Emergency Leak Repair

Kits & tools for drum, tank, pipe, roof and other Emergency Leak Repairs

What types of leak repair kits are available?

  • Drum Leak Kits » Choose from two different kit options that are ideal for 55-gallon drum and other low pressure container leaks. Both include essentials such as plugs, wedges, putty, and patches with all necessary installation equipment. Contents come inside metal toolboxes for easy portability and storage, with non-sparking tool pack options for sites with combustible materials.
  • Tank Leak Kits » Our three specialty tank repair kits include a durable metal case for convenient storage and transport. The comprehensive tank kit features an assortment of tools, plugs, patches, wedges and more for fast response to large vessel leaks. Select the oversize plug kit for repairing punctures and tank holes of 3 to 9 inches. For leaks or damage to railcars and tankers, the large repair patch is an easy install solution that conforms to flat or concave surfaces.
  • Pipe Leak Kits » Quickly resolve a variety of leaking pipe issues with these kits for small leaks to large cracks or burst pipes. Our pipe fitting leak kits are suitable for gas and water line repairs. Simply wrap a coupling or repair clamp over a leaky or cracked pipe to form a secure seal. The plug type kit is ideal for open end water pipe leaks and includes both vented and non-vented plugs in a large size assortment.
  • Roof & General Leak Kits » Tackle emergency roof repairs and other surprise leaks with these useful kits and tools. Our two general leak toolbox sets contain various putty, plug and tape sealants, plus wood wedges and more. These multi-purpose kits are suitable for everything from leaky containers or pipes, to puncture damage repairs. We also offer Pipe and Roof Leak Diverters as an economical and quick response temporary roof leak repair solution.
  • Non-Sparking Tool Kits » When it comes to emergency plumbing and leak repairs in locations with flammable materials, you need to eliminate spark risks. Both our hazmat and non-sparking kits feature specialty hand tools for working in volatile environments. These safety tools prevent friction spark risks in comparison to regular steel cutting, striking and tightening equipment.

How to prepare your workplace for emergency leak response

Ensure you have the appropriate range of tank, drum, pipe, emergency roof leak repair and emergency plumbing products on hand. These kits can save you money, time, and the hassle of making insurance claims due to leaks and water damage.

Our heavy duty repair kits are ideal for industrial or commercial sites as well as fire department and first response emergency services units. They also make a great option for roofing contractors and other professional plumbing service businesses.

These specialized leak and plumbing repair kits offer temporary repair service solutions, and are for use by trained personnel only. They can help protect your site from costly water damage and loss of stock/equipment before a plumber or roofer carries out permanent repairs.

When it comes to leak detection and making emergency repairs, one type of kit cannot possibly cover all scenarios. That's why we offer a number of different leak repair kits and solutions to help equip the specific needs of your workplace. Other absorbents or specialty spill products can also assist identifying the source of the leak.

Talk to us for advice or ask about creating a custom leak repair service kit for your workplace. Find our phone number above or send us an email today!

Repair Kits for Drum Leaks

drum leak repair kit drum patch kitDescription: The 35+ piece Drum Leak Kit has a large variety of wood wedges, tape, gasket patches, t-bolt/ball plugs, lead wool and putty sealants to mend punctures, cracks, gashes or surface rot. Our comprehensive 45+ piece Drum Patch Kit contains various gaskets, sealants, plugs, and offset patch equipment for small to large holes or damage. Both kits include a portable, latched, metal storage carry case and are available with steel or non-sparking tool packs.

Uses: Protect your premises and storage vessels from loss and damage due to surprise leaks. Quickly repair, plug, patch and stop leaks in plastic/steel drums, cans, or fuel containers with the Drum Leak Kit. Our Drum Patch Kit's large, offset patches mends even difficult gashes that toggle wings won’t fit into, plus holes close to tank edges or supports. Find more information on each product page.

Kits for Tank Leak Repairs

tank repair kittank repair plug kitrailcar and tanker repair patch kit for large holesDescription: The 43+ piece Tank Repair Kit has an assortment of plugs, patches, putty and more, with standard steel or non-sparking tools for installation. Our basic 4-piece Surface Plug Tank Repair Kit includes three oversize taper, T-patch and ball plugs for fast leak control. The heavy-duty 8-piece Railcars and Tankers Kit features a large patch, support frame, bolts, and install tools - apply on flat surfaces, or, tighten its support bolts to conform to concave shells. Contents of all three kits come inside heavy-duty metal toolboxes for storage and easy transport.

Uses: These are must-have kits for staging at tank storage and drum handling facilities. Use the Tank Repair Kit's quick application twin “T” patch and ladder patches to seal large, forklift punctures or damage. The Oversize Surface Plug Kit stops leaks from tank holes up to 3-inches, or tears of 3-to-9 inches. Our Railcars and Tankers Kit is ideal first response at accident sites where vehicles transporting large liquid volumes roll over. This large patch temporarily repairs and minimizes leaks/spills due to puncture damage. See each product order page for more details.

Pipe Leak Kits

pipe repair coupling kitlarge pipe clamp leak repair kitplug type pipe repair kit5 inch pipe plug

Description: Our 14-piece Pipe Coupling Repair Kit contains 10 external bandages spanning 1/2in to 4in diameters. The 8-piece Pipe Repair Clamp Kit includes three large stainless steel external bandages of 5in, 6in and 8in diameters. Both pipe fitting kits come with extra gasket seals and standard steel or non-sparking installation tools. Featuring 10 vented/non-vented plugs of assorted sizes, the 18-piece Plug-Type Pipe Repair Kit also contains a discharge hose with valve assembly plus tools for install. A durable metal storage/carry case houses the contents of these three pipe kits. Add the heavy-duty 5-Inch Pipe Plug as an extra component to any pipe or emergency leak kit. Simply insert into pipes and tighten the plug's nut for fast and easy installation.

Uses: Stage in response vehicles and workplace safety cabinets to ensure you are ready for surprise gas line or pipe leaks. Our Pipe Coupling and Clamp Kits repairs pinholes, cracks, splits or punctures in gas meter and pipe line leaks. They are suitable for pipes made of many materials, which carry water, fuel, chemical, air or gas. With the Plug Type Pipe Kit you can repair leaks and breaks in open end water pipes of 1/2in to 4in diameter. For larger open end pipes, use the 5" Pipe Plug to contain or seal flow. Plug vents allow you to reroute hazardous liquids and gas, under regulated flow, for safe disposal/recovery. More details are available on each product's order page.

General & Roof Leak Repair Kits

emergency repair kit for tank and drum leaksuniversal small leak control kitRoof Leak Diverter 5'x5'Description: Made of vinyl-coated fabric, the Pipe and Roof Leak Diverters accept a standard garden hose attachment to redirect and drain leaks away. Install by suspending directly below the source of the leak. The 24-piece Emergency Repair Kit contains essential plugs, absorbent pads, sealants and putty repair materials for small or large container leaks. The larger 36-piece Universal Leak Control Kit includes various wood wedges, putty, epoxy, pipe tape and plug rugs. Both kits come with a compact plastic toolbox for handy storage and portability.

Uses: To contain drips, hang the bucket-style Pipe Leak Diverter direct from a conduit, or, attach a square tarp Roof Leak Diverter to the ceiling. The Emergency Leak Repair Kit is ideal for first responders to fuel leak accidents at airports or tank storage plants. Use kit materials to quickly seal larger holes, gashes, or forklift punctures in fuel containers. The Universal Leak Kit will easily control and seal small leaks in low pressure containers, pipes and more. Its multi-purpose kit contents are suitable for repairs on a variety of material types including metal and plastics. See individual product pages for additional information.

Non-Sparking Tool Kits

non-sparking toolshazmat toolsDescription: Both of our Non-Sparking and Hazmat Tools are made in the USA with corrosion-resistant aluminum-bronze alloys. Beryllium-free and non-magnetic, all safety tools feature a lifetime warranty. These versatile cutting, striking, and tightening tool kits reduce fire/explosion risks in combustible environments. The hazmat kit's screw-top lid storage bucket doubles as a hazardous waste disposal container.

Uses: Non-spark hand tools are ideal for working in volatile environments. They remove friction spark risks associated with steel tools in sites where combustible vapors, powders, liquids or residues are present. Applications include maintenance operations around explosives, automotive, fertilizer, sensitive magnetic equipment (MRI), and more. Hazmat Tools are a must have for emergency and fire crews during hazardous materials incident response. Each product order page contains more information.

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