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Wringer for Absorbents - Roll Rack for Absorbent Rolls

Hand Wringers For Absorbents

Wringer For Absorbents

Description: Our hand wringer is made with heavy steel construction. Its collection tray fits over a closed-head 55-gallon drum and allows liquid to flow into the drum. An EPA report on absorbent recycling concludes that a wringer could pay for itself in 2.8 to 5 weeks with an annual savings of 51% to 75% on absorbents and disposal costs.

Uses: Recover up to 90% of absorbed fluids from most sorbent mats, towels or rags. Ideal for use in plants, spill clean-up services, and car washes. Save by reusing your absorbent pads. The wringer model works with flat absorbent pads, towels, as well as absorbent socks. An electric motor option is also available for this wringer. Additional product information on order page.

Roll Rack Stands

roll racks for absorbent rolls

Description: Adjustable width horizontal A-Frame dispenser rack for absorbent rolls. Free standing unit with rust-resistant steel construction. Fits all rolls 15" and 30" wide. Can be assembled in minutes.

Uses: Keep rolls of absorbents clean, dry, tidy and off messy shop floors. Have easy access to absorbent rolls when you need them. Additional product information on order page.

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