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Keep workplaces safe with Anti-Slip Stair Treads & Aluminum Stair Nosings

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Slip and falls are costly for a business. Lost work time, lawsuits, workers compensation claims and OSHA reporting are all part of the monetary costs. In addition there is the emotional cost of having a injured employee or customer.

According to OSHA statistics, slip and falls are the most common work related injury, there are approximately 25,000 injuries a day. Of all work related injuries 35% are from slip and falls and the estimated annual cost in the U.S. Is over $60 billion per year.

The most common locations for falls are doorways, ramps, uneven surfaces, areas prone to wetness or spills, ladders and stairs.

By establishing good housekeeping practices and investing in non slip products you can greatly reduce the chance of a slip and fall on your property or at your facility.

Types of Anti Slip Products Available

  • Non Slip Tapes/Treads — Stair tread covers come with an upper mineral abrasive anti slip grit surface for traction and a strong peel and stick adhesive backing to hold up for years of service. Use inside or outside. These premium tapes come in a variety of colors, widths and slogans. Easy to install. Use on steps, ladders, inclines, ramps or surfaces where water is a problem. We also carry a line of extreme tapes and treads for harsh environments such as offshore marine applications, oil and gas transporters and heavy equipment. Contact us about any custom needs you may have.
  • Fiberglass Stair Treads — This product is used on stairs and landings at the primary point of contact to make the surface slip-resistant for maximum pedestrian safety. The safety stair treads are made of a strong mineral abrasive epoxy grit coatings which are applied over thermoset polyester fiber reinforced polymer panels. These anti-slip stair tread covers are cost-effective and for use on wood, concrete or metal steps. Available in 3", 9" and 11 ¾" step covers with nosing. These safety stair treads are lightweight and also easy to install.
  • Aluminum Stair Nosings/Treads — These safety stair treads are made from corrosive resistant extruded aluminum with a proprietary blend of abrasive grit and epoxy-filler for a super strong non slip surface. These anti-slip stair treads are available in 7 standard colors. Custom colors available. Sizes from ¾" to 11" depth in lengths up to 10 feet. Use these safety stair treads on worn steps, new construction or renovations. Strong industrial anti-slip stair treads are attractive enough for residential use. All aluminum stair nosing treads com with predrilled countersunk holes for easy installing.

How to install Safety Stair Treads

All of our anti slip treads are easy to install. Detailed instructions are included on the product page of each item. We can be reached by email or toll free during regular business hours to assist you with any questions you have.


Non Slip Tape Treads


Description: Two types of non slip tapes are available. 1) Our premium standard tapes and treads which come in a variety of colors and slogans. These are our top sellers. 2) Heavy duty tapes and treads that come in two colors with two types of grit. These are for harsh environments such as off shore marine, heavy equipment applications and areas were there is heavy traffic.

Uses: Stairs, ramps, wet areas, on equipment, vehicles, ladders, docks, on just about any location where you could have a potential slip and fall. Tapes are an effective low cost solution.

Fiberglass Stair Treads

fiberglass stair tread nosing

Description: Fiberglass stair treads and nosing are very durable and highly visible. They resist corrosion, are impact resistant, fire retardant and easy to install. These anti slip stair treads can be installed using a urethane/polyurethane base adhesive such as Loctite PL Premium or heavy duty Liquid Nails.

Uses: Use on structurally sound steps made of wood, concrete or metal. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Aluminum Stair Nosing/Treads

aluminum stair nosing tread

Description: Made with corrosive resistant extruded aluminum with an abrasive closed cell epoxy filler. Exceeds OSHA and ADA regulation requirements. In addition to the most popular yellow/black color available on our site there are 6 other colors available. Custom orders available.

Uses: Worn steps, new construction and renovations. Can be used on wood, metal or concrete steps/landings.

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