Pipe Repair Kit - Plug Type

Safely control leaking pipes with this cost effective plug repair kit

plug type pipe repair kit
plug type pipe repair kit
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Quick Overview

  • 18-piece plug-type pipe repair kit with metal carry case
  • Cost effective and easy to install pipe repair system
  • An ideal temporary solution for pipe fitting or water pipe leaks
  • Repairs leaks in open end pipes from 1/2" up to 4" dia.
  • Features 10 sizes of vented/pipe plugs and a valve fitting with hose
  • Allows piping off hazardous materials (under regulated flow) to alternate location
  • Made from plated steel fittings with neoprene SPR rubber
  • All inclusive kit - no additional installation tools necessary

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Product Information

Our Pipe Plug Repair Kit in a portable case contains everything you need to control a leaking pipe. Its assortment of pipe plugs with install tools offer a temporary solution to stop leaks in sprinkler or water pipes, gas meters, tank truck valves, and more.

Fast and easy to use, this pipe repair system lets you control potentially hazardous leaks without needing to seal off a community. It includes an assortment of 10 various size plugs (one un-vented and 9 vented) plus a valve and hose assembly to re-route hazardous materials to an alternate location, under a regulated flow. All tools and repair plugs come in a heavy duty metal case for easy storage and carrying.

Stage this leak control kit in water and sewer treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, or other locations at risk of pipe leaks. Safely repair and contain a problem leak before it gets out of hand. This kit is suitable for metal or pvc pipe repairs and can help you avoid potentially life or property threatening situations due to hazardous material leaks.

Multiple Applications

This kit is ideal for quickly plugging all types of polyurethane or metal pipes with open ends. The assortment of plug sizes will instantly seal broken or knocked-off pipes that carry fuel, chemicals, water or gas. Use the plug pipe vents for connecting the optional valve assembly and discharge hose. This allows rerouting of fluids or gas to another line, or, into a recovery container.

The plug kit may be useful during drain line cleaning or nitrogen purging operations. It's also great for first response emergency personnel and plumbers.

Combine this pipe repair kit with our other leak repair solutions including repair clamps and pipe couplings. And make sure to arm yourself with a complete range of multi-use sealants, like epoxy putty. Order replacement or additional kit repair products using the form below, under Technical Information.

Portable and Convenient

This kit lets you prepare for and act quickly to repair leaking pipes. There is no need to search for additional installation tools; everything necessary comes inside a heavy duty storage and carrying case. Our portable kit includes vented plugs to control flow in 1 to 4 inch diameter pipes, and non-vented plugs for all other pipe sizes.  

The pipe repair kit's compact size is ideal for stowing in emergency response vehicles and onsite safety cabinets. Be ready to seal pipe leaks and save valuable man hours that might otherwise be spent on a site evacuation.

Plugs are a quick, safe, and convenient solution for temporarily repairing pipes in comparison to using fiberglass tape pipe wraps or soldering. They are compatible with most pipe materials carrying drinking water, fuels, chemicals and other liquids.

Simple and Fast to Use

All necessary tools to install the plugs come with this handy pipe repair kit. Simply determine the appropriate size plug for your repair, insert it into the pipe, and tighten the nut assembly to stop flow.

The plug's neoprene rubber expands to quickly seal the leaky pipe or water line, and is also a good heat resistant sealant material. Relief vents on the plugs help to seat it during install if the pipe is under pressure.

This kit includes an optional hose and valve fitting—so you can pipe liquid materials offsite, to a recovery vehicle, or, burn it off—if necessary.

Installation Instructions

Select the proper size plug for the pipe. Tighten the nut at least 5 turns (but not more than 10) once the leak stops. To seal the vent tube, flatten the tube then fold it over and crimp the end.

If you wish to direct the leak elsewhere, assemble and connect the optional valve fitting to a plug, insert it into the pipe and tighten the nut. Slowly close and monitor the valve to make sure it is properly seated, then, install the pipe-off hose.

Make sure to hold the pipe tight with vice grips and avoid standing directly in front of the plug during install: dangerous pressure can fire the plug out like a 'loaded gun'.

For more instructions and installation diagrams, see our download sheet below under Technical Information.

Technical Information

Materials in this kit include: zinc plated steel, SBR rubber, copper, brass, and vinyl pipe-off hose.

CAUTION: This pipe repair kit is designed for use only by experienced and trained personnel and only for temporary leak control. Proper clothing, including a pair of protective gloves, must be worn during repair activities.

Find installation instructions and product details to order spare or replacement parts below:

Kit Contents



1 Red metal storage and carrying case
1 6-Piece tool pack for plug installation
1 Hose for discharge
1 Valve assembly with nipple
1 4 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 3.5 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 3 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 2.5 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 2 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 1.75 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 1.5 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 1.25 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 1 inch Vented Pipe Plug
1 3/4 inch Pipe Plug



Ordering & Shipping

Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have any questions about our pipe repair products. We also offer a number of other related products for emergency leak repairs. All our kits are made in, and ship from, the United States.

WarningWARNING: This repair kit can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Pricing and Order

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AC1EC pipe repair kit plugs and case
AC1EC pipe repair kit plugs and case

Pipe Repair Kit – Plug Type Repair. See parts list above. Weight 35 lbs.

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