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How to select the right Spill Containment Trays for your business

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With our large selection of plastic spill trays you are sure to find the solution you are looking for. Our selection of trays range from counter sizes to 55 gallon drum trays. These spill containment trays can be used to serve dozens of purposes throughout your facility. Uses such as:

  • Containment of leaks from machinery, equipment or vehicles
  • Containment of spills when working with liquids
  • Use when cleaning or repairing parts
  • For small parts storage
  • Under liquids such as paint, chemicals and gasoline containers on storage shelves/racks
  • Under batteries to contain acid leaks when charging or holding for disposal
  • Under containers when transporting them
  • Use to transport parts, tools or maintenance supplies

These plastic spill trays are made of either polyethylene, PVC or HDPE making them very durable and long lasting. Many of the trays we carry are nestable for easy storage when not in use, have flat bottoms and will not rust or corrode. Because the spill containment trays are plastic they are very easy to clean.

We have broken down our spill containment trays into three types:

  • Utility Trays — which come in a large number of sizes with sidewalls from 2” to 4.75”. Along with the standard type utility tray made with polyethylene, we have a special tray for under racks to contain leaks as well as a new portable model that folds up for easy storage on shelves or in vehicles.
  • Spill Trays — look like mini spill pallets because they can come with grates. They can also be purchased without grates. These trays can be used for small containers on up to 55 gallon drums. A unique thing about two of these plastic spill trays is there is an optional dolly making it easy to move containers around.
  • Lab Trays — easily fit on work benches or tables and are ideal for handling smaller containers in laboratories, testing areas, medical facilities or pharmacies.

Be sure the plastic spill trays you select are compatible with the liquids you use at your facility. A chemical compatibility list can be found on the product pages. Please feel free to contact us by email or toll free (800) 869-9633 with any questions.

Utility Trays

utility trays

We carry a complete line of utility trays to cover all needs you may have. Two are made of polyethylene for general use and for under racks. Our flexible model is made of 18 ounce PVC so it folds up for easy storage. All models can be easily cleaned and will last for years.

Uses: There are many, many uses for utility trays. Use them to catch drips from machinery or vehicles, when transferring liquid from one container to another and you can store containers on utility trays so if they leak they do not run all over. Used to keep spills and drips off your floors.

Spill Trays


Our small spill trays are like mini spill pallets because the can be used with grates if you choose. They are made with durable heavy duty polyethylene. Grates are optional. Ideal for containing spills and drips from small containers, batteries and drums up to 55 gallon size. The one, two and 4 drum spill trays do not have grates but are made with heavy duty polyethylene to hold up to 5000 pounds.

Uses: Use these spill trays for buckets, gas cans, batteries, single drums and dry cleaning waste containers to collect spills. Also ideal for containing leaks when working on machine parts. The large one, two and four drum spill trays are ideal for use when moving drums or for when you have a refilling or cleaning project and you need to keep spills off the floor.

Lab Trays

lab trays

With our large selection of low cost lab trays you should have plenty on hand at all times. The models we carry are the perfect size for your counter tops or shelving. Spills and leaks are easily controlled. Besides traditional lab trays we also have a containment tray with grates as well as a unique item, the table top spill containment berm.

Uses: Lab trays are used in medical, research and testing facilities on counter tops. Used in industrial facilities and mechanic shops when repairing or cleaning small parts. Because they are low cost, easy to clean and nestable you can keep them on hand for under chemicals or batteries stored on shelves and to contain leaks or drips.

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