Railcars and Tankers Repair Tool - Large Holes

Prepare for tanker or railcar leaks with our patch repair kit for large holes

railcar and tanker repair patch kit for large holes
railcar and tanker repair patch kit for large holes
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railcar and tanker repair patch kit for large holestanker and rail car patch repair kit detailtanker and railcar large hole patch repair
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Quick Overview

  • Heavy-duty 8-piece repair kit with patch, support, bolts, and steel tools
  • Kit contents come inside a portable, heavy-gauge steel storage case
  • Repairs large holes/gashes in tankers or railcars without wrapping chains
  • Easy to install with plate patch/support, wing nuts, and T-bolt components
  • Features quality stainless steel hardware and neoprene gasket patch
  • Seals punctures on vessels with flat or concave shells
  • Great for general tank car safety, spill containment and leak repair kits

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Product Information

This Leak Repair Kit for Tankers/Railcars is the ideal emergency solution for temporary repair of large holes and gashes. It features a 13" x 23" patch with neoprene gasket facing that secures in place with a heavy-duty stainless steel support frame and bolts. Unlike other railcar leak kits, this puncture repair patch does not require wrapping any chains or cables around the vessel.

Contents of this kit come in a convenient and portable metal carry case. It is compact enough to fit on-board vehicles, store alongside other workplace spill kit equipment, and stage near areas of large volume container storage.

Prepare for Emergencies

This kit is a must-have for first responders to accident sites involving tankers or rail vehicles transporting large volumes of hazardous contents. It provides an efficient temporary repair option for minimizing spills due to puncture damage, or, when tanker trucks roll over.

The patch is suitable for use on flat or concave surfaces: its support frame tightens with bolts to conform to, and seal, the vessel. Its large patch area offers a good method for controlling leaks to prevent environmental contamination from spills.

Patch Installation Instructions

  1. Assemble: Select appropriate size T-bolt and insert through the neoprene patch facing (extra holes are provided in the patch/support unit to allow for puncture holes close to obstruction). Attach wing nut over back up plate and frame assembly. Thread 16 bolts along sides of the support frame.
  2. Apply: Insert T-bolt though the vessel hole and turn to straddle it. Run the wing nut down and tighten to install patch in place so it seals puncture site.
  3. Conform: Tighten the sixteen bolts around the support frame edges to conform the patch to the vessel, as necessary.

For more installation details and diagrams please see our download sheet, below, under Additional Product Information.

Technical Information

  • This tank car/railcar repair kit is only for use by trained/experienced Hazmat personnel. Proper protective clothing must be worn during any repair operation.
  • Use for temporary repairs and to control spills until permanent repair/replacement is possible.
  • Ensure you identify the chemical you are working with to know its compatibility with this patch's neoprene facing.

Kit Contents



1 Solid neoprene material face patch with stainless steel backing (12" x 23")
1 Stainless steel support frame (12" x 22") with 16 conforming set bolts
1 Assorted size stainless steel T-bolts with wing nut combos
1 Tool set for installation
1 Red metal storage and carrying case

Additional Product Information

Download instructions and re-order kit items for replacement T-bolt patches, below:


Explore Our Other Leak Repair Kits

We offer a wide variety of emergency leak kits for tank repairs, as well as patching drums, IBC totes and more. Most have a heavy-gauge steel storage case and contain essentials such as ball plugs, surface plugs, sheet metal screw patches and t-bolt patches.

Other contents include plug n'dike putty, a tube of epoxy putty, all-purpose sorbent pads, hot/cold hose tape and lead wool. Many kits incorporate a rubber mallet for installing the 9-piece wood wedge pack along with a roll of OSHA barricade tape. Our emergency repair kit for leaks incorporates several of these items, too.

A few kits include options of steel tools or non-spark tools/drift pins for sites storing explosive and combustible materials. Our specialty emergency repair equipment also features separate Hazmat and non-sparking tool packs with pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdriver and other hand tools.

Ordering & Shipping

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Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have questions or require any spill kit, sorbent pad or IBC tote spill containment solutions. We're here to help and are always proud to supply our customers with the highest quality products.


WarningWARNING: This repair kit can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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AFEC railcar and tanker leak repair kit
AFEC railcar and tanker leak repair kit

Railcar and Tanker Leak Repair Tool – Large Holes
See parts list above. Weight 35 lbs.

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