Roadside Weed Mat

Heavy-duty recycled tire rubber weed barrier for roadside guardrails

highway weed mat
highway weed mat
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Quick Overview

  • Environmentally friendly weed control ground cover matting
  • Install around highway cable barriers, guardrails & sign posts
  • Made from UV-stabilized recycled vehicle tire rubber
  • Long lasting and maintenance-free - 20+ year service life
  • Removes the need for toxic chemical weed killer sprays
  • Ground cover is fast and simple to install without special tools
  • Flexible weed block roadside mats contour to uneven ground surfaces
  • Preform cut-outs ensure easy placement around highway barrier posts
  • A great product to control soil erosion and the growth of weeds

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Product Information

Our rubber Weed Mat keeps roadsides and highway barrier guardrail areas weed-free. These commercial grade weed barriers also assist with landscaping stabilization and erosion control. The flexible and non-permeable rubber ground covers conform to uneven surfaces for hassle-free installation.

The high quality and long-lasting highway weed block mats are environmentally friendly. Each 40lb recycled rubber mat diverts more than 10 tires from landfill waste. As well, our eco-friendly weed barriers eliminate the need for herbicides and chemical weed killer sprays.

With a long lasting service life of more than 20 years, our maintenance-free weed barriers make economic sense. Install under highway cable barriers or guardrails and reduce the time, safety risk, and cost of using manual weeding crews. These heavy duty weed mats also help maintain highway corridor visibility for road user safety.

Heavy duty rubber weed barrier

Made of recycled rubber tire, each individual mat measures 43 1/2" long x 48" wide x 1/2" thick. Roadside weed mats are UV-stabilized for all weather outdoor durability. The heavy duty yet flexible material will not interfere with guardrails or posts in an impact.

This weed barrier system for roadways offers a maintenance-free and long lasting service life. Unlike geotextile fabric or polypropylene landscape fabrics for your garden flower beds, rubber mats have low air and water permeability so minimize soil moisture beneath. As a result, weed seeds are unable to germinate.

Each rubber mat weighs 40lbs which eliminates the need for surface mulch to secure them in place, like vegetable garden weed control fabrics. Their heavy weight not only controls weeds but helps prevent soil erosion. The 20+ year lifespan exceeds burlap and non-woven or polyethylene weed barrier landscape fabrics.

Eco-friendly weed control

This commercial-grade weed mat eliminates the need for toxic sprays and herbicides. Chemical sprays are not only damaging to environmental ecology, they are expensive and can be dangerous for road crews to use.

Installing one mile of rubber weed barrier repurposes up to 20,000 tires instead of sending them to landfills. Recycling and re-using rubber is a far more environmentally friendly option than manufacturing new polypropylene or other plastic ground cover materials.

Easy to install

No specialty tools are necessary for our rubber weed mat installation. Preformed cut-outs and stencil markings assist speedy placement. Each mat has pre-molded 1in rule cut lines to accommodate 8in/6in wooden posts as well as 4in/6in metal I-beam cable barriers and guardrails.

Each weed Mat has a 1/4" thick x 48" wide x 6" overlap built-in. The flexible rubber easily conforms to uneven roadway edge surfaces. Unlike concrete or asphalt apron edging, pliable rubber will not affect guardrail energy absorbing qualities in the event of impact.

Typically, only 3 cuts are necessary to size and fit each mat in place. Two mats will fit a standard 75 1/2in post layout with a 4in overlap. Vulcanized rubber gaskets help ensure a snug seal around posts. For new barrier installation, mats may also be punched through.

To secure weed mats gaskets in place, use adhesive glue or nail-in with 6" galvanized ground spikes. The black urethane adhesive sealant cartridges are available in cases of 24 units. We recommend one 3/16" to 1/4" x 48" bead of adhesive sealant per mat to bond them together for optimal durability. One 10.1oz cartridge seals approximately 5 to 6 mats. If necessary, use additional sealant around guardrail posts or pavement edges.

Effective road edge ground coverage

This rubber weed block matting is a great product to create an attractive and safe perimeter for guardrails and road signs. Minimizing weed and grass growth helps improve roadway visibility to increase motorist safety. The heavy matting can also help with ground stabilization and prevent soil berms washing away.

Each standard weight 40 lbs mat provides 37 1/2" x 48" coverage, or, 1.389 square yards per mat. For each 1,000 feet of guardrail you will need 320 weed mats. Once in place, this highway weed barrier system is virtually maintenance-free.

This heavy-duty weed matting is suitable to retrofit existing roadway barriers as well as new guardrail installations. It offers a low-cost, long term weed-free solution using recycled materials with quick installation.

Reduce maintenance costs

By installing rubber matting on roadway corridors, weed and grass control is easy, fast, safer and more cost-effective to maintain. Mowing equipment can operate at a safer distance from guardrails, running parallel to mat edging. Weed mats also eliminate the need labor-intensive manual weed-eating or chemical applications under and around guardrail landscaping.

Seasonal roadside weeding maintenance programs are essential to protect the integrity and visibility of guard rails. Left unchecked, the growth of weeds can increase the risks of fire, soil erosion, and rotting wooden guardrail posts.

During manual road crew weeding activities, motorists and workers are at greater risk of harm in high speed traffic environments. Lane closures during weed abatement inconveniences motorists and impedes traffic flow.


Technical Information

Heavy-duty 100% recycled tire rubber matting measuring 43 1/2" long x 48" wide x 1/2" thick (with 1/4" thick x 48" wide x 6" overlap built-in)


Compliance Information

  • Check with your D.O.T. to determine requirements for all traffic safety devices.


Ordering and Shipping

Shipping pallet sizes are 48" x 48" x 40" tall with 60 Weed Mats per pallet (2,400 lbs. per pallet - includes pallet weight). Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 or order, shipping or more product detail questions.

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Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity

Minimum order of $100.00 (combination of any products below)

rubber roadside weed mat
rubber roadside weed mat

Weed Mat - 43.5"L x 48"W x 0.5"H
100% Recycled Rubber with built-in overlap; 6" x 4" i-Beam guardrail post hole; (3) stencil cut-outs for 8"x6" wood posts. Sold as each.
Weight: 40lbs.


$118.97 $118.97
weed mat rubber gasket
weed mat rubber gasket

Weed Mat - Post Gasket
Black vulcanized rubber with embossed post sizing stencils. Sold as each.
Dimensions: 14.35"L x 14.35"W
Weight: 3lbs.


$20.97 $20.97
weed mat rubber adhesive
weed mat rubber adhesive

Weed Mat - Rubber Adhesive Sealant
10.1oz black urethane adhesive sealant cartridge (24 cartridges/case). Sold per case.
Weight: 16lbs.


$469.97 $469.97
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