Gas Cylinder Storage & Safety

Safely store, load, and transport your facility's compressed gas cylinders

Gas Cylinder Cabinets

gas cylinder cabinet

Description: Heavy gauge, mesh side cage gas cylinder storage cabinets. Corrosion, chemical and rust-resistant aluminum construction. Available with 4 to 20 cylinder capacity in vertical, horizonal or combination storage. Ventilated mesh cage designs prevent buildup of flammable gases.

Uses: Safely store and secure your facility's propane tanks, LPG cylinders, gas bottles, or compressed gas cylinders. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Comply with OSHA 1910.253, CSA-B149.2 and NFPA 58 Gas Code regulations.

Gas Cylinder Carts

gas cylinder cart hand truck

Description: Safely transport your industrial tanks with an ergonomic gas cylinder hand truck, dolly, caddy or cart. Heavy duty steel components provide maximum strength while still being easy for users to move. Single, double or multi-tank gas cylinder hand trucks available with various wheel, hoist, and firewall safety options.

Uses: Easily move cryogenic or compressed gas cylinder tanks around your facility. Cylinder hand trucks and carts are ideal for medical, laboratory, food-processing, manufacturing, welder and construction applications. Improves mobility to reduce accidents and injuries while moving cylinders. Helps your business comply with OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA.

Gas Cylinder Racks

gas cylinder rack for tank storage a35172j

Description: Continuous weld 2in square steel tubing gas cylinder storage racks with exterior grade powder-coat finish. Two rows of steel securing chains. Pre-drilled 0.5in diameter floor mounting holes. Various configuration units store from 1 to 20 cylinders with 12" to 33" maximum diameters, or 1 or 2 cryogenic cylinders. OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA regulation compliant

Uses: Protect and safely store compressed gas cylinders in your facility. Secure, organize, and separate your cylinders by gas content types or empty/full tanks. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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