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Small, Mobile, Drum, and Specialty Spill Kits

How to choose the right Spill Containment Kit for your work location

Types of Spill Containment Kits

There are basically three types of chemical spill kits. The type you choose will depend upon what liquids you may have to clean up in case of a spill. Aside from specialty spill kits, the three main types are:

    1. Universal or General Purpose Kits: Made with gray absorbents to clean up both water based fluids and hydrocarbons. These are usually gray in color.
    2. Oil Only Kits: Made with white absorbents that repeal water and float on water. Our oil spill kits are used to clean up hydrocarbons only (motor oil, jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, hydraulic oil, etc).
    3. Hazmat Kits: Made with yellow absorbents to clean up aggressive fluids such as acids and solvents. Hazmat kits will absorb hydrocarbons as well as water based fluids.

Size of Spill: Determine the largest amount of spill you could have from a single container. Determine, based upon current regulations, the size of oil/chemical spill kits you will need. You do not necessarily need oil/chemical spill kits to clean up all of the liquid. That is why it is important to know the requirements for your industry and the type of chemicals on hand. If you have non-absorbent Drain Protector Drain Covers or Spill Containment Berm Dikes you can control the spill, vacuum up most of it and then use the oil/chemical spill kit to clean up the remainder.

Type of Container: Determine if they will be positioned inside or outside. For small volume spills use bagged or bucket oil/chemical spill kits. For large volume spills use drum or wheeled cart/mobile type kits will be necessary.

Custom Spill Containment Kits: We can build the custom oil/chemical spill kit you need because we build our spill clean up kits in our own facility. You can request different numbers of socks, pads or pillows then what is in our standard items. You can request a granular absorbent or peat moss be added to an oil/chemical spill kit. We can include pick up pans, brooms, drain covers or additional personal safety products. We are happy to work with you.

Beware Before You Purchase: When comparing oil/chemical spill kits and oil/chemical spill kit prices with other companies look at the contents as well as the price. How many pads, socks and pillows are included? What type of absorbents products are included? Are needed safety items for your employees included in the kit such as goggles, gloves and most of all instructions for use? ALL our spill containment kits include top quality bonded absorbents that are dimpled and perforated. Safety items such as gloves and goggles are standard. We have the some of the lowest prices on the internet when you compare quality and content. Contact us.


Small Spill Kits

Economy Spill Kits
5 gallon bucket spill kit
duffle bag truckers spill kit


Description: Our small spill containment kits come in water proof nylon zipper duffel bags, sealed plastic buckets or recloseable plastic bags. Filled with pads, socks, safety goggles, gloves, disposal bags and are clearly marked "Spill Kit".

All spill containment kits are available with universal, oil only or hazmat absorbents. Economical and effective for small spills. Usually we can ship with in 24 hours.

Uses: Use in vehicles behind the seat or in the bed, on forklifts, on loading docks, in boats or place them throughout your facility. Additional product information on order page.

Drum Spill Kits

20 gal lab spill kit
buy 30 gallon spill kits
discount 50 gallon spill kits
55 gallon universal spill kits
95 gallon spill kit


Description: Our drum spill containment kits come in chemical and water resistant polyethylene containers with screw top or lever lock lids.

Contents are noted on the order page. Available with universal, oil only or hazmat absorbents. Top quality, low prices.

Uses: Keep several drum spill containment kits on hand in case of a spill.  Additional product information on order page.



Mobile Cart Spill Kits With Wheels


Description: Our mobile cart oil/chemical spill kits are packed with everything needed to attach a large spill. All spill containment kits come with heavy duty wheels and are UV-inhibited polyethylene containers.

Uses: Have on site for a quick response to large spills. Additional product information on order page.



Specialty Spill Kits - Battery Acid, Mercury & Body Fluid


Description: Our battery acid spill kits can be ordered with either liquid or dry acid neutralizer. Three standard size battery acid kits available. Small box size, 5 gallon bucket size and 20 gallon drums. We can do custom battery acid spill kits also. Our mercury spill kit will control mercury vapor. Everything you need to safely clean up acid and mercury spill. Just added our new body fluid cleanup kits. Body fluid spill containment kits are available in three sizes. We also carry a large selection of fluid cleanup products.

Uses: Kits are made specifically to handle battery acid, mercury spills or body fluid cleanup. Additional product information is available on the order page.



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