5 Inch Pipe Plug

Safely contain and plug large pipe leaks before they get out of hand

5 inch pipe plug
5 inch pipe plug
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5 inch pipe plugpipe plug leak repairpipe leak vented plug
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Quick Overview

  • Heavy-duty plug for use in sealing 5-inch pipe sizes
  • Suitable for leaking gas meters, water pipes and more
  • Quickly seals the end of low pressure open/bell-end pipes
  • Vent allows piping of hazardous materials under regulated flow
  • Affordable repair option for plugging open ended pipes
  • Plated steel, SBR rubber, copper and brass componentry
  • Good chemical and rust resistance
  • Simple and fast installation process

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Product Information

Use this 5-inch pipe plug to quickly contain leaks at the end of the pipe without additional fasteners or sealants. Made of durable corrosion-resistant materials, it is fast and easy to install. Simply insert the mechanical plug into the pipe end and tighten its nut to stop flow.

This large, heavy-duty plug is an ideal companion to our comprehensive Plug Type Pipe Repair Kit and other emergency leak response solutions. It offers an economical option for piping-off materials or shutting down flow in HDPE, cast iron, and pvc pipes.

The plug allows you to temporarily control a pipe leak, without sealing it off completely, by connecting a valve to the plug's vent. You can then use a polypropylene or flexible PVC hose for discharge to an alternate location (or recovery vessel) with regulated flow.

Keep this pipe plug in facilities, manufacturing plants, and other locations with large conduits at risk of leaks or breaks. It is suitable for plugging leaks in everything from gas meters or water pipes, to tank truck valves, and more. This plug may also assist during nitrogen purge and drain line cleanout operations.

Quick & Easy to Install

Insert the 5-inch plug into the end of the pipe then tighten the nut assembly using clamp vice-grip pliers and a ratchet wrench. Turn the nut between 5 and 10 (maximum) times once the flow stops. The plug's rubber stoppers expand inside the pipe to form a secure stoppage.

To direct a leak elsewhere, assemble and connect a valve fitting to the plug by tightening the nut. Slowly close and monitor the valve to make sure it is properly seated, then, install a discharge hose to route materials to a container or other location. To completely seal the vent tube, flatten it then fold over and crimp.

Make sure to hold the pipe tight with vice grips and avoid standing directly in front of the plug during install: dangerous pressure can fire the plug out like a 'loaded gun'. Additional installation instructions and diagrams are available to download below, under Technical Information.

Quality Materials

Our large plug is made of durable zinc-plated steel, copper and brass with SBR rubber gasket stoppers. SBR rubber features superior abrasion, strength and chemical resistance in comparison to natural rubber.

The double gasket and fastener design ensures a secure blockage versus many other mechanical pipe plugs that use wing nuts.

We also offer a comprehensive plug kit for pipes of the same quality. It features an assortment of vented and non-vented plugs for pipes of 3/4 to 4 inch diameters. All plugs are compatible with pipes made of many materials, as well as lines carrying gas, chemicals, fuel, water and other liquids.

Versatile applications

Plugs are an affordable and convenient solution to quickly repair a variety of pipe leaks, or to control flow. They are suitable for use with a variety of conduit types, from stainless steel to PVC pipes.

As well as plugging open ended pipes, the plugs may assist in maintenance operations on gas or water lines where it is necessary to redirect flow.

Keep this plug on hand with other pipe fittings and emergency response equipment for conduit leaks, such as repair clamps and pipe couplings.

Technical Information

Includes one nominal size 5-inch plug. Construction materials: zinc plated steel, SBR rubber, copper, and brass.

CAUTION: This plug is designed for use only by experienced and trained personnel and only for temporary leak control. Proper protective clothing, gloves and eye-wear must be worn during repairs. Never stand directly in front of a pipe during plug install—dangerous pressure may eject the plug. We do not recommend this plug for use in pipe pressure tests or high pressure pipe repairs.

View installation instructions and product details below:



Ordering & Shipping

Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have any questions about pipe leak repair, sealants, or related products.

warningWARNING: This repair plug can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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5in pipe plug A5C1PLUGEC
5in pipe plug A5C1PLUGEC

5 Inch Pipe Plug – Weight 5 lbs.

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