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Container Ramp - Hooks to the container door keepers to prevent slipping.

Description: Our container ramp has a hook rail that attaches to the door-keepers of the container. Three point contact and support across the width of the ramp. Includes tab inserts into the container keepers to prevent lateral movement of the ramp. Load capacity of 750 pounds. Container ramp weighs 25 pounds for easy carrying. 35"W x 36"L x 6"H. 

Uses: Use to unload containers with hand trucks and dollies. One of our portable loading ramps that is very easy to move.

Curb Ramp

portable curb ramp

Curb Ramp - Easy pick-up, carrying and handling.

Description: This new poly curb ramp makes moving product over curbs or steps with hand trucks or wheeled carts a breeze. Raised non-slip surface that can handle up to 1000 pounds. Weighs only 9 pounds and has two handles for easy handling and carrying. Yellow in color. 27"L x 27"W x 4"H.

Uses: Great for delivery personal who have to move heavy loads over curbs. Light and easy to move portable loading ramp.

Loading Dock Ramps

loading dock ramp

Loading Dock Ramps - Light weight for easy use.

Description: Light weight loading dock ramp that only weighs 32 pounds. Made of durable HDPE. Ergonomic design with 4 inch height differential capability. Raised surface is non-slip with beveled entry and exit edges. Has a 750 pound load capacity. Yellow with two handles for carrying. Legs are powder coated steel. 36"L x 35"W x 5"H.

Uses: Use these loading dock ramps on your dock to load with carts, hand trucks, pallet trucks and two or four wheeled dollies.

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