Rumble Strip

Transverse rumble stripes alert motorists to driving lane condition changes

stackable rubber highway rumble strips
stackable rubber highway rumble strips
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stackable rubber highway rumble stripsroadway rumble stripslightweight, easy to carry and assemblelaying rubber rumble stripes front and back of black rubber rumble strip
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Quick Overview

  • Connecting rumble strips for lower speed limit road use
  • Durable industrial-grade recycled rubber construction
  • Jigsaw edge connectors - quick and simple assembly
  • Lightweight & stackable with easy transport carry handles
  • Diamond pattern surface and bottom grooves add traction
  • Low cost traffic safety and accident countermeasure
  • Ideal for work zones including flagger road crew operations
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions/temperatures

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Product Information

Our low speed rumble strips help alert drivers of changes to road conditions by sight, sound, and sensation. As motorists cross over, sensory vibrations and rumbling noises transmit through vehicle tires into the cabin. Strips provide excellent traction grip so are safe for all road users including cars, motorcycles, and bicyclists.

Made of recycled rubber, each 46.5" long section has jigsaw ends that easily join together. Three strips connect to form a standard 12 foot single lane highway width. They are lightweight and quick for one person to assemble in either inline or offset configurations.

Rumble strips can help improve highway safety and reduce road crash accidents due to inattentive drivers. They are suitable for lower speed limit road use only. Deploy rumble strips across a travel lane during maintenance projects or where flaggers operate. This includes safety check points and emergency traffic control situations.

Durable rubber construction

Industrial-grade recycled rubber is both durable and environmentally friendly. The rumble strips' pliable rubber construction features jigsaw connectors for quick assembly. Large carry handles and built-in stacking lugs provide convenient transportation and storage.

These long-lasting strips feature a diamond pattern surface for optimal vehicle tire traction. Horizontal grooves on the reverse offer maximum grip and adhere to the road in all weather conditions. Suitable for hot and cold temperatures, the rubber materials will not become brittle or rigid.

Lightweight and easy to handle

At only 24lbs per section, rumble strips are lightweight enough for one person to assemble. Built-in carry handles and end connectors offer handling ease. Strips are quick to assemble, then drag and drop into location.

Retrieve rumble stripes by pulling them into the roadway shoulder after use. Stacking lugs at either end of strips ensure stability during transportation and storage.

Rumble strip installation

Jigsaw connection points allow for quick and easy assembly by one person. Connect three strips together to span a standard 12 foot lane highway. Bidirectional ramps eliminate the need to orientate strips on roadways.

Deploy rumble strips inline, or, stagger in an offset configuration to maximize driver awareness. Set up multiple strips with even 1 foot spacing between them.

Suitable for all road users

With accessibility of all road users in mind, these rumble strips measure 12" wide and 1" high. The diamond surface and groove bottom patterning deliver excellent traction and grip. This ensures cars, motorbikes and bicyclists can all safely navigate the driving lane. The sight, sound and vibration alerts help increase awareness of changing road conditions.

Types of rumble strips

Rumble strip installation helps caution inattentive drivers through vibration, sound, and sight alerts.

  • Transverse rumble strips - intersect a travel lane so road users cross over them before a slowdown or stop ahead.
  • Shoulder rumble strips - line the outside edges of a roadway. Edgeline rumble strips help prevent vehicle run off and roadway departures.
  • Centerline rumble strips - sit in the center division of a road to help mitigate head-on and sideswipe collisions.

The application of shoulder and centerline rumble strips are typically permanent pavement markers. Rumble stripes help prevent lane departure crashes. In comparison, our rubber rumble strips are for lower speed and temporary installation only.

Low cost road safety measure

Rumble strips offer a cost effective safety improvement for road users. Made of economical and durable recycled rubber, these strips have a long service life. They will stand up to all statewide weather and temperature conditions.

Like centerline rumble strips and shoulder rumble strips, they alert inattentive and drowsy drivers to help prevent injury crashes. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report rumble strips reduce rural two-lane road crashes by up to 45%.

Our temporary rumble strips are for use in lower posted speed zones only. They are ideal for short term road use, including state highway, suburban and rural areas. Deploy in work zones during maintenance projects like pavement marking or road closures.


Technical Information


Compliance Information

  • Check with your D.O.T. to determine local traffic device requirements.


Ordering and Shipping

Contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 for traffic safety product shipping or order questions. Other color rumble strips (in orange or white) are available by custom order.

Pricing and Order

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front and back of black rubber rumble strip
front and back of black rubber rumble strip

Rumble Strip
Industrial-grade black recycled rubber with jigsaw connectors. Sold as each.
Dimensions: 12"W x 46.5"L x 1"H
Weight: 24lbs.


$382.97 $382.97
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