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Working around heavy equipment, automotive and truck shops or fleet maintenance, you're going to come into contact with some heavy, sticky grease and grime. Soap won't cut through the muck.

Sure, solvent will cut through the grease and a lot of guys use that but, that's harsh on your hands and tends to smell.

You need heavy duty cleaning wipes. Our grease wipers are ideal for the job.

These wipes are wet with a heavy duty degreasing agent that is easy on your skin.

The wipes also have a scrubbing texture to them which really helps to get the grime out of your skin, knuckles and around the nails. You can also use them to clean up tools and machinery.

Available in huge 120 square inch sheets dispensed one at a time from a dispenser bucket in both a 72 sheet capacity and 130 sheet capacity. Cut through grease, oil, ink, paint, wax, and adhesives with ease.

Quick Overview

  • Made in the USA
  • 10" by 12¼" (120 sq. in.) wet wipes (9.5 x 12 in large bucket)
  • Powerful degreasers
  • Easy on your hands
  • Better than soap and water
  • Non-scratching, scrubbing surface
  • Choose 72 sheet dispenser or 130 sheet bucket
  • Ideal for heavy duty cleaning
  • Pleasant citrus scent


Technical Info

15 to 40% recycled (depending on specific product) fiber construction helps with LEED-EB credits.

Help prevent on-the-job injury from slips and falls. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)


Compliance Info

Helps with LEED-EB credits. See our DRC MSDS sheet.


Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
grease wipers
Grease Wet Wipers -72 count. Sheet Size 10 in. x 12.25 in. Quantity Per Pack:72 sheets. Quantity Per Case: 6 packs (432 total sheets/case. Case:L:17"XW:12"XH:9", Case Weight:16 lbs. (dw16). Hand and surface degreaser. Multi-Purpose Wet Wipe. Cuts through grease, tar, paint ink, lubricants, oil adhesives, wax and more. Use without need for soap or water. Priced per Case68.97
Others Charge:
wet grease wipers
Grease Wet Wipes – 130 count. Sheet Size 9.5 in. x 12 in. Quantity Per Pack:130 sheets. Quantity Per Case: 4 buckets (520 total sheets/case. Case:L:19"XW:19"XH:8", Case Weight:16 lbs. (dw21). Fresh citrus scent. Unique non-scratching, scrubbing texture. Bucket has handle for easy carry or for hanging. Made in USA Priced per Case86.97
Others Charge:


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