Emergency Repair Kit

Prepare for—and repair—surprise drum leaks with an emergency plug kit

emergency repair kit for tank and drum leaks
emergency repair kit for tank and drum leaks
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emergency repair kit for tank and drum leakstank repair fix stix epoxydrum leak repair puttywood wedge drum hole repairdrum leak golf ball plug AF1EC emergency repair kit for drums and tanks
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Quick Overview

  • 24-piece kit with essential drum repair materials in a compact carry case
  • Quickly stop leaks in low-pressure stainless steel/plastic containers
  • Ideal for patching and repairing steel or plastic drums
  • Suitable for small to large drum holes, gashes or forklift punctures
  • Includes wooden wedges, football and golf plugs for larger holes
  • Fix small holes with putty or small wood plugs and absorbent pads
  • A great addition to spill response kits and for all drum storage areas

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Product Information

Keep an Emergency Repair kit for drums and tanks on hand to ensure your workplace is ready to deal with surprise leaks. This handy plug kit includes a variety of emergency response equipment sealants for patching small to large holes, to stop leaks fast.

The multi tool kit features essential drum repair items such as wooden plugs with rubber mallet, small and large mold-able plugs, two types of putty, and several all-purpose absorbent pads. No additional equipment—pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrench or duct tape—is necessary.

Fuel tank patch kit contents are suitable for steel or plastic low pressure vessel leaks, including drums, tanks and large containers like IBC. Everything comes in a compact yet durable plastic carry case for convenient portability and storage in emergency response vehicles or alongside first aid kits in workplace safety cabinets.

This is a must have item to stage near fuel storage tanks in airports and plants, or, sites that frequently store and transport drums. The kit is also ideal for first responders reporting to accident sites where tank or drum fuel leaks may take place.

Repair Material & Kit Content Uses

Football and Golf Plugs

Use Football and Golf plugs as a sealant to temporarily stop the flow from leaks. These sports ball-shape polyurethane impregnated foam plugs are water activated. Simply massage and remove from packaging, submerge in water for 5 seconds, then apply the pliable plug over and into hole. Keep constant pressure on the foam as you apply twisting force while smoothing the outer edges. The foam quickly expands and hardens in minutes to efficiently seal and stop leaks.

Suitable for use below water lines. Provides excellent resistance against diesel, gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, water, < 10% acid fluid leaks and more. Football plugs are ideal for sealing gashes and punctures in plastic or stainless steel drums and large containers. Use the smaller golf ball plugs for leak holes that are less than one-and-a-half inches in diameter.

Watch a video showing a simulation of a football plug repair on saddle tank: 

Plug N'Dike

This non-toxic and easy to use pre-mix putty is suitable to control leaks on just about any low pressure container. It requires no surface preparation and even sticks to dirty, rusty or greasy areas. The putty material requires no curing time and forms an immediate seal to control flammable and/or hazardous leaks.

To use, scoop the material from the jar and apply directly to a hole to stop flow. Push the sealant putty into a cavity with the palm of your hand so it "mushrooms" to help with adhesion.

Plug N Dike features a nonflammable blend of high absorption polymers in a blended bentonite base. It has been used for almost 20 years years by fire departments, transportation companies and industrial operations alike.

Fix Stix 20-Minute Epoxy

Ready to use and hand-moldable, this industrial-strength steel-filled epoxy fills holes/cracks, bonds to, and repairs almost anything to stop leaks. Knead until the color is uniform, then apply so it secures permanently. Fix Stix sets rock hard in about 20 minutes and may be machined, threaded and painted after fully curing on the repair area.

Apply Fix-Stix epoxy putty to wet, round or flat surfaces as well as pipes, valve stems, and flanges. It adheres to just about any material, from metals like aluminum and stainless steel, to plastics, glass, concrete and fiberglass. It is suitable for use in wide temperature ranges and also has excellent chemical resistance. Solvent free and with little odor, Fix Stix can be used on potable water lines and will not shrink, crack or pull away.

Wooden Plugs/Wedges, Absorbent Pads and Rubber Mallet

Select appropriate size wood plugs or wedges as a safe, non-sparking and inexpensive solution to temporarily patch holes and stop drum leaks.

Use a wooden wedge/plug on its own or wrap with a sorbent pad, using the rubber mallet to drive it into the hole to plug and seal it. Both the sorbent and wood materials will swell and expand to fill the repair site and seal a drum or large fuel container leak.

Technical Information

Kit Contents



1 Plastic toolbox carrying case (22 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches)
9 Wooden plugs (various sizes)
1 Rubber mallet
5 All-purpose absorbent pads
4 Epoxy putty sticks
1 Plug N Dike container (16-oz)
1 Football plug (pack includes protective glove and step-by-step instructions)
2 Golf ball plugs (packs include protective gloves and step-by-step instructions)


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Ordering & Shipping

Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 for shipping, order or any repair area kit questions or product details.

Pricing and Order

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AF1EC emergency repair kit for drums and tanks
AF1EC emergency repair kit for drums and tanks

Emergency Repair Kit – For Drums and Tanks
For Small Leaks. Tool Box (22 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches). Kit contents: nine various sizes of wooden plugs, one rubber mallet, four sticks of epoxy putty, five all-purpose absorbent pads, one can of Plug N Dike, one football plug, two golf ball plugs, one plastic carrying case. Weight 10 lbs.

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