consisting of up to 40% post consumer product, these towels will quickly wick up spills while retaining their strength. Shop towels come in rolls and in dispensers. See below for more information and links to our selection of shop towels. Our shop towels absorb up to 40% more all while being soft to your face and hands. Cleaning shop towels work like cloth but, without the lint.

Shop Rags

Reclaimed cleaning shop rags are a inexpensive and convenient way to wipe up spill and extra grime and grease from parts in your shop. Available in colors or white in a fleece and knit fabrics. Our cloth rags have passed rigorous quality checks to ensure against substandard product. Have plenty of cleaning shop rags on hand for your clean up needs with a 25 pound dispenser box or upgrade to the 50 pound box for even more value! You'll save money over rental rag and towel services or paper.

Industrial Wet Wipes, Degreaser and Cleaning Wipers

Our versatile industrial strength wet wipes are strong enough to scrub away all kinds of dirt, grease and grime. They contain degreasers that will cut through oil, tar, grease, paint and more. Use the smooth wiper side for light cleaning, or the non-abrasive scouring surface for tough jobs. makes it easy and affordable to keep your workplace clean and grime-free.

Should you have any product or ordering questions, please feel free to contact us.

Shop Towels

blue shop towels white shop towels natural shop towels  Scrim wipers

Description: Shop towels are the most versatile wipe to have around the house, shop and production facilities. With up to 40% recycled products (25% for white) you are working towards reducing environmental impacts all while keeping your shop clean and safe.

Clean work areas help prevent injuries which leads to higher levels of productivity and profits. Soft on the face and hands, these towels will not fall apart when wet.

Uses: Use for painting, staining, wallpapering, cleaning and sopping up spills. Blue shop towels are ideal for grease and oil because it tends to look cleaner and is used longer. White shop towels are a great option for general purpose. Also choose from solvent wipes, recycled wipes or our nylon mesh reinforced scrim wipers. Thousands of uses.

Shop Rags

knit rags polo ragsfleece ragsTurkish terry towel ragsflannel rags

Description: In the vehicle maintenance and fleet maintenance business, it's handy to have a supply of absorbent rags that are economical and easy to dispense. Our knit rags and polo rags are a variety of sizes and reused shirts and other knit material fabrics.

Talk about economy, our knits and polo rags are available in 2 huge boxes...a 25 pound box and a 50 pound box. Both have convenient tear-out dispenser access.

Our knits and polos are completely 100% reclaimed fabric from clothing and are available in white and in assorted color. We have them both in 25 pound boxes with a dispenser cut-out and for extra economy, a 50 pound box is available as well.

Uses: If you and your business is ecology minded, what is more ecologically friendly than 100% reuse? You won't find standard sizes in these boxes but you will find low-lint, quality checked polos and knits rags that you'll be 100% satisfied with.

Use on grease, oil, paint, solvents, cleaning up equipment or wiping up spills. These absorbent rags have hundreds of practical uses.

Industrial Wet Wipes - Degreaser - Cleaning Wipers

grease wipersDescription: All offices, shops, warehouses and factories need heavy-duty clean up supplies. Whether it is for wiping down equipment and tools or work surfaces. AbsorbentsOnline's degreaser wet wipes make clean-up a breeze. The easy-grip bucket dispenser handle is perfect for grab and go tasks. Save money with convenient refill packs.

Uses: Degrease tools, machinery, workbenches, and parts. Dual texture smooth/non-abrasive surfaces make light work of scouring and quick wipe jobs. This citrus-scent degreasing wipe cleans away industrial grime, ink, adhesives, paint, tar and more with ease. See product for details.

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