Anti Fatigue Mats

Commercial and industrial anti-fatigue mats improve standing comfort

Is purchasing anti-fatigue mats a good investment for my business?

In a word, yes. Do you remember how you felt after walking around an amusement park all day? Remember the sore back, legs and ankles you had after being on that concrete for hours? Your employees can be experiencing this daily. All industries have areas that need anti fatigue mats

Proper ergonomics tools like non-slip floor mats are good for business. According to a recent productivity study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), November 12, 2003 – Volume 290, No. 18: “Lost productive time from common pain conditions among active workers costs an estimated $61.2 billion per year [in the U.S.]…while at work...” The use of good ergonomic, stress-reducing mats is critical to reduce the pain associated with standing work.

Cushioned floor mats promote employee wellness and can reduce worker's compensation claims related to prolong standing. Workplace comfort makes for higher employee morale which translates to increased productivity. Ergonomically designed anti fatigue mats reduce back, leg, ankle and foot fatigue. Spinal compression is reduced and circulation is increased. A side benefit from using good anti fatigue matting on concrete is the reduced exposure to prolonged cold or heat.

Why you should purchase our anti-fatigue mats?

  • Our mats are light, strong, easy to clean and are the most comfortable floor mats to stand on for hours at a time.
  • Guaranteed for 2 years against defects in material and workmanship including premature wear.
  • Have life expectancy of 3-8 years.
  • National Floor Safety Institute Approved for non-slip quality and tested 40% higher then other sponge mats on the market today.
  • Made from virgin closed cell nitrile rubber with a antimicrobial compound added in the manufacturing process to prevent mildew, bacterial and mold growth.
  • Vegetable or animal fats, petroleum and chemicals cannot be absorbed or cause damage to our mats.
  • Ergonomic matting is beveled on all sides for safety and ease of cart traffic.
  • Burn tested to self-extinguished in 10 seconds, burned 1/4” - UL-94 HBF.
  • Anti fatigue mats are 3/4 inches thick – most others are 3/8 inches or 5/8 inches.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Safety stripes available.
  • For wet or dry applications.

The most comfortable anti fatigue mats for all industrial and commercial applications. We also carry anti fatigue floor mats for kitchens and other wet areas, anti-static/ESD mats, entrance/scraper mats, interlocking floor mats, salon mats fire-retardant mats and kneeling pads. All of our mats are top quality, economical and guaranteed up to two years. Additional information on each product in on the product pages. If you have any questions we can be reached at (800) 869-9633 during regular business hours or by email.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats

kitchen mats

Description: This rubber floor mat is ¾ inches thick for supreme comfort. It is ergonomically designed to make standing for hours on hard kitchen floors a breeze. Made from closed cell virgin nitrile rubber, making it impervious to chemicals and animal/vegetable fats for added cleanliness. Treated during the manufacturing process with an antimicrobial to prevent mildew, bacterial or mold from growing on the mats so you don't have to worry about that in your kitchen. 

Extremely light-weight for easy removal for cleaning. Available with drainage holes for use in wet areas. Can be used in hot or freezing temperatures. Latex and silicone free. Choice of three colors and with or without drain holes. 

Uses: This mat is ideal for kitchens. Custom sizes available to fit your location. Use throughout your facility at any area where employees are standing. Order today and make your kitchen more productive.

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

anti-fatigue mats

Description: Customers describe our anti fatigue floor mats as most comfortable, extremely lightweight, life changing, maximum relief when standing, very durable, increased productivity, prevents slip and falls. These mats are made from closed cell nitrile rubber so they are very comfortable to stand on as well as being extremely durable.

They do not absorb liquids such as grease, acids, chemicals or hydrocarbons. Each mat is treated to prevent mildew, bacterial growth and mold. Lightweight for easy movement, cleaning and you save on shipping when purchasing. Freezing temperatures no problem. Custom sizes available. Guaranteed two years against defects, workmanship and prorated premature wear. Depending upon conditions life expectancy is 3 to 8 years. See product page for additional information.

Uses: The anti fatigue mat solution for all commercial and industrial locations including retail stores, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels, warehouses, airlines, office buildings and food areas. Great for anywhere standing is required. Also use on stand up forklifts and bucket trucks where workers spend hours on their feet.

Outdoor Anti Fatigue Mat

outdoor anti-fatigue mat

Description: Outdoor anti-fatigue mats improve standing comfort and worker safety. Heavy-duty vulcanized rubber construction with non-skid surface. Suitable for all weather and temperature conditions. Lightweight and easy to carry design.

Uses: Increase all-day standing comfort for stationary road crew flaggers during traffic safety operations. Alleviates leg, ankle, feet, back strain and body fatigue when standing on hard surfaces. Helps increase worker productivity and alertness.

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