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Our red wipers are the most absorbent wipes we carry. They are rated Z900 which are 4 times the absorbency of competing rental rags products.

Ideal for heavy duty wiping in shops and factories where extra absorbency and tough scrubbing strength is needed.

These wipes are USA made with 15% recycled fibers making them a smart procurement choice and better for the environment.

For outdoor and/or wet locations, choose our big bucket of wipes containing 140 sheets per bucket. It's easy to grab and dispense from and we have a refill roll available so you can reuse the bucket over and over again.

Our red absorbent wipers are also available on a jumbo roll with 475 sheets per roll. You can rack these rolls or use them as is on the bench top. Also available, our red rags come in a 110 sheet, dual dispenser top box.

Choose the most convenient for your shop or factory and don't forget to stock up!

Quick Overview

  • 15% recycled fibers
  • Made in the United States
  • 4 times more absorbent than rental rags
  • Available in a variety of container sizes
  • Convenient dispensers
  • Large refill rolls
  • Rackable jumbo roll
  • Ideal for wet, messy clean-up jobs


Technical Info

15 to 40% recycled (depending on specific product) fiber construction helps with LEED-EB credits.

Help prevent on-the-job injury from slips and falls. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)


Compliance Info

Helps with LEED-EB credits. See our DRC MSDS sheet.


Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
red shop rags
Absorbent Wipes BUCKET Sheet Size: 10 in. x 13 in. Quantity Per Bucket: 140 Sheets, Quantity Per Case:2 buckets (280 sheets), Case: L:18"XW:9"XH:11", Case Weight:7 lbs. (dw13). Refill with A70150T rolls. Absorbs up to 400% more then most rental rags. 32.97
Others Charge:
red shop wipers
Refill Absorbent Wipes BUCKET Sheet size: 10 in x 13 in. Quantity Per Pack: 140 Sheets, Quantity Per Case: 6 refill rolls, (840 sheets), Case: L:24”XW:16”XH: 11”, Case Weight:19 lbs. (dw31) Refill for A70140T bucket. Absorbs up to 400% more then most rental rags. 68.97
Others Charge:
red shop rags
Absorbent Towels JUMBO ROLL, Sheet size: 12.5 in. x 13in. Quantity Per Pack: 1 Roll, Quantity Per Case:1 Roll (475 sheets) , Case: L:15”XW:15”XH:14”, Case Weight:14 lbs. (dw23) Wall mount and floor stand available below. More absorbent then red rags. 52.97
Others Charge:
absorbent wipes red shop rags
Absorbent Shop Towels DOUBLE Interfold Wipes BOXED, Dual dispenser openings. Sheet size: 9.5 in x 16.5 in. Quantity Per Pack: 110 sheets/box, Quantity Per Case: 2 boxes (220 sheets), Case: L:20”XW:11”XH:9”, Case Weight:7 lbs (dw15). Super absorbent and cost effective. 29.97
Others Charge:
absorbent shop towels
Wall Mount for Buckets. Use inside or outside. Lockable to avoid bucket removal. Mounting hardware included. Bucket can dispense right side up or upside down. One per case. Case Weight: 2 lbs. 31.97
Others Charge:
absorbent shop towels
Floor Stand Jumbo Roll Dispenser. Metal construction, easily dispense one sheet at a time. One dispenser per case. Case: L:36"XW:17"XH:2" Case Weight: 8 Pounds. 59.97
Others Charge:
shop towels
Wall mount Jumbo Roll Dispenser. Metal construction, dispense one sheet at a time. Wall mounting hardware included. One dispenser per case. Case: L:17"XW:16"XH:13", Case Weight: 6 Pounds. 52.97
Others Charge:


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