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Disposing of Hazardous, BioHazard and Oily Waste Safely

hazardous waste containers

When working around shops, garages and labs you are going to use chemicals that are flammable, oily, hazardous and even contagious or non-contagious bio hazards. Wiping up spills or disposing of the rags and by-products of used supplies needs to be handled properly.

You can't just through these toxins and poisons in the trash. In fact, oily rags thrown in the trash are subject to possible spontaneous combustion.

If the article is a biohazard, you could potentially expose other humans and even animals to the pathogen, bacteria or toxin. Not to mention State, Local and Federal laws that you may be in violation of. Stiff fines, shutdowns and even jail time are all possible.

In order to safely dispose of these hazardous articles of trash you will need hazardous waste containers that are designed for the task.

Our selection of Hazardous Waste Containers is designed to contain these hazards safely. Constructed of brightly colored Polyethylene with self-closing lids, these waste containers will not rot or dent and are resistant to most chemicals. Our red and yellow cans feature a foot lever to open the lid and come in several sizes. For a detailed view of the great features of these waste containers, click here.

Choose from Oily/Chemical Waste Bins or Hazardous Waste Containers below depending on your specific needs.

Oily Waste Containers

oily-waste-can-yellow-smlDescription: Our brightly colored oily waste disposal cans are available in red or yellow and feature a foot lever to open the lid. Constructed of polyethylene, these are designed to be compatible with most fuel and oil chemicals. These waste cans will help you comply with waste disposal regulations and will help prevent spontaneous combustion.

Available in 3 capacities: 6 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 14 Gallon. OSHA and FM Approved!

Uses: For any lab, garage, workshop or factory where oily rags, shaving and other chemical soaked disposables are used. The bright colors make them easy to find and with the foot operated lid, opening the can is easy and keeps the exterior of the can free of fingerprints and other markings.

Biohazard Waste Containers

Biohazard waste containersDescription: When your lab or factory is working around pathogens, germs and other biohazardous materials, you need a specific biohazard waste bin to separate those disposables.

Our bright red biohazard waste containers are perfect since they are easy to spot, easy to open (foot operated lid) and are made of an impervious polyethylene.

Available in 3 capacities: 6 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 14 Gallon. OSHA and FM Approved!

Uses: Any lab, medical clinic, hospital and other businesses dealing with biohazards such as animal or human tissue, bone, etc. and the gauze, bandages and other disposables that may have been soiled with blood or tissue.

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