Tank Repair Oversize Surface Plugs

Leak plug kit for temporary tank repair and fast control of mid-size holes

oversize surface plug for tank repair
oversize surface plug for tank repair
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oversize surface plug for tank repair AA2EC tank repair oversize plug kit
  Made In The USA

Quick Overview

  • Our basic 4-piece plug kit for quick storage tank repairs
  • Includes 3 over sized plugs: Taper Surface, T-Patch, and Ball
  • Controls puncture hole leaks up to 3in and tears from 3 to 9in
  • Ideal for leak repairs on all types of metal fuel tank/drum shells
  • All plugs feature quality stainless steel components and construction
  • Complete kit comes in a heavy-duty metal storage and carry case
  • Use our order form below to easily purchase spare or replacement plugs

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Product Information

Keep this small and convenient Tank Repair Kit with Oversize Surface Plugs on site to quickly stop leaks in large, low pressure containers. Our basic 4-piece repair kit includes three different plug types—Taper Surface, T Patch, and Ball⁠—inside a portable metal storage box.

Fast and easy to install, the plugs feature quality stainless steel and neoprene or rubber gasket componentry. Use these oversize plugs to control puncture holes of up to 3inch diameter, or, tears of 3-to-9inches in size. The various plugs are suitable for use on flat to concave storage tank surfaces.

A must-have item for any drum storage area, this DIY fuel tank repair kit offers temporary leak control to keep your workplace and employees safe. Our plug and patch kits eliminate the need for dangerous welding repairs on gas tanks or drums storing hazardous or combustible materials.

Kit Part Applications

Ball Plug: Use on deeply concave or indented surfaces where a flat patch will fail. Insert the toggle through the hole and tightening its wind nut until you restrict the leak.

Taper Surface Plug: Use to repair leak holes on flat or slightly curved surfaces. Install following the ball plug instructions above.

T Bolt Crack Patch: Use on a larger hole/crack near tank bottoms, as well as irregular shape gashes or elongated skin breaks. The wide surface area has a generous 1/4" thick neoprene pad on the facing and stiff, curved back-up plate. Both the plate and bolts are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. Installs similar to a ball plug, except the T-bolt straddles the crack.

Explore Our Full Repair Kit Range

Ensure your job site is set up to tackle unexpected leaks or damage to storage drums and tanks. Be sure to check out our complete kit selection and solutions for surprise leak repairs.

Our more advanced kits contain tools and sealers for larger tank repairs, small pinholes, as well as patch materials for fiberglass and other surfaces. It is not necessary to drain tanks prior to making repairs when using these kits.

For more information and product details, see the comprehensive Drum Patch Kit, slightly smaller Tank Repair Kit, or, our standard Drum Leak Repair Kit. The Emergency Repair Kit is ideal for plugging and sealing leaks in various containers/materials, including steel or plastic fuel tanks and water tanks.

Technical Information

  • For temporary leak control until appropriate disposal of the container, or, permanent repair is possible.
  • This kit is intended for use by trained/experienced Hazmat personnel only.
  • Ensure proper protective clothing is worn during any repair operation.

Kit Contents



1 Red metal carry/storage case
1 #16 Taper Surface Plug
1 #9 T-Patch
1 #7 Ball Plug

Additional Data Sheets:

Download our form to find and order replacement kit components using manufacturer part numbers, here



Ordering & Shipping

Our range of plastic tank, metal drum and general fuel tank repair kits are made in, and ship from, the United States.

Please contact us by email or call our California office toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have any questions.

WarningWARNING: This repair kit can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
AA2EC tank repair oversize plug kit
AA2EC tank repair oversize plug kit

Tank Repair Over-sized Surface Plug Kit
Contents: #16 Taper Surface Plug, #9 T-Patch, #7 Ball Plug and one carrying case. Weight 25 lbs.

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