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Steel Bollard Posts 4, 5 & 6 inch round and 6 inch square bollard posts.

Eagle steel bollard posts

Description: Bollard posts are made of 1/4" thick steel and are 42" high. Each post is mounted on a 3/8" steel plate that is pre-drilled with 3/4" holes for installation. Posts have a very durable baked on powder coat. Safety yellow color for high visibility. The post cabs are black HDPE and are included with each post. The bollard post can be filled with concrete for extra protection. Anchor bolts are not included.

Uses: Bollard posts add extra protection to your facility. Prevent damage to walls, corners, racks and equipment.



Machine Guards - Rack Guards machine guards and 4" rack guards

Eagle machine guards

Description: Machine and rack guards are made of 1/4" steel and are 9", 16', 24", 36" or 42" in height. Guards are painted in a long lasting, powder coated safety yellow color. The plate size is 8"x8"x3/8" with 3/4" holes for easy installation. Anchor bolts are not included.

Uses: Machine guards and rack guards can be used inside or outside. They can be used traffic areas to prevent damage to machinery, equipment and racks from forklifts as well as keeping workers protected. Can also prevent damage to walls and corners of your facility. Helps you comply with workplace OSHA regulations.



Column Protectors Fits round or square columns 6", 8", 10" & 12".

Eagle column protectors

Description: These column protectors are made of 100% high-density polyethylene. Easy to install straps are provided to attach the two halves of the protectors. No tools are required. They will fit round or square columns that are 6", 8", 10" or 12". UV protected and can be stacked two high. Available in high visibility yellow, lime green or orange colors.

Uses: Use column protectors in your facility or warehouse to protect columns and beams from damage by forklifts and carts.



Corner Protectors in 21" & 42" lengths.

Eagle corner protectors

Description: Our corner guards are made of high density polyethylene. Are yellow in color and have UV inhibitors. Rust resistant for outside or inside use. Sold in two sizes in sets of two. Inside measurements of 4"x8" and outside measurements of 6"x10" with lengths of 21" and 42". Easy installation with bolts.

Uses: Use corner protectors on door frames, facility corners, H-frame racking or on loading docks. Protect your property from damage from forklifts, hand trucks and vehicles.



Wall Protectors - Wall Protectors in 6" & 10" widths.

Eagle wall protectors

Description: Wall protectors are made of high density polyethylene. These yellow colored guards can be mounted end to end. They come in sets of two sections that are 42" long for each section. You can purchase 6" or 10" widths. Depth of wall protectors is 2". Anchors are not included.

Uses: Use to protect your walls from drums, forklifts and hand trucks. Use in drum storage areas, on loading docks or any where you have pallets against the wall.

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Forklift Mat - Absorbs Leaking Fluids and Battery Acid From Forklifts.

forklift mat

Description: One of our top selling industrial safety products is the Forklift Mat. This is a super absorbent floor mat that has a non-penetrable backing. Park you forklifts on it to prevent slip & falls from fluid leaks and prevent floor damage from battery acid leaks. For forklifts the most popular sizes are 6 feet x 8 feet and 6 feet by 10 feet. Custom sizes and rolls available.

Uses: Use were you park your forklifts overnight, when recharging or when doing maintenance.

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