Traffic Safety Supplies

Traffic barricades, barriers, cones and more to improve road user safety

A-Frame Barricades

a-frame barricades type 1 and 2

Description: Two styles of heavy-duty plastic A-frame barricades with or without built-in sand ballast compartment. Choose from economy or flexible i-beam style barrier rails in 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 foot lengths. Rails available with none, single, or double sided reflective sheeting in three grades. Lightweight, durable, easy to assemble, relocate and store.

Uses: Install as Type I or Type II traffic barricades to keep pedestrians and workers safe. Temporarily block off foot or vehicle traffic access. Set up around workzone or construction sites to warn of potential hazards.

Folding Barricades

folding barricades type 1 and 2

Description: Portable folding barricade systems with modular, easy to handle components. Available with metal or heavy-duty plastic legs. Choose three styles of reflective sheeting on different height plastic panels. Blow molded polyethylene parts prevent sagging even in hot conditions. Barriers can bet set up to meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards.

Uses: Deploy as either Type 1 or Type 2 safety barricades. Keep workers, pedestrians and traffic zones safe. Alert road users of hazards, or, limit foot traffic through job sites.

Traffic Barricades

traffic barricades type III

Description: Two styles of Type III Traffic Barricade kit systems. Easy to set up and disassemble. Available with metal/plastic uprights as well as metal or recycled rubber/steel bases. Heavy duty plastic rails come in 4 to 12 foot lengths with three styles of reflective sheeting. Barricades can bet set up to meet NCHRP-350 standards.

Uses: Type 3 barricades are ideal for road closures and general traffic safety applications. Erect in construction sites and work zones to help protect road crews.

Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades with and without sheeting

Description: Pedestrian and crowd control barricades in orange or white polyethylene panels. Available with or without reflective sheeting. Choose between ADA-compliant or T-style steel legs. Lightweight for easy assembly, with six foot linking panels. Stackable and strong.

Uses: Create safe passage through workzones for sight impaired pedestrians, to meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Erect as crowd control barriers to limit foot traffic at large public gatherings and events.

Water Filled Barriers

water filled barriers

Description: Water filled barriers for work zone and crash safety. Different styles of heavy duty orange or white plastic panels with or without internal steel cables. Optional fence, screening and gate installation. MASH tested and NCHRP 350 eligible for T-1, T-2, T-3 barrier and barricade applications. Six foot linking panels are stackable and strong for easy assembly and transport.

Uses: An excellent alternative to concrete barriers in work zones and roadways. Increase vehicle, pedestrian and worker safety. Create a secure barrier fencing system to prevent entry or restrict site access to construction sites. Deploy as crowd control at sporting events, or, use as airport barricades.

Vertical Panel Barricades

vertical panel barricades

Description: Easy to handle vertical barricades with high visibility safety messaging or diagonal striping. Choose from three grades of reflective sheeting on orange or white impact resistant plastic panels. Available in two styles with different rubber base weights and panel widths.

Uses: Alert of road hazards like speed bumps and work zones. Increase driver and pedestrian safety in parking lots. Use in high foot traffic locations like schools and churches. Improve worker safety with in-plant applications.

Traffic Channelizer Drum

traffic channelizer drums

Description: Fade resistant and high visibility orange channelizer drums. Durable two-piece construction with breakaway design allows reshaping and redeployment of drum in event of collision damage. Choose between LDPE or LDPE drum and four interchangeable ballasting base styles. Built-in carry handle and barricade light mount holes. NTPEP tested and MUTCD-compliant.

Uses: Deploy for motorist and road safety applications such as lane closures. Set up as traffic channelizers or as a barrier around construction zones to protect road worker crews.

Traffic Cones

green and orange traffic cones

Description: We offer several style, height, and base weight orange or green safety cones that are MUTCD-compliant. Choose from durable polyethylene, PVC or flexible spring form cones with reflective sheeting to increase visibility in low light. Add optional bar and rail signage systems.

Uses: Road safety cones are suitable for a variety of applications in all weather conditions. Use traffic cones to create visual or physical barriers, and draw attention to road or pedestrian hazards. Improve safety in your work zone areas, school and road crossing locations, vehicle check-in areas, and parking lots.

Safety Cone Rail System

safety cone rail and sign mount system

Description: Orange road cones with mounting slots for traffic safety signs or barriers. Durable high density polyethylene plastic construction measuring 42in high. Hollow base holds up to 23lbs of sand or water ballast. Stackable and lightweight for easy placement, transport or storage.

Uses: Ideal for a variety of road and traffic safety applications. Create temporary barriers and improve safety around work zone areas, school and street crossings. Attach small parking signs for parking lots or check-in zones.

Traffic Delineators

traffic delineators

Description: Various styles, height and weight delineator cones and tubes with high visibility reflective band options. Two-piece durable construction with LDPE stem and ballasting rubber base. Stackable and easy to handle designs. Compatible with telescoping bars to set up temporary barrier systems. MUTCD-compliant.

Uses: Improve motorist and pedestrian traffic safety. Increase site visibility for roofing or road work crews. Set up as traffic channelizers or delineate road lane closures. Cordon off construction zones. Warn of hazards.

Barricade Lights

barricade lights

Description: Weatherproof LED barricade lights and warning Lights for traffic safety. Easy to use, long-lasting battery or solar power models. Compatible with most traffic control equipment. Quick installation using included hardware and tamper proof mounting bolts. Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D lights available with flashing or steady burn modes.

Uses: Increase visibility of traffic safety products in any weather or lighting. Install on traffic barricades, channelizer drums, cones, or warning signs to alert motorists of hazards. Use handheld LED batons as additional safety lighting at roadside emergencies and more.

Reflective Sheeting

reflective sheeting and tapes

Description: High-visibility reflective sheeting and safety tape rolls in several widths. Orange, white or striped barricade sheeting in three grades: Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade. Yellow caution tape plus red/white conspicuity tape for large vehicles. Easy to apply and cut to specific lengths. Weatherproof and durable.

Uses: Re-sheet traffic barricades, channelizer drums, delineators, or warning signs. Increase motorists' visibility of traffic safety products in all weather or lighting. Use caution tape to restrict work zone access.

Roadside Weed Mat

highway weed mat

Description: Environmentally-friendly weed mats made of 100% recycled tire rubber. Heavy duty, UV-stabilized construction materials offer a 20+ year service life. Flexible weed block roadside mats contour to uneven ground surfaces and are simple to install.

Uses: Deploy under highway guardrails and sign posts for chemical-free weed control. Helps prevent soil erosion and weed growth. Maintains highway corridor visibility for road user safety.

Rumble Strip

rubber rumble strips

Description: Recycled rubber rumble strips help alert motorists with sight, sound and sensation. Durable construction with jigsaw edge connectors for simple and fast assembly. Lightweight and stackable. Diamond patterning top and bottom surface grooves add traction grip. Three single strips connect to form a standard 12ft single lane highway width. For low speed road use only.

Uses: Deploy in work zones and other highway hazard areas to warn drivers about changing road conditions. Improve highway safety and reduce road crash accidents due to inattentive drivers. Ideal for safety check points, emergency traffic control situations and wherever flaggers operate during road maintenance.

Outdoor Anti Fatigue Mat

outdoor anti-fatigue mat

Description: Outdoor anti-fatigue mats improve standing comfort and worker safety. Heavy-duty vulcanized rubber construction with non-skid surface. Suitable for all weather and temperature conditions. Lightweight and easy to carry design.

Uses: Increase all-day standing comfort for stationary road crew flaggers during traffic safety operations. Mats help alleviate leg, ankle, feet, back strain and body fatigue when standing on hard surfaces. This heavy-duty rubber mat can also improve worker productivity, wellness, and alertness.

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