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Drain Protector Drain Covers

drain guard drain cover

Description: Our Drain Covers are made of a tacky polyurethane material which is compatible with a wider range of chemicals then rubbers and plastics. This drain cover product is light weight and provides a tough durable seal. The Drain Covers are reversible, reusable and are chemically resistant. Available in squares, rounds and rectangles. We have a large stock of common sizes available. Custom sizes can also be made. This stormwater management product is available in two thicknesses.

Uses: Use this drain cover as a protective barrier over grates and manholes to prevent hazardous materials from entering them. Additional technical information for this stormdrain product is on the order page.



Storm Drain Filter Inserts & Guards


Description: The Drain Filter Insert is made of a non-woven, polypropylene geotextile that is very absorbent and will not tear under normal use. The oil and sediment models will remove hydrocarbons and sediment. The trash and debris model is designed to catch larger items. One size fits most drains.

Uses: Use to keep oil and other contaminants from entering storm drains. Effective at industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots, drive-up locations and retail locations. Additional technical information on order page.

Floor Drain Plug for Spills

yellow floor drain plugs

Description: Our floor drain plugs are made of polyurethane for a tight, chemical resistant seal. They can remain in the drain as a spill prevention method and are easily removable when the drain is needed. Non-absorbing and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in many sizes and come with attached or removable eyebolts.

Uses: Our safety seal conical plugs prevent spills from entering circular drains. Additional technical information on order page.

Pipe Socks

Pipe sock sediment and oil filter

Description: Oil absorbing pipe socks made of non-woven geotextile. Removes hydrocarbons and sediment while allowing water to freely pass through. Available in 8in, 12in and 16in pipe diameter sizes.

Uses: An ideal solution for dewatering situations, such as containment berm, sump, and collection pond pump-outs. Prevent oil and debris from contaminating stormwater and ground during drainage. Great for construction, agricultural and other commercial industries.

Spill Containment Berm Dikes

ASPB10CS Spill berm Dike Ends

Description: Made of flexible 100% polyurethane. Easy to bend to fit any angle or curve. Non-absorbent and resistant to most chemicals. Sturdy and reusable. Clean with soap and water. Easy to connect several together for longer lengths. 10' lengths. Two types of Spill Containment Berm Dikes are available.

Uses: Use where ever you need to divert or contain (control) liquids. Not for extended use outdoors. Additional technical information on order page.

Catch Basin Oil & Grease Skimmer


Description: The Catch Basin Oil Skimmer floats on water and continuously absorbs oil, grease, gasoline, total suspended solids and phosphates. It is filled with a unique filtration media that holds the fluids. Non-leaching and full buoyancy even when saturated. The unit is 22 inches x 15 inches x 2 inches and will hold up to 2 gallons of oil. Five units per case.

Uses: Use in catch basins or on any water vault that you need to remove the surface hydrocarbons. Installs in 5 minutes or less. Additional technical information on order page.

Roof & Ceiling Leak Diverter Kits

Roof & Ceiling Leak Diverter Kit

Description: Pipe and Roof Leak Diverters are an economical and quick response for leaky ceilings or conduits. Vinyl-coated fabric in two styles: Square tarp for ceiling leaks or bucket-style for leaky pipes. Connect a standard garden hose to redirect and drain water away for temporary leak resolution.

Uses: Protects your premises, personnel, and property by preventing slip hazards and costly asset damage due to water leaks. Hang a Pipe Leak Diverter direct from conduit or attach a Roof Leak Diverter to ceiling. Additional product information on order page.

Trench Drain Filter

Trench drain filter boom for oil contaminants

Description: This trench drain filter features an oil-absorbing non-woven geotextile construction. It effectively removes hydrocarbons from surface water without restricting flow into channel drains. Suitable for drive-over vehicle traffic and measures 3" dia. x 8ft long.

Uses: Prevents oil and other hydrocarbons from entering and polluting stormwater runoff. Position across trench drains in parking areas, commercial fueling stations, and other industrial sites with trench drainage systems.

Archaea Bioremediation Microorganisms

archaea microbe bioremediation products

Description: Naturally occurring microbes efficiently breaks down hydrocarbons and other contaminants into harmless by-products. Environmentally safe and “green” solution: non-toxic, and contain no pathogens. Available in tablet, powder, mini-boom and water-soluble packet application types.

Uses: Oil-degrading microorganisms have hundreds of applications including spill cleanup, eliminating soil or water contaminates, and more. Suitable for waste water treatment systems and plumbing maintenance tasks. Reduces odor in septic tanks and removes oily sheen from water.

Our Storm Drain Covers Protect Water Sources From Contaminants

When working with chemicals or other caustic liquids near water drains, you need to do your part to prevent contamination. Our storm drain products make this easy. Even in the event of a spill or leak, you won’t have to stress about contaminating a water source. You can rest assured that the storm drain covers you’ve invested in are doing their job, absorbing oil spills and other chemical leaks. 

We have so many different types of storm water drain covers to choose from that you’ll have no problem picking the perfect product, too. From storm drain protector covers to storm drain filter inserts, spill containment berm dikes, pipe socks, and even floor drain plugs for spills - we’ve got it all. Shop now and experience firsthand why we’ve come to be known as the #1 choice for all things occupational safety and compliance. With almost 40 years of experience, we’re here to help you with the products and resources you need most.

Why Buy Storm Water Drain Covers At AbsorbentsOnline?

If you’re not sure why buying storm drain covers at AbsorbentsOnline is the right choice, allow us to explain. We have the best selection of storm drain products at the lowest prices online. And, we back it all up with unbeatable service. What more could you ask for? Let’s take a look at the different types of storm drain protectors we offer:

Storm Drain Blockers

Our storm drain blockers are one of the most popular choices when it comes to stormwater management and protection. You can prevent dangerous chemicals or toxins from slipping into a water source by proactively installing these in your facility.

Storm Drain Filter Guards

Our storm drain inserts are another solution to eliminating the risk of pollutants entering a water system. These actively catch spills by sitting inside your storm drain. They also catch coarse sediments and other debris along with leaks and spills.

Floor Drain Plugs

If you’re looking to plug up drainage systems to prevent spills from entering, these floor drain plugs are an excellent choice. They can be inserted into any hole you want to plug up - making them great for uniquely sized drains.

Oil & Grease Skimmers

Use oil and grease skimmers to clean out chemicals after they’ve entered your drains. If you didn’t have a chance to install one of the options above and a spill enters your water source, you can skim it out with these.

Roof Leak Diverters

Got a leak in your roof? Prevent it from making a mess on your floor or damaging things further with our roof leak diverters

Find All Your Storm Drain Products In One Place

As you can see, we have all the storm drain covers and cleaning products you need to keep your water sources safe and your operation compliant. Shop now and be prepared the next time leaks happen!

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