Oil Absorbent Sweep

Use marine absorbent sweeps to clean up water surface spills or oil sheen

oil absorbent sweeps
oil absorbent sweeps
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oil absorbent sweeps oil absorbent sweep AWSWL100FS
  Made In The USA

Quick Overview

  • Attach to oil sorbent booms
  • Repels and floats on water
  • 19" Wide by 100' Long
  • Color: White
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Absorbs up to 25.3 Gallons per Package
  • Can be incinerated
  • Folded to 11" high for storage and shipping

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Soak Up Spills On The Water With Our Marine Oil Sweeps!

When you have a spill on the water, you need to act quickly with oil sweeps by AbsorbentsOnline! If you don’t contain the mess quickly, you’ll risk it spreading and damaging surrounding equipment and ecosystems. This results in all sorts of problems - not least of which is fines and penalties for your business or organization.

Our oil absorbent sweeps are the #1 way to quickly clean marine-related spills. Whether you’re dealing with oil, gasoline, diesel, or lubricant - they won’t stand a chance against our sweeps.

And with so many different styles and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your business.

Why Are Our Oil Absorbent Sweeps So Much Better Than The Competition?

Our oil absorbent sweeps are the perfect marine absorbent when it comes to oil, fuel, or chemical contamination in the water. Whether it be a lake, ocean, reservoir - you name it, you need a quick means of cleaning the spill before it spreads.

Our oil sweeps are designed with built-in straps for easy maneuverability and use. As you can likely imagine, these will float on the surface of the water without sinking - even when fully saturated! That’s because these repel water, and won’t absorb anything other than hydrocarbons. 

Made from 100% polypropylene, these can absorb a whopping 25.3 gallons of spill per package - how incredible is that? No other oil absorbent sweeps on the market can boast this efficiency.

These sweeps are meant to easily attach to sorbent booms and catch any oil sheen that lingers behind. You can easily identify the product as a sweep with a detectable white color, and you’ll be able to distinguish between a sweep that has become saturated - the color will change.

Find All Your Other Spill Containment Essentials At AbsorbentsOnline!

When it comes to marine or boat absorbents, our oil sweeps are just one piece of the puzzle - you need a variety of tools in your arsenal for when disaster strikes. Otherwise, you run the risk of being caught unprepared - and we know what happens if you can’t contain a spill on the water quickly and efficiently. That’s why we offer the following collections to help you stay on top of it:

But, we don’t just specialize in marine-related spills - we also have an entire collection of absorbent pads for land-related spills! On top of helping you contain spills, we offer all sorts of other occupational safety essentials - from stair tread covers to eyewash and shower stations, and everything in between.

When it comes to protecting your employees, business, and investments - we’re the name to know. As a USA-owned company, we can get you your products quickly and at prices that work for you.

Not sure which specific product is right for you? Just give our customer support a ring, and a real-life human will be waiting for you on the other end. We’re here to help you get this done right, so you never have to worry about spills or mishaps again - you’ll be prepared for when the time inevitably comes.

Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
oil absorbent sweep AWSWL100FS
oil absorbent sweep AWSWL100FS
Oil Absorbent Sweep 19" x 100', 1/Case, Absorbs: 25.3 gal/case., Weight: 12 lbs.
$81.15 $81.15
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