Industrial Hand Soap

Industrial-strength pumice hand soap for grease and grime-cutting cleaning

Industrial Hand Soap with Pumice
Industrial Hand Soap with Pumice
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Industrial Hand Soap with PumicePumice hand soap 1 gallon pump dispenser
  Made In The USA

Quick Overview

  • USA-made heavy-duty hand cleaner
  • Fine pumice formula provides a thorough scrub
  • Natural solvent cuts through grease, tar, paint and more
  • Pleasant citrus scent - white color
  • Contains lanolin - easy on your hands
  • Waterless cleanser - scrub and wipe
  • Economical pump bottle dispenser
  • Long, 2-year shelf life
  • Great for maintenance shops, factories and more

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Product Information

Our orange pumice Industrial Hand Soap is ideal for workshops, garages, factory restrooms, and more. This American-made hand cleaner contains a fine-ground grit and moisturizing skin care ingredients.

Perfect for working hands, it removes grime, grease, resin, and other stubborn dirt. The large pump bottle container makes it fast and easy to dispense. Use this eco-friendly formula with or without water.

For an effective clean, choose our heavy duty hand soap with natural citrus fragrance.

Heavy duty hand cleaner

When working with machinery and tools, your hands are inevitably going to get dirty. Not only dirty, but greasy and grimy. And you just can't cut through grime using ordinary foaming or bar soap.

You need a powerful hand cleaner for grease... an industrial hand soap capable of getting your hands clean quickly without harsh chemicals.

Use this industrial hand cleaner to remove stubborn grime like glue, grease, resin and more. 

This formulation is tough on dirt but mild on skin. There is no need to apply lotion or skin conditioners after cleaning your hands.

Eco-friendly pumice hand soap

This heavy-duty hand soap contains fine particles of pumice, a type of volcanic lava rock ash. These tiny stone scrubbers help break up and remove tough grease and gunk. 

To be gentle on your hands, our liquid hand soap also contains moisturizing lanolin. As a natural skin conditioner, lanolin prevents hands from drying out or chapping.

A mild citrus scent helps counteract strong smells from diesel and other solvents.

The formulation contains no harsh chemicals and is free of VOC and petroleum solvents.

Economical hand soap dispenser

Our huge, pump-bottle hand soap dispenser is perfect for busy shops. The one gallon container dispenses over 1,000 pumps of industrial hand cleaner. Its natural grit scrubber and citrus formulation ensures a quick, waterless clean-up.

Buy in bulk and save - each pack contains four 1-gallon containers. Combined with a two-year shelf life, this hand cleanser is budget-friendly and effective.


Technical Information

This formula is free of VOCs, NPE, petroleum solvents, silicone and phosphate. The heavy duty hand soap contains fine-ground pumice and a natural citrus scent.


Compliance Information

See Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.


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Ordering and Shipping

For more product details, order or shipping questions, please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633

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TOOLBOX® Shop Tough Hand Soap™ 1 Gallon
TOOLBOX® Shop Tough Hand Soap™ 1 Gallon
Shop Hand Soap. Quantity Per Pack: 1 gallon jug. Quantity Per Case: 4 jugs (4 gallons). Case:L:13"XW:13"XH:13", Case Weight:36 lbs. (dw36). Industrial hand cleaner. Natural pumice. Waterless. Use for grease, tar, oil and ink. Citrus fragrance. Contains lanolin and d-limestore. Priced per Case
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