White Rags

Reclaimed rag Shop Towels in white for multi purpose clean-up

Quick Overview

  • White cotton cloth
  • Reclaimed shirts and pants
  • Quality screened
  • Buttons and zippers removed
  • Cut to wiper sizes
  • Great for polishing and waxing
  • Convenient dispenser box
  • Saves money over rental rags

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Product Information

Looking for the perfect general purpose wiping rag? Our recycled wiping rags could be just what you are looking for. You can get these white shop rags in 25 and 50lb boxes.

These reclaimed rags are quality checked, cut to wiper sizes and all the buttons and zippers have been removed. This leaves you with a high quality rag for general wiping and cleaning purposes.

All are from garments made of various levels of cotton fiber percent and all are soft, clean and ready to use. Lint and strings quality checked out of the lot and you can use with confidence on delicate surfaces such as automotive finishes and fine furniture.

Use for staining furniture. Solvent and paint cleanup. Polishing and waxing vehicles. These white shop rags have thousands of uses.

Since these recycled wiping rags are white, there is no color to bleed out when using with chemicals. Choose the 25 pound dispenser box or go with the economy sized 50 pound box.


Technical Info

Our reclaimed rag process provides jobs and job training through the US Job Corps.

15 to 40% recycled (depending on specific product) fiber construction helps with LEED-EB credits.


Compliance Info

Helps with LEED-EB credits. See our DRC MSDS sheet.

Help prevent on-the-job injury from slips and falls. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)


Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
Pure White Rags-25lb box
Pure White Rags-25lb box
Pure White Rags - 25 lb box. Quantity Per Pack:25 lbs. Quantity Per Case: 25 lbs. Case:L:20"XW:14"XH:15", Case Weight:25 lbs. (dw31). All purpose cloth for wiping. Wiper size with zippers and buttons removed. Material is cotton from shirts, pants and other apparel. Not knit material. Priced per Case
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Others Charge
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