Disposal & Recycling Systems

Cost effective products to recycle, reduce and dispose of site waste streams

Aerosol Can Recycling Systems

Aerosol can recycling system

Description: Safely dispose of your site's aerosol cans with an EPA-certified recycling system. Depressurize, collect residual liquid, and filter VOCs. Our five lightweight and portable systems require no power to operate. Recycler units mount onto 30 or 55 gal drums with a standard 2in bung.

Uses: Remove the expense and hassle of your company's hazardous waste handling. Puncture and convert spray cans into recyclable containers or valuable scrap metal.

Hand Wringers For Absorbents

Wringer For Absorbents

Description: Our hand wringer is made with heavy steel construction. Its collection tray fits over a closed-head 55-gallon drum and allows liquid to flow into the drum. An EPA report on absorbent recycling concludes that a wringer could pay for itself in 2.8 to 5 weeks with an annual savings of 51% to 75% on absorbents and disposal costs.

Uses: Recover up to 90% of absorbed fluids from most sorbent mats, towels or rags. Ideal for use in plants, spill clean-up services, and car washes. Save by reusing your absorbent pads. The wringer model works with flat absorbent pads, towels, as well as absorbent socks. An electric motor option is also available for this wringer. Additional product information on order page.

Portable Incinerator

Portable Incinerator

Description: Portable, small scale incinerator that burns small batches hot and clean. Reduces 55 gallon drum waste to 3% ash without smell or smoke. Meets EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse.

Uses: An environmentally friendly way to save on waste disposal costs. Incinerate soiled absorbents, oil, paper, food waste and more.

Propane Cylinder Disposal

propane cylinder recycling system

Description: This eco-friendly propane cylinder recycling system converts canisters into a non-hazardous state. It safely filters propellant, removes sealing sleeves and internal valve stems from empty propane and calibration gas cylinders. Requires no power to operate. EPA compliant.

Uses: Reduce your business hazardous waste costs by diverting canisters from landfill. Recycle small propane tanks as scrap steel.

Outdoor Cigarette Butt and Ashtray Receptacles

Cigarette Disposal CanDescription: Three styles of outdoor cigarette cans including classic metal butt cans and decorative polyethylene disposal tubes with internal metal cans.

Uses: Outdoor ashtrays help prevent litter and provide smokers a safe way to dispose of their cigarette butts to minimize risks of accidental fire. Place in designated smoking areas, out front of stores, office building entries, and more.

Hazardous Waste Containers

Oily Waste CanDescription: Red, black, or yellow waste containers with foot lever and self-closing lid. Durable polyethylene. Available in 3 capacities: 6 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 14 Gallon. OSHA and FM Approved.

Uses: Effectively and safely segregate waste streams. For any workshop, lab, medical clinic, hospital and other business dealing with biohazards and chemical or oil-soaked rags.

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