Railroad Containment Absorbent Track Mat

Heavy Absorbent Mats protect rail track beds from rail car chemical leaks

absorbent mats for railroad tracks
absorbent mats for railroad tracks
absorbent mats for railroad tracks
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Quick Overview

  • Thick and heavy absorbent barrier with 3-ply construction
  • Absorbs up to 3 gallons of oil per square yard
  • Impenetrable barrier prevents liquids leaching out
  • UV resistant top layer
  • 100ft long rolls of 19" or 59" wide
  • Ideal for railroad tracks or other transportation uses
  • Save on full pallet orders. Contact us for discount pricing

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Protect Your Rail Track Beds With Our Track Mats!

Trains and rail cars commonly leak fluids. Not only is this hazardous for the environment, but it can lead to the degradation of your rail track beds. That’s why you need our track mats. These heavy chemical absorbent mats protect your rail track beds from any sort of chemical leaks. You won’t have to worry about compliance issues or premature degradation of rail track beds. With a UV-resistant top layer and impenetrable barrier to prevent any caught liquids from leaching out, these are the #1 way to protect railroad tracks. They have all sorts of other transportation uses, too. And here at AbsorbentsOnline, you can save on full pallet orders. Just reach out to us for discount pricing - we’ll take care of you and get you set up with exactly what you need.

Why Our Track Mats Are The Ideal Choice For Railroads & Other Transportation Uses

There is a reason we’ve come to be known as the premier choice for track mats and other absorbent padding and matting. With almost 4 decades of experience in this field, we’ve come to be the most trusted, reliable source of all things absorbents and occupational safety. And these track mats we offer are no exception.

They are the heaviest, thickest absorbent barrier mat available. With a unique 3-ply construction, these mats include an oil-only core surrounded by an impenetrable barrier film to prevent absorbed liquids from leaching out.

And, these mats are built to last years and years of reliable use. A UV-resistant top layer will prevent any degradation from the sun. In terms of actually absorbing chemical spills, these track absorbent mats deliver impressive results. They can absorb nearly three gallons of oil or other types of petroleum products per square yard! This absorbent capability is unmatched by other types of railroad absorbent mats.

Other Uses For These Railroad Mats

While these were originally designed for railroad use, they are far more versatile than one use case. You can use an absorbent railroad containment mat for all sorts of other instances where chemical spills are a risk. Some of the most popular include transportation companies, utilities, refineries, steel mills, and any other environment where a high absorbency barrier is necessary.

Get Yours Today At The Lowest Prices Online

The best part about shopping here at AbsorbentsOnline? Not only do you gain access to the best products in the industry, but you get the best service and pricing to back it all up. We can get you these railroad protection mats in individual rolls if you just need a few. Or, you can save big by investing in larger quantities. Full pallet orders come with unprecedented savings. While you’re here, take a look at the other types of absorbent mats we offer: 

Big Savings on Full Pallet Orders! Made in USA

Email or call (909) 591-9633 for railroad matting at discount prices.

Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
Track / Railroad Mat, 19 In.x100 Ft., 2/Rolls
Track / Railroad Mat, 19 In.x100 Ft., 2/Rolls

Track Mat Railroad Containment Absorbent Mat, 19 In. x 100 Ft.,
2/Rolls PER CASE, 38 lbs. Lead time is usually 2-3 business days.

$323.85 $323.85
ARRMAT60T Railroad Containment Absorbent Mat Roll
ARRMAT60T Railroad Containment Absorbent Mat Roll

Track Mat Railroad Containment Absorbent Mat, 59 In. x 100 Ft., 1/Roll, 60 lbs. per roll. Lead time is usually 2-3 business days.

$465.77 $465.77
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