Eyewash and Shower Station

Emergency eyewash & shower stations for work safety and first aid response

Plumbed-In Eyewash Stations

stainless bowl eyewash stationin counter closed eyewashABS Bowl Pedestal Eye WashFreeze Protected Pedestal Mount Eyewash Station

Description: We offer over 15 models of plumbed-in emergency eyewash stations for first aid safety. Choose from freeze-protected and plumbed eye wash units including wall, pedestal or table/bench mounts. Quick and simple to operate. Open and closed bowl models that are mostly ANSI-compliant.

Uses: Quickly dilute/flush hazardous substances or irritants from eyes and skin to help treat and prevent injuries. Prepare your work area to act fast in the event of a chemical splash to the face. Ideal for laboratories and sites handling hazardous liquids, including bodily fluids.

Portable Eye Wash Stations

portable eyewash stationgravity-fed eyewashSelf-Contained Tank Eye WashSelf-Contained Eyewash Station

Description: Portable eyewash stations require no plumbing and are suitable for use indoors or out. Our self-contained eye wash stations are available with 10 to 15 gallon capacities. Gravity fed and pressurized units with quick and simple operation. Add optional insulation jacket to prevent water from freezing or overheating in outdoor work sites.

Uses: Dilute and flush hazardous substances from eyes and face to treat and prevent injuries. Ideal back-up safety solution for job sites without access to plumbed water lines.

Indoor Emergency Showers

emergency shower and eyewash station cubicle combination emergency shower and eyewash wall mount safety shower and eyewash ceiling mount emergency drench shower

Description: Indoor emergency shower stations for chemical exposure response, decontamination, and first aid safety. Choose from ring main, wall, or ceiling mount plumbed safety showers. Available in drench, combination shower/eyewash stations and cubicle models, with fast and easy operation.

Uses: Drench and rinse hazardous substances or irritants off the skin and body. Supports ANSI and OSHA emergency equipment requirements to help treat and minimize worker injuries. Install in laboratories, industrial facilities, or any site that stores and handles hazardous chemicals.

Outdoor Safety Showers

outdoor safety shower for hot climates outdoor safety shower and eyewash wall mount outdoor drench shower freeze protected emergency eyewash drench shower

Description: Choose from 18 outdoor emergency shower station models. Suitable for hot and cold climates, with quick and easy operation. Plumbed wall and floor mount safety showers with self draining or freeze protection features ensure tepid water supply. Supports ANSI and OSHA safety equipment standards.

Uses: Install in outdoor work locations with challenging temperature conditions. Eliminate risks of water overheating and scalding in hot climates. Protect casualties from thermal shock or hypothermia in cold climates. Treat and minimize worker injuries to the body, face and eyes.

Tank & Portable Showers

portable safety shower eyewash station mobile shower & eyewash station portable decontamination shower 528gal. tank shower eyewash station

Description: Portable tank and emergency showers for chemical exposure and decontamination. No electrical connections necessary. Choose from seven mobile, self-contained safety shower equipment units. Fast and easy operation.

Uses: Great for remote locations, temporary installation job sites, and work areas without reliable access to plumbing or electricity. Stage at construction, oil and gas fields, as well as accident sites. Rapid response to drench or decontaminate chemicals and hazardous substances from skin and body.

Stay Compliant & Safe With Our Eyewash and Shower Stations

Accidents happen - but they don’t have to turn into something more serious if you equip your facility with our eyewash and shower stations.

These will not only help you and your workers stay safe if things go wrong - they’ll help you remain compliant, and you likely need these before any work can begin in the first place.

Whether you’re looking for something portable to transport from job site to job site, or you need a plumbed option for your shop - one thing is for sure, you’ve come to the right place.

We have the best selection, the best quality, and the best prices online - all complemented by our industry-leading service that has earned us our stellar reputation over the past 3+ decades. 

What Are The Differences In Our Eyewash and Shower Station Collection?

When you get to browsing our collections below, you’ll see that we have no shortage of options when it comes to eyewash and shower stations. This means you get exactly what you need without compromise.

But, what is it that you need? These can get pretty complex, and you don’t want to end up with the wrong piece of equipment or spend more money than you need to. Here’s a quick breakdown of our different offerings:

    • Portable Eyewash Stations - these require no plumbing, making them great for in-field use as you move from job site to job site. They deliver a continuous flow of water through pressure & gravity. 
    • Emergency Eyewash Stations - these are plumbed in, and hookup right to your water line. If you need something for a shop, lab, or other building, this will be your best bet.


  • Portable Emergency Showers - easily transport these to and from location to deliver a rapid first-aid response. No electrical components are needed, and they can be purchased with or without eyewash stations as well. You can keep these in locations that lack quick access to your plumbed shower - such as a huge warehouse or factory.
  • Emergency Showers - some of these include an eyewash station as well, and are plumbed into your water line for indoor use. They can be mounted on the floor, wall, ceiling, you name it.
  • Outdoor Safety Showers - these provide quick drenching for outdoor work sites, with or without eyewash stations included, to meet safety and compliance standards. They are purpose built to deliver tepid water in just about any outdoor temperature or climate conditions.


If you still aren’t sure after looking around a bit, no worries - feel free to give us a call. You’ll be delighted to hear a human voice on the other end, ready to help you get the right equipment at prices that work for your business.

Why Choose AbsorbentsOnline For All Your Occupational Safety Essentials?

We have the OSHA and ANSI-compliant safety equipment you need - from these eyewash and shower station lineups to our diverse collection of absorbents, which can also be found in our navigation.

The best part, though?

We offer the best value on the market - exceeding standards in terms of quality while keeping prices low, and delivering awesome service in the process. We’re a small, family-owned business right here in the USA, and have warehouses around the country to get you your products quickly.

We’ve been the premier choice for businesses’ safety and compliance needs since 1985 - and don’t plan on slowing down. Order easily online, or give us a call if you need help - we’d love to chat and get you exactly what you need.


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