Spill Containment Berms

Portable, Bracket, Specialty & No Assembly Oil Spill Containment Berm

What Types of Spill Berms Are Available?

When it comes to spill containment, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why we offer a range of Spill Containment Berms to meet your specific needs:

  • Portable Spill Containment Berms and Spill Control Dikes » 
    Used for drums, fuel cans, in emergency situations and for small equipment such as generators. Connectable and build-your-own spill control dike products are generally used to control leakage and block drains.

  • Assembly Required Berms » 
    These types of oil spill containment berms require the installation of L-brackets or setting up similar types of supports for the containment wall. These are the most economical model of berms.

  • No Assembly Required Berms »
    Simply unpack and lay out. Place equipment or vehicles inside the berm or spill control dike. If there is any leakage the walls rise automatically, or, flexible sidewalls securely contain it.

  • Specialty Containment Berms & Accessories » 
    Berm products for specific job-site environments or industry applications, including berms for wellheads or railroads, self bailer kits, berm protection accessories, and hose bridges.

Choose below from our large selection of spill containment berms. We're here to assist you in finding the perfect solution. Reach out to us via email or toll free at (800)869-9633. You can also jump to the bottom of the page to see our tips for Choosing a Spill Containment Berm.

Small & Portable Spill Containment Berms

portable spill containment berm portable spill berms portable drum spill containment build a berm kit drive over spill barrier mini foam wall containment berm

Description: Our small portable spill containment products are light weight but constructed of strong and durable polyethylene or polyurethane elastomers. Very compact so they easily fit into vehicles or store easily on a shelf. One model comes with a foam wall. Available when you need them. These portable containment berms are great for temporary containment and emergency needs.

Our connectable spill control dikes are made of polyurethane. These berm dikes are available in two different heights and in a table top model. The polyurethane spill control dike containment system is effective for liquid control. The build a berm kit is a long term solution for areas where you need a custom berm.

Uses: Place in your vehicles or construction equipment to use as a containment pool in case a tank springs a leak. Have berm dikes on hand for spill prevention to control a spill and as drain guards.

The build a berm kit can be set up for any length you need and will last for years. Place around machinery, equipment or in storage rooms. Ideal for use as a backup barrier around safety cabinets that contain hazardous materials or around storage cabinets that could leak fluids.


Assembly Required Spill Berms

bracket spill berms tanker truck spill berms drive in out tanker truck spill containment berms collapsible containment berm compact containment berm oil containment berm

resizable modular containment berm spill containment system modular containment wall spill berm system

Description: These economy model stake wall type berms take very little time to set up. Our L-bracket oil spill containment berm requires assembly but is a one piece design. An economical berm that is our best seller. The material is rip, tear, puncture and chemical resistant. Made for easy cleanup. Custom sizes available.

Uses: Use for just about any type of equipment or vehicles to help comply with OSHA and EPA regulations. Examples of uses are as wash pads, under fuel tanks, tanker trucks, for drum storage, de-watering bins, roll-off bins, frac tanks and more. Additional product information on order page.



No Assembly Spill Berms

drive thru spill berms spill containment berms collapsible spill containment foam spill containment berms drive over containment berms flexible wall frac tank containment berms

Description: These spill berms require no assembly. Unpack and lay out. The rapid rise walls automatically raise when filled with liquid, quickly lock into place by hand, or, instantly spring upright after compression. Heavy duty fabric for water, hydrocarbons and most chemicals. Custom sizes available.

Uses: Available for most types of equipment and vehicles to help you comply with EPA regulations. Some uses include as wash pads, fuel tanks, tanker trucks, for drum storage, de-watering bins, roll-off bins, frac tanks and more. More information noted on the product page.


Specialty Containment Berms

railroad track berm  Well Head Berm

Description: Industry-specific berm products that can solve environmental concerns. Introducing a new lightweight, portable railroad track berm to prevent ground contamination from railcar leaks or spills.

The oil wellhead berm is a long-lasting berm made of heavy-duty material to protect the ground around the wellhead from pollution.

Uses: Lightweight and easily moved by one person, the railroad track berm is a must have to protect the soil under and around rail cars from leaks and spills. Use when unloading or loading oil or chemicals in tank cars or box cars. Used by railroads and companies that have product delivered by rail.

The wellhead berm is used to protect the ground from being contaminated around wellheads.


Spill Containment Berm Accessories

containment berm hose stand  containment berm self bailer  containment berm track belts and ground tarp

Description: Specific-use berm products and accessories that complement, protect, or enhance many of our different spill berm models and types.

Uses: The Hose Stand bridge safeguards your spill berm by maintaining its wall integrity and capacity when using fueling/drainage hoses or cables. Self-Bailer kits safely filter and drain rainwater from outdoor containment units. Ground Tarps and Track Belts provide additional protection layers to preserve your berm's lifespan.


Tips for Choosing a Spill Containment Berm

When Do You Need a Spill Containment Berm?

Federal secondary containment regulations require that locations have a means to collect any hazardous liquid leaks or spills to prevent them from entering the environment. Indoor facilities (with drums, IBC totes, and smaller tanks) often use spill decks or spill pallets for spill control.

Whereas oil spill containment berms are generally used for drums, larger equipment, large tanks and tankers in outdoor locations, to comply with secondary containment regulations. Most berms are used on construction sites, oil fields, or for short term secondary containment in facilities. Containment berms help you comply with SPCC and EPA container storage regulation 40 CRF 264.175.

How Big of a Containment Berm Do I Need?

The container(s) or equipment must fit inside the oil spill containment berm. Secondly, regulation 40 CRF 264.175 require you to be able to “contain 10% of the volume of the containers, or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater.” A simple example is if you have two 55-gallon drums, the total gallons is 110. You would need to have secondary containment for 55 gallons since the largest container has 55 gallons (55 gallons is larger than 10% of the two containers). The thinking behind this is that it is unlikely both containers would leak at the same time.

If containers are stored outside and are uncovered you have to also consider sump capacity for the elements (rain or snow).

These calculations are provided only as an example. Different materials and unique circumstances could require different additional containment. Always consult with your local EPA.

Spill Berm Options & Protection Accessories

When choosing your spill containment berm, consider the following options and accessories:

  • Material - spill containment berms are generally made in various thicknesses of PVC fabric. Specialized materials are also available for different types of chemicals, extreme hot or cold temperatures and other environmental conditions. 
  • Sizes - Berms are available in just about any size to accommodate everything from drums to tanker trucks. Custom sizes are no problem. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Ground Mat - To protect your investment, you can order an optional ground mat for your berm. These mats are placed on the ground, under the spill berm, as an additional layer of protection for the bottom of the berm. If you are placing the berm on dirt or gravel, it is a good idea to purchase a ground mat to prevent rocks or sticks from working through the floor of the spill berm. If the containment berm is being used on concrete or asphalt generally a ground mat is not needed.
  • Track Mat - A track mat is heavy rubber material that is placed on the top side of the floor of the berm. If you are driving vehicles or equipment in and out the spill containment berm on a regular basis, it is a good investment to purchase this option to protect the floor of the berm from wear and tear due to tire friction.

Additional products to have on hand along with your berm as backup are spill kits, drain protector covers, drain plugs and berm dikes.



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