Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads & Rolls

A unique polypropylene backing prevents liquids from leaking through this quick wicking absorbent pad.

cleanup absorbent pads
cleanup absorbent pads
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Quick Overview

  • Two styles: Polybacked absorbent pads or rolls.
  • Made with two layers of fine fiber polypropylene bonded around a meltblown core.
  • Impenetrable, chemical-resistant poly backing.
  • Protects your hands and floor from most liquids.
  • Tear resistant and retains its shape even when completely saturated.
  • Perforated to save you money - use only what you need.
  • Absorbs all liquids including oil & water based liquids.
    • From $73.99

Product Information

Our Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads with a non-penetrable backing keeps shops cleaner and safer by preventing oil and other spills and leaks from contacting the floor.

Patented layers use a highly absorbent cellulose core to lock in liquids. These disposable absorbent floor pads will withstand hot oil up to 210 degrees F. Strong, durable construction eliminates risk of pad falling apart or tearing.

These Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads are designed for all work areas and eliminate the need for expensive shop rags or laundered towel services. These absorbent pads for spills, made with a patented process, absorb water, greases, oils and other mechanical fluids plus they are easily disposable.

Professional automotive and boat mechanics and weekend home mechanics alike will appreciate the versatility, performance and exceptional absorbency of pad for even the toughest jobs.

  • Consistent Quality: Unlike shop rags, these disposable absorbent floor pads are new, clean, and consistently the same size, shape and material.
  • Disposable: Eliminates the need to launder shop rags. Quick absorption and easy disposal keeps shops and employee uniforms cleaner.
  • Environmentally Sound: Spill absorbent pads help reduce the risk of oil degrading water quality through runoff from vehicle and boat maintenance by absorbing spilled oil, water, and other environmentally offensive fluids.
  • These disposable absorbent floor pads are effective for all maintenance and clean up and provide the kind of reliability to perform through the toughest jobs:
    • On the floor to absorb spilled oil and water.
    • Under vehicles, motorcycles, outboard motors, lawn and garden equipment to absorb leaking fluids.
    • Around oil filter removal during oil changes.
    • In the bilge of a boat during servicing, preventing the need for solvent cleaning and solvents degrading interior gel coat.
    • As a protective absorbent on a workspace floor, car fender, or workbench.
    • Cleaning up oily tools and hands.

Please contact us for additional information: call (800)869-9633 or email.

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Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
Spill cleanup absorbent pads with backing, 15 in. x 19 in. pads, 50/case
Spill cleanup absorbent pads with backing, 15 in. x 19 in. pads, 50/case
Spill Cleanup Absorbent Pads with Backing.
15" X 19" PADS, 50/case, Absorbs 8 Gallons per case,
9 LBS.
$73.99 $73.99
Spill cleanup absorbent pads with backing, 30 in. x 100 ft. roll
Spill cleanup absorbent pads with backing, 30 in. x 100 ft. roll
Spill Cleanup Absorbent Roll with Backing.
30" X 100' ROLL.
Absorbs 18 Gallons per roll,  20 LBS.
$144.99 $144.99


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