Archaea Bioremediation Microorganisms

Oil-degrading microbes for contaminated site and hydrocarbon spill clean-up

archaea microbe bioremediation products
archaea microbe bioremediation products
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Quick Overview

  • Completely natural “green” biotechnology solution helps eliminate pollutants
  • 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic, and pathogen-free
  • Choose from tablet, powder, mini-boom and water soluble packet application types
  • Bioremediation process removes contaminants in days or weeks
  • Microbial biofilm digests and breaks down pollutants into harmless byproducts
  • Biodegradation can eliminate odors within a few hours to one day
  • Degradation process continues for up to 3 months per treatment
  • Suitable for removing pollutants on land or water environments

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Product Information

Archaea is an environmentally natural “green” solution that breaks down hydrocarbons and other contaminates. These naturally occurring microorganisms are non-toxic and contain no pathogens.

Choose from various application forms including powder, tablets, mini-booms and water-soluble packets. Each type contains high concentrations of microbial communities that accelerate in-situ bioremediation. Including treating contaminated soil and ground water substrates.

Archaea is ideal for bioremediation of oil spills, polluted soil and water contamination. Introduce it to waste water treatment systems or during plumbing maintenance. Use to remove petroleum hydrocarbons and oily sheen from water bodies like boat bilges. It also reduces odor in sediment, septic tanks, and catch basins.

What is Archaea?

Archaea (pronounced ar-KEE-uh) are single cell microorganisms. This large, diverse group of organisms make up more than a third of all life forms on the planet. In fact, archaeal species are widely considered to be the oldest organisms on Earth.

These microbes naturally exist in a broad range of habitats and environmental conditions. Including bodies of water, volcanic soil and other extreme environments. Like hot springs, anaerobic waters, and hypersaline environments such as salt lakes. Archaea form a major part of global ecosystems around the world.

Our archaea products contain over 100 different species. They have an affinity for consuming oil, hydrocarbons, and other organic waste pollutants. Because they are so small they easily contact contaminants, using enzymes to digest them as a food energy source.

The range houses microbial communities in a bentonite clay base. Dissolving this carrier in fresh or saltwater activates the archaea microbes. And infuses as many as 5 billion microbes per gram into the treatment site. Within hours, the microbial community reproduces from billions per gram to trillions.

How to apply and use archaea for bioremediation

How much archaea to use, and the length of time for bioremediation to occur, depends on the concentration of pollutants in the water/soil. It may not be suitable for all types of spills, and those in high concentrations. Talk to use for advice.

An oily sheen on water may clear up in one or two days. Heavy areas of contamination, such as crude oil in soil, require a longer remediation process. As will more complex hydrocarbons like motor oil, versus kerosene or diesel. And may take up to several months, requiring more than one application.

Archaea colonies remain alive for approximately 90 days. For maximum results, ensure the microbes continue receiving oxygen. Either through occasional stirring, adding oxygen tablets, or a using bubbler. Also keep the treatment area moist so it does not completely dry out.

Initial application and coverage instructions

  • To treat water contaminated sites: Mix 1 lb of archaea into a 55 gallon drum of water to cover 200 square feet of water.
  • To treat contaminated soil: Mix 1 lb of archaea with 1 gallon of water to treat 1 cubic yard of soil.

Ideal for treating smaller spills and sediment contamination sites. Available in two 6 oz or 28 oz size options of bentonite clay powder. Resealable and waterproof containers keep the product dormant until application.

Bulk Bags

Use for larger spills, open water sites, or areas of frequent application. The 25 lb bulk bag is also handy to have on site to refill shaker containers.

Water Soluble Packets

Throw into catch basins, grease traps, dumpsters, and other containment or treatment areas. These easy use 4 oz packets are completely water soluble. As the packet dissolves, the archaea quickly spreads to remove oil or grease.


Individual tablets contain concentrated archaea, of 20-billion per gram. Toss tablets into septic or RV blackwater tanks, smaller grease traps, and stormwater catch basins. They are also a convenient way to degrade aromatic compounds, offering effective odor control.

Mini Booms

Floats on water and has a treated polyethylene foam construction that absorbs oil. Contains 6 archaea tablets that slowly dissolve with water contact. Use the included 4 foot lanyard to tie the boom off, or, drop it in basins or drains where oily water collects.


  • It is normal for water to become temporarily murky during the initial activation. This is due to its bentonite clay carrier.
  • Do not allow the treatment site to completely dry out.
  • Archaea is ineffective in anaerobic conditions (lacking oxygen). Stirring the treatment location can assist oxygenation.
  • Reapply archaea as necessary. Increase the application amount or frequency depending on visible results.
  • Continue applying new archaea every 4 to 6 weeks until full remediation occurs.

What are the benefits of using Archaea for bioremediation?

The primary benefit of bioremediation is eliminating contaminants. Through using archaeal microbes to process them into less harmful forms.

It is an environmentally friendly, effective and completely safe method for cleaning up oil spills and more.

Bioremediation can help reduce the need for absorbents. Including the costs to purchase and dispose of them.

Archaea is safe and easy to apply on land or water and comes in a variety of application methods. Introducing a small volume of archaea accelerates the natural biodegradation of organic pollutants.

How does archaea work?

From a microbiology point of view, archaea digest hydrocarbon molecules and break them down into harmless by-products. Being water, carbon dioxide, and lipids (water soluble fatty acids that serve as a fertilizer/food source for other organisms like fish and plants).

Microbial degradation plays an important role in biochemical cycling, or the process of bioremediation. Which means using microorganisms to treat soil or water pollutants, by breaking the contaminants down into harmless organic compounds.

Archaea has a lifespan of approximately 90 days before they naturally die out. The microorganisms requires three elements to remain active: oxygen, moisture, and a food source. The food source can be any organic material such as hydrocarbons, vegetative waste, sewage, fats, oils, or grease. Without all three of these conditions, the microbes will die off.

Which industries use archaea bioremediation?

Archaea is an extremely versatile solution for all types of industries. It is appropriate for use in a variety of environmental conditions, including land and water. Besides bioremediation of oil spills, here are a few other use examples:

  • Agriculture and aquaculture — assists ammonia and methane oxidation; reduces runoff effluents and stormwater pollutants like fertilizers and pesticides; aids nitrification, and denitrification.
  • Waste Water Treatment — degrades aromatic compounds for odor control in dumpsters and RV/boat black water holding tanks. Controls and breaks down contaminants.
  • Plumbing and septic maintenance — dispense into sinks, grease traps to control build-up of F.O.G. (fats, oils and grease).
  • Marine and boat— control oil build-up in in boat bilges. Break down oily water sheen in lagoons and small containment sumps.


Technical Information

  • Non-toxic and non-pathogenic. 
  • 5-year shelf life.
  • Store and apply archaea products between 40°F and 120°F.
  • Only use in applications where the pH is between 5.5 and 9.5.
  • Do not expose to radiation.


Compliance Information

Helps comply with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Best Management Practices.


Ordering and Shipping

Please email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 for questions. We supply a wide range of storm water management products like catch basin oil skimmers, drain covers and pipe socks.

Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
Archaea bioremediation 6oz shaker
Archaea bioremediation 6oz shaker

Archaea - 6oz shaker
Oil spill bioremediation microbes in bentonite clay powder. Resealable and waterproof shaker container. Sold as each. Weight: 0.5lbs

$26.97 $26.97
Archaea microbes 28oz shaker
Archaea microbes 28oz shaker

Archaea - 28oz shaker
Bioremediation microbes in bentonite clay powder. Resealable and waterproof shaker container. Sold as each. Weight: 2lbs

$53.97 $53.97
Archaea microbes bioremediation mini-boom
Archaea microbes bioremediation mini-boom

Archaea - Mini Boom
Bioremediation microbe tablets (6) inserted into treated polyethylene foam sleeves. Sold as box of 6.
Dimensions: 6"x4"x1" with 4' lanyard; Weight: 2lbs

$113.97 $113.97
Archaea microbe water soluble packets, 6-Pack
Archaea microbe water soluble packets, 6-Pack

Archaea - Water-Soluble Packets
Bioremediation microbes in 4oz water-soluble packets. Sold as box of 6 packets.
Weight: 1lbs

$129.97 $129.97
Archaea microbe tablets, 24 per tube
Archaea microbe tablets, 24 per tube

Archaea - Tablets
High concentration microbes (20 billion per gram) in clay tablets. 24 tablets/tube. Sold as box of 12 tubes.
Weight: 1.5lbs

$429.97 $429.97
Archaea bioremediation microbes, 25lb bulk bag
Archaea bioremediation microbes, 25lb bulk bag

Archaea - 25lb Bulk Bag
Bioremediation microbes (5 billion per gram) in bentonite clay powder. Sold as each.
Weight: 25lbs

$476.97 $476.97
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