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Eagle Faucet Cans, Lift Oil Drain Cans, Tallow Oil Cans

Dispensing oils and solvents requires a variety of specialty cans.

Eagle's assortment of safety cans include these convenient faucet cans, oil drain pans for lifts and tallow cans for smaller quantity of oils.

Lift oil drain pans make changing vehicle oil on a lift super simple. No more splashing and causing more cleanup than necessary.

An optional Dolly is available separately.

5 Gallon Faucet and Oil Drain cans are made of galvanized steel coated in bright red paint. Optionally, there is a stainless steel model available. Tallow oil cans are blue and are a 4 pint capacity. Check our chemical compatibility guide. for performance with your chemical type.

Please do not hesitate to call 800-869-9633 with any questions you may have.

You may also email us with your questions.

Quick Overview

  • Galvanized Steel Containers
  • Brightly Colored Red for Easy Identification
  • Top Quality Stainless Steel also available
  • Stainless steel valves on all faucet cans
  • Valve is self closing
  • Prevent splashes and cleanup with Lift Cans
  • Dispense fluids safely and easily
  • OSHA Compliant
  • FM Approved
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick, affordable delivery


Technical Info

Long lasting galvanized construction means years of trouble free usage. Resistant to most chemicals but, check our chemical compatibility guide for more info.


Compliance Info

Our metal gas cans help you keep in compliance with fuel container storage regulation. Compliance: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106, 1926.152 and NFPA Code 30

Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
eagle faucet cans
5 Gallon - Faucet Can - Outside 12-1/2" Wide x 13-1/2" Deep - Capacity 5 gallons - Color Red - Material Galvanized - Brass Fauct - Weight 12 lbs (dw 13)- Ships UPS 140.97
Others Charge:
eagle faucet cans
5 Gallon - Faucet Cans - Outside 11-1/4" Wide x 15-7/8" Deep - Capacity 5 gallons - Color Stainless - Material Stainless - ECO Fauct with teflon gasket - Weight 9 lbs (dw 14) - Ships UPS 435.97
Others Charge:
eagle oil drain pan cans
5 Gallon - Lift Oil Drain Can - Outside 11-1/4" Wide x 38" Deep when telescoping tube lowered. Has 11-1/2" funnel and telescoping tube extends to 66" height - Thumbscrew for setting tube height - Capacity 5 gallons - Color Red - Material Coated Metal - Weight 10 lbs (dw 35) - Ships UPS 87.97
Others Charge:
eagle oil can dolly
Dolly for Item AO605E Lift Oil Drain Can - Weight 10 lbs (dw 10) - Ships UPS 34.97
Others Charge:
eagle tallow can oiler
4 Pint - Tallow Pot Can- Oiler - Outside 5-1/4" Wide x 7-1/2" Deep - Capacity 4 pints - Color Blue - Material Coated Metal - With top bail handle and top cap chain - Weight 2 lbs (dw 3) - Ships UPS 39.97
Others Charge:


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