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Poly Drums, Plastic Drums and Polyethylene Drums for Lab Pack Drums, Salvage Drums and Overpack Drums

Lab Pack Drums

lab pack drum

Lab Pack Drums 14 Gallon Drums - 20 Gallon Drums - 30 Gallon Drums

Description: Blow molded HDPE construction. Available in 14 gallon, 20 gallon and 30 gallon drum sizes. Choose plastic lever lock, metal lever lock or screw on lids. Food grade quality. UN, DOT and flammability rated. Approved for packing groups I,II,III. UV protected and stack tested.

Uses: Used by labs for waste handling of small containers of hazardous waste. Common types of labs that use lab pack drums are medical and dental businesses, forensic testing labs, environmental testing labs, QA labs for chemical and other manufacturing plants as well as teaching and academic research labs.

Overpack Drums

overpack drum

Overpack Drums 65 Gallon - 95 Gallon

Description: Constructed of high density polyethylene for strength and chemical resistance. UV resistant. Meet 3 psi pressure test for Salvage Drum Compliance. Drums are UN rated and comply with DOT requirements. They come with a metal bolt band and the lids provide a positive seal with the closed cell foam gasket.

Uses: For storage as containment tool, to hold soiled absorbents during clean-up, for transportation of containers with hazardous chemicals and for placing leaking containers of up to 55 gallons to contain the leakage. More information available on the product page.

Salvage Drums - Salvage Drum Solutions

poly salvage drums

Salvage Drums - 20 Gallon - 30 Gallon - 65 Gallon - 95 Gallon

Description: Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Purchase 20 gallon or 30 gallon size with metal lever lock closure or 65 gallon and 95 gallon with a metal band/bolt closure. UN and DOT rated. They have a UL94HB flammability rating. Operating temperature range -30°F to 130°F.

Uses: For use with damaged or leaking containers that contain hazardous waste. Also used for soiled absorbents that are contaminated with hazardous waste substance, for storage, as original shipping containers and for transport of all types of hazardous materials.

Poly Drum Product Comparison Chart

Model # Style Total Capacity Closure Type Maximum Capacity Maximum Container Size (that fits inside)
Lab Pack 14 gallon Plastic Lever Lock 143 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 14 gallon Metal Lever Lock 220 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 20 gallon Screw on Lid 125 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 20gallon Plastic Lever Lock 88 lbs 5 gallon
Salvage Drum 20 gallon Metal Lever Lock 165 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 30 gallon Screw on Lid 396 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 30 gallon Plastic Lever Lock 220 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 30 gallon Metal Lever Lock 396 lbs 5 gallon
Lab Pack 30 gallon Metal Lever Lock 396 lbs 5 gallon
Salvage Drum 30 gallon Metal Lever Lock 220 lbs 5 gallon
Overpack 65 gallon Screw on Lid 660 lbs 30 gallon
Salvage Drum 65 gallon Metal Lever Lock 440 lbs 55 gallon
Overpack 95 gallon Screw on Lid 660 lbs 55 gallon
Salvage Drum 95 gallon Metal Lever Lock 748 lbs 55 gallon


All drums are: HDPE Construction, chemical and weather resistant, UN certified to HM-181, approved for use with packing groups I,II,III, UV protected, UL94HB Flammability rating, nestable for storage, FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 Food Grade Quality.




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