Emergency Leak Repair

Solutions & kits for drum, tank, pipe and roof Emergency Leak Repairs

Emergency Repair Kit

emergency repair kit for tank and drum leaks

Description: 24-piece kit with essential plug and patch repair materials for emergency drum/tank leak response. Comes with a compact toolbox carry case.

Uses: Quickly stop leaks in large, low-pressure fuel containers. Ideal for patching and repairing big or small holes, gashes & forklift punctures in metal or plastic drums and tanks. Additional product information on order page.

Drum Leak Repair Kit

drum leak repair kit

Description: All-inclusive 35+ piece universal leak repair kit mends punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rot in most large, low-pressure containers. Includes a portable, latched, metal storage carry case. Available with a standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool pack.

Uses: Quickly repairs, plugs, patches and stop leaks in plastic/steel drums, cans, or fuel containers. Protects your premises and storage vessels from loss and damage due to surprise leaks. Additional product information on order page.

Drum Patch Kit

drum patch kit

Description: Comprehensive 45+ piece drum patch kit to repair holes, cracks, gashes and puncture damage. Includes all essential tools and patch equipment in a heavy-duty storage case. Choose from standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool packs.

Uses: Repair and seal leaks in steel or plastic drums, tanks, and large low-pressure containers. Various patch and plug options will mend even difficult holes/damage in tank edges or support areas. Additional product information on order page.

Tank Repair Kit

tank repair kit

Description: Universal 43+ piece tank repair kit for holes, cracks, punctures and more in drums and large containers. Available with a standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool pack and features a heavy-duty metal toolbox for storage and portability.

Uses: Quick response to surprise leaks in plastic or steel tanks, drums and large low-pressure containers. Repair, plug and patch to preserve drum contents and protect your premises. Additional product information on order page.

Roof Leak Diverter

Roof Leak Diverter 5'x5'

Description: Pipe and Roof Leak Diverters are an economical and quick response for leaky ceilings or conduits. Vinyl-coated fabric in two styles: Square tarp for ceiling leaks or bucket-style for leaky pipes. Connect a standard garden hose to redirect and drain water away for temporary leak resolution.

Uses: Protects your premises, personnel, and property by preventing slip hazards and costly asset damage due to water leaks. Hang a Pipe Leak Diverter direct from conduit or attach a Roof Leak Diverter to ceiling. Additional product information on order page.

Prepare your workplace for quick response to emergency leaks. Ensure you have the appropriate range of leak repair and emergency plumbing products on hand.

We offer solutions for pipe and plumbing repairs as well as for leaks that may occur in drums, tanks, and roofs. Our heavy duty repair kits are ideal for all industrial and commercial sites as well as fire department and emergency services units. They are also a great toolkit addition for roofing contractors and other professional plumbing service businesses.

Save yourself money, time and the hassle making insurance claims. These DIY pipe repair, leaky drum and roof leak repair solutions offer temporary remediation until professional repair services arrive. Making emergency repairs yourself can prevent costly water damage, and loss of stock or equipment before a plumber or roofer carries out permanent repairs.

Our pipe leak repair kits are suitable for everything from small leaks in a water heater, faucet or water pipe to large issues like leaking pipes or burst pipes.

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