Industrial Hand Soap

Grease and Grime Cutting Hand Soap

Clean Hands of Grease, Grime and More - Hand Soap

When you are working with machinery and tools, your hands are going to get dirty.

Not just dirty but, greasy and grimy. You can't cut through the grime with ordinary hand soap.

You need a powerful hand industrial hand soap capable to getting you clean quickly without harsh chemicals.

Choose from our huge 1 gallon pump dispenser. Perfect for busy shops.

Or select our boxed hand cleaner and dispenser to mount on the wall. Both contain natural pumice and citrus solvents for quick, waterless clean-up.

Contains lanolin to be gentle on your hands.

Quick Overview

  • USA Made
  • Economy sized pump jug or mounted dispenser
  • Natural pumice for a thorough scrub
  • Natural citrus based solvent to cut grease, grime and tar
  • Light orange color
  • Contains lanolin - Easy on your hands
  • Waterless - scrub and wipe
  • Great for maintenance shops, factories and more


Technical Info

15 to 40% recycled (depending on specific product) fiber construction helps with LEED-EB credits.

Help prevent on-the-job injury from slips and falls. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.22(a)(2)


Compliance Info

Helps with LEED-EB credits. See our DRC MSDS sheet.


Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
liquid industrial hand cleaner
Shop Hand Soap. Quantity Per Pack: 1 gallon jug. Quantity Per Case: 4 jugs (4 gallons). Case:L:13"XW:13"XH:13", Case Weight:36 lbs. (dw36). Industrial hand cleaner. Natural pumice. Waterless. Use for grease, tar, oil and ink. Citrus fragrance. Contains lanolin and d-limestore. Priced per Case87.97
Others Charge:
waterless industrial hand cleaner
Shop Hand Soap. Quantity Per Pack: 800ml bag. Quantity Per Case: 12 bags. Case:L:15"XW:12"XH:7", Case Weight:25 lbs. (dw25). Fortified with a natural citrus solvent. Great for factories, shops and garages. Removes dirt, grease and inks. Cleans and moisturizes hands quickly. Waterless hand soap. Works with dispenser A99917T below. Priced per Case87.97
Others Charge:
hand soap hand cleaner
Shop Hand Soap Dispenser. Quantity Per Pack: 1 dispenser. Quantity Per Case: 1 dispenser. Case:L:6"XW:5"XH:11", Case Weight:2 lbs. (dw3). No drip. No leak. Easy, quick-load design. Keyless locking mechanism. 13.97
Others Charge:


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