Universal Small Leak Control Kit

Quickly repair small leaks in pipes, containers and more with this handy kit

Universal Small Leak Control Kit
Universal Small Leak Control Kit
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Universal Small Leak Control Kitpipe repair with fix stix epoxystop it pipe repair systemwood wedge drum hole repairdrum leak repair puttyplug rug drain sealerlead wool crack repair
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Quick Overview

  • 36-piece kit with necessary tools and materials for effective leak control
  • Contents come in a sturdy plastic carry case for easy portability
  • Includes wood wedges, putty, epoxy, pipe repair tape and plug rugs
  • Components are suitable for use on wide variety of material types
  • Temporarily control smaller hole leaks in IBC, overpacks, or various pipe sizes
  • Ideal for common leak scenarios like cracks, holes, and puncture repair
  • Excellent addition to workplace spill containment and spill response kits

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Product Information

Our Universal Small Leak Control Kit helps equips your workplace for emergency response and effective leak control. It includes eight different leak response solutions, including epoxy, putty, lead wool, tape and wooden wedges. Use these components to small seal leaks from punctures, cracks or holes in low pressure vessels, pipes, drums, tanks and more.

Kit contents come inside a heavy-duty plastic carrying case that is ideal to stow in first response vehicles as well as spill kit or safety cabinets. Create a specialized, advanced leak control kit for your workplace by combining this unit with other options in our line of emergency leak repair solutions. Order spare or replacement parts using our order form below, under Technical Information.

Versatile Leak Repair

This leak repair kit is an ideal addition to any workplace safety cabinet for fast, emergency response and temporary remediation. The kit contains a variety of sealants and equipment to quickly address and stop a range of common leak scenarios in pipes and containers.

Stop It Pipe Repair

Offers superior leak sealing on pipe sizes of various and diameters and composition. This fiberglass tape has a polyurethane resin coating and activates with water immersion. Use alone by wrapping around pipes, or, apply over the top of Fix Stix epoxy to repair small flange leaks.

Fix Stix Epoxy

Easy to use, this quick application, moldable compound seals a variety of wet or dry surfaces and material types. It is ideal to repair pipe leaks, cracks, smaller holes in drums, and more. Knead the compound to a uniform color then apply direct to the puncture site. It sets rock hard in 20 minutes, will not shrink or crack, and can be machine drilled after it cures.

Plug N'Dike Putty

Forms an immediate seal over small punctures or leak holes on drums, tanks, pipes and more. PND premix plug patties stick to even dirty, rusty or greasy surfaces and are suitable for use on low pressure containers in most materials. This non-toxic bentonite/polymer material is easy to use and an ideal first-response solution to leaks.

Plug N'Dike Plug Rug

These rugs create an instant seal over an open drain or tank hole. They feature a polypropylene matting top with a bottom layer of Plug N'Dike that will adhere to uneven or dirty surfaces. Simple to use, they are non-toxic and offer excellent resistance to most hazardous materials, oils and chemicals. Overlap rugs as necessary to create more surface area.

Wooden Wedge Plug Pack

Wedge the various plug sizes into small holes or cracks using the rubber mallet. You can combine wedges, or, use one with an absorbent pad or neoprene wrapper to better plug irregular shape holes. The wood swells to create a secure seal in low pressure vessels. Non-sparking wood is a great option to safely repair leaks in flammable/combustible locations as well as safety cans.

Hot or Cold Hose Tape

Repairs small holes in hoses and acts as a lightweight pipe bandage alternative. It works best if the surface is clean and dry before application. Compatible with a wide temperature range, this tape is a useful component in any pipe leak control kit.

Lead Wool

Pack into welds, hairline cracks or fractures, and pipe connections to seal small holes or leaks. Use a small screwdriver or knife for installation, and caulking joints in pipelines or gas mains.

More Leak Control Solutions

This set easily augments other workplace spill kit and response equipment, including our drum repair kit for leaks featuring neoprene material compression t-patches, quick-application plugs.

For medium size leaks, our drum patch kit includes a variety of ball plugs, taper surface plugs, screw patches, and ladder patch design for average forklift punctures. Both of these leak repair kits have all necessary tools (either sparking or non-sparking) with drift pin.

Technical Information

Kit Contents



1 Plastic storage and carrying case (22" x 12" x 12")
1 2” x 4” Stop It pipe repair system
1 2” x 12” Stop It pipe repair system
1 4” x 12” Stop It pipe repair system
5 Fix Stix Epoxy
3 Plug N'Dike premix (1lb)
2 Plug Rugs (8” x 8”)
1 Hot or Cold Hose Tape
1 Lead Wood
1 Wood Wedges Pack (18 assorted pre-form dowels and wedges)
1 Rubber mallet safety hammer

CAUTION: This kit is meant for use by personnel with experience and training only. Always wear proper protective clothing during leak repairs. Not intended for permanent repairs or use on high pressure lines. Identify and know chemicals you are working with, including compatibility with materials used in this kit.


Ordering & Shipping

Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have questions about any of our leak control kits or related products for secondary containment. We offer a wide range of absorbents, spill containment berms, protective ground tarps, and other hazmat spill control equipment.

Pricing and Order

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universal leak control kit
universal leak control kit

Leak Control Kit – Drum, Tank and Pipe Repair for small leaks. Includes wedges, putty and Stop-it. Weight 25 lbs.

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