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Water Containment Booms & Barriers - Non-Absorbent


For Shallow and Calm Waters | Freeboard 4" Draft 6"

Description: For calm, shallow water areas. Very lightweight and can easily be transported. Fitted with a cylindrical closed cell foam float and has galvanized ballast chain.

Conforms to OPA90 specs. Available in 25 foot, 50 foot and 100 foot lengths. Each section is fitted with sturdy, marine grade, aluminum quick connectors.

Uses: For calm water in small streams, canals, roadside ditches and shallow water areas. For more technical information see order page.

Simplex - Oil Booms - Non-Absorbent


For Shoreline and Coastal Protection | Freeboard 6" Draft 12"

Description: This is the industry standard for oil containment booms. Features a high buoyancy reserve provided by stable log floats. Light weight and reliable construction. Can easily be moved for boat traffic.

The boom is fitted with handles and anchor points. Heavy duty marine-grade connectors. UV resistant 22-ounce vinyl-coated polyester material.

Uses: For shoreline and coastal protection. Additional technical information on order page.

EconoMax - Oil Spill Containment Boom - Non-Absorbent


For Calm and Protected Waters | Freeboard 6" Draft 10"

Description: Lightweight and compact. Inexpensive. Closed cell foam panels. Can be folded into sections due to the flat panels. Store in vehicles, boats or trucks for quick deployment by hand. Welded 22 ounce PVC material. Freeboard is 6 inches and draft is 10 inches. Available in three lengths.

This boom has handles and anchor points. Available accessories include anchors, lights, repair kits, carry bags, towing sets and reflectors. Easily cleaned with detergents or power washing.

Uses: Use on calm and protected water when you have debris and oil to contain. For use on inland waterways, marinas and harbors. Floats on water. Contains all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils and fuel oil as well as debris. Additional product information on order page.

Optimax I & II - Oil Spill Equipment Boom - Non-Absorbent

marine boom

For Rivers, Streams & Near Shore Where Fast Currents May Exist

Optimax I: Freeboard 7" Draft 12" | Optimax II: Freeboard 8" Draft 12

Description: Features closed cell foam buoyancy. Fitted with steel cables that provide high tensile strength for towing and fast water applications. Bottom tension is galvanized chain. Top tension galvanized cable.

This oil spill equipment boom is also fitted with handles and anchor points. Accessories include anchors, lights, repair kits, towing sets and reflectors.

Uses: Typically used in ports, harbors, rivers and estuaries. Ideal for fast currents and for long term deployments. More technical information on order page.

Containment Boom Product Comparison Chart

  Economax Super Swamp Simplex Optimax I Optimax II
Height Over All 16" 10" 18" 19" 20"
(Above Surface)
6" 4" 6" 7" 8"
(Below Surface)
10" 6" 12" 12" 12"
Foam Flotation rectangular round round round round
Top Tension N/A N/A N/A 1/4"cable 1/4"cable
Bottom Tension 3/16"chain 3/16"chain 1/4"chain 5/16"chain 5/16"chain
Breaking Strength 1800 Lbs 1800 Lbs 5000 Lbs 6400 Lbs 6400 Lbs
Weight Per Ft 1.2 lbs 1 lb 1.7 lbs 2 lbs 2.2 lbs


Prepare For Disastrous Leaks With Oil Spill Booms 

When you work on or near the water, spills or leaks are always a concern. Fortunately, you don’t have to stress over the potential for oil spills or leaks any longer. With our nonabsorbent oil spill booms, you can be prepared the next time disaster strikes. You’ll stay compliant and avoid heavy fines while preventing oil spills from spreading and becoming uncontainable.

These non-absorbent oil containment booms are the premier choice when it comes to containing a leak or spill on the surface of the water — such as oil or other thick liquids that float. They are lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to provide rapid response to any issue.

For the best selection of oil spill containment booms, look no further than the collection we offer here at AbsorbentsOnline. We have every type of boom & barrier you could ever need. And, we offer unbeatable pricing and service across our entire catalog. 

What Makes Our Oil Spill Booms The Right Choice?

Our oil spill booms are the best in the industry. They’re cost-effective and easy to use. They are built with heavy-duty 22-ounce PVC fabric and come equipped with galvanized chains and cables. The connectors are aluminum universal slides and include attached toggle pins.

Whether you’re working at a boat marina or chemical plant/factory near the water, these are a necessary investment. They are lightweight, reliable, and sure to protect from a variety of spills.

And with so many different styles to choose from, you can trust that we have what you need. Here are the most popular types:

The Different Types Of Oil Containment Booms We Offer

We’re proud to offer all the different types of oil containment booms in the industry today. Whether you’re looking for an economical choice or the best choice, you’ll find them both here — and so much more. Here is a quick breakdown of each type of boom:

Water Containment Booms

Our water containment booms are as lightweight and compact as it gets. A single person can deploy these booms effectively with ease. Options range in length from 25’-100’, and you can easily connect multiple units together for longer lengths. These are ideal for shallow, calm water areas such as streams, ponds, canals, and ditches.

Simplex Floating Booms

If the area you’re looking to protect from spills is larger — such as a marina, lake, or harbor — stick with the Simplex lineup. Again, these are easily deployable with just one person. You can deploy from land, a car, boat, barge — you name it. Choose from 50’-100’ lengths.

EconoMax Containment Booms

If you’re looking to contain spills on a budget, the EconoMax line is for you. These are the most cost effective oil containment booms we offer for calm and protected waters such as marinas, inland waterways, and harbors. Available in 25’-100’ lengths.

Optimax I & II Oil Spill Booms

For fast, aggressive waters such as ports, harbors, rivers, and estuaries, these Optimax booms are perfect. They also work for long-term deployments. Optimax Booms are available in 50’-100’ lengths.

Find Other Essentials Along With These Oil Spill Containment Booms

Looking for absorbent booms? We have those too, along with all sorts of other oil absorbent pads, oil absorbent sweeps, bilge socks, and much, much more. Shop now and experience the AbsorbentsOnline difference. With almost four decades of experience, we’re here to help you stay safe, efficient, and compliant.


Frequently asked questions about oil containment booms

Check out our blog to find answers to frequently asked questions about oil spill booms:

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