Berms - Building a Berm Kit

How to Build a Berm

Sometimes off the shelf spill containment berms will not solve your needs. Regular tray type berms may not be applicable. Polyurethane berms are more for temporary use. A cement or iron angle curb is costly to plan, build and can end up being a trip and fall problem.

Now there is a new solution, our build your own berm kit. A berm kit comes complete with 50 feet of berm wall, corners, connector collars and the sealant/adhesive you need for quick installation. Additional sections and material can be purchased to handle any size area you need a berm.

So when you need a custom size berm to go around machinery to control spills or leaks or across a storage room entry to prevent liquids from running out all over the plant, the build your own berm is the solution. This berm can last for years if properly cared for and can be removed easily when no longer needed with a flat-bladed shovel.

Installation is as simple as cleaning the area the berm is to be installed on of any grease or oil so the sealant will seal properly. Repair any cracks or separations on the concrete with caulking. Lay out the berm over the area it is to be installed, apply a continuous bead of included floor sealant one inch in from the side the entire length. Apply pressure to seal it to the floor and add additional sealant as needed. Use the vinyl cover included to sections and corner joints. Let the sealant and adhesive cure for at least one hour before use. Complete instruction sheet found here

The covering of the berm walls and corners is a very durable vinyl that is resistant to coolants, oils and most chemicals. For increased safety the vinyl is a bright yellow color so it is easily seen and is less of a trip hazard.

Sections can be cut to size if needed with a razor knife.

The two inch high berm wall is filled with foam so it will spring back up if walked on or if light wheeled dollies or carts are rolled over it. A berm with the ability to move dollies and carts over it is a big plus for many needed applications such as storage rooms, cleaning rooms and hazardous chemical rooms.

We are here to help if you have any questions. Please contact us for chemical compatibility of the berm walls and sealant. Contact us by email or toll free at (800)869-9633.


Quick Overview

  • Build a high-visibility barrier to fit your needs.
  • Kit includes everything you need.
  • Durable, vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals.
  • Cut to length and secure to floor with included sealant, then seal seams with the vinyl adhesive.
  • Economical for containment of leaks and spills.
  • Use around machinery, equipment and storage rooms.
  • Eliminates need to build expensive cement curbs.
  • Increased safety with yellow color.
  • Can be easily removed with flat-bladed shovel.


Technical Info

Refer to our berm assembly instruction sheet for additional technical information.

Compliance Info

40 CFR 122.26, 40 CFR 264.175, 40 CFR 112.7


Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
berm building kit
Build Your Berms Kit - Complete Kit - Kit contains two 25' berm walls, four berm corners, six floor sealant tubes, one one 10 foot section connector collar and one 8 oz industrial vinyl adhesive. Color: Yellow. Overall dimensions of carton 50 foot Length x 5.5 inches Wide x 2 inches High. One carton. Weight 21 lbs. Patent #5,820297706.97
Others Charge:
berm building kit
Build Your Berm- Straight Section - Color: Yellow, 15 foot Length x 5.5 inches Wide x 2 inches High. One carton. Weight 6 lbs.263.97
Others Charge:
berm building kit
Build Your Berms - Corner - Color: Yellow, 7.25 inches Length x 5.5 inches Wide x 2 inches High. 2 per carton. Weight 2 lbs.94.97
Others Charge:
berm building kit
Build Your Berms - Connecting Collar - Color: Yellow, 10 feet length x 4 inches. One carton. Weight 1 lb.41.97
Others Charge:
berm building kit
Build Your Berms - Floor Sealant - 10.3 fluid oz tube - 6 tubes per carton. One carton. Weight 8 lbs.136.97
Others Charge:
berm building kit
Build Your Berms - Vinyl Adhesive - 8 oz can - 1 can per carton. One carton. Weight 1 lb.20.97
Others Charge:


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