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Our single drum pallet is constructed of high-density polyethylene. If your business expands and you have a need for more drum pallets this unit works in conjunction with our 2, 4 or more Modular Secondary Spill Pallets.

This drum pallet is very durable and resistant to corrosion. The poly grates can be removed for cleaning. Optional ramps are available for easy placement and removal of drums.

The round drum tray comes with the optional dolly (item A1618SDE) and can be ordered with a grate (item A1615SDE) makes moving drums a breeze. It is ideal for under drums when dispensing or filling is being done. Holds 30 gallon or 55 gallon drums. The optional dolly has three inch castors. The tray is made of heavy duty polyethylene.

A fluorinated single drum pallet is also available for chlorinated solvents and other aggressive chemicals that may not be compatible with standard polyethylene. These pallets are treated with a fluorination gas process that alters the surface of regular polyethylene so it becomes compatible with aggressive chemicals.These pallets are color coded in a light blue color indicating they are fluorinated. Larger two and four drum spill pallets for aggressive chemicals can be found here.

Our other mobile dispensing cart will handle 30, 55 or 95 gallon drums. Also made of polyethylene, it has 5 three inch castors that swivel for maximum maneuverability, stability and load capacity. Two of the castors are lockable. The poly push pull handle has a vertical locking port. This dolly has no grating. It has a sump capacity of 12 gallons.

Our newest single drum product is the 3 in One Containment/Cart which can be used for drum handling, drum dispensing and spill containment. All in one unit. This polyethylene unit can handle 55 gallon or 30 gallon drums. A nylon strap is included to keep drums secure. Designed ergonomically so you can safely move drums. Large 10" wheels make moving drums a breeze. The sump capacity is 66 gallons which meets SPCC and EPA regulations. A sound investment for meeting regulation requirements while having the advantage of dispensing product and moving product at the same time.

These one drum pallet solutions are ideal for small business. If you are a small manufacturing concern, a mechanics shop or restaurant, these low cost one drum pallet products can help you comply with federal, state and local regulations. Pease feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our drum pallets.

All of these pallets help you meet SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC Spill Containment Regulations. See Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.

For our High Density Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Guide click here. Guide listing chemicals the fluorinated pallets have been tested for can be found here


Quick Overview

  • Mobile units ideal when dispensing fluids at different locations throughout facility
  • Helps you comply with EPA requirements
  • Heavy duty polyethylene construction
  • Chemical resistant and rust proof
  • Easy cleaning with removable, 1.75" square poly grating openings
  • Heavy duty 3" casters
  • Impact durability for long life
  • Can handle various drum sizes up to 55 gallon
  • Usually ships within 48 hours
  • Our competition cannot beat our low pricing and customer service on spill control pallets


Technical Info

Polyethylene construction
Patented removable poly grating with 1.75" openings
Dimensions, sump capacity, load capacity and weights for each product noted below in Description.
Optional poly pallet ramp for item 1633 only
High Density Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Guide


Compliance Info

40 CFR 264.175
See Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.
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Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
single drum spill pallet
1- Drum Pallet, Dimensions - 26"x26"x6.5", Sump Capacity -12 gallons, No Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 2000 lbs, Weight each - 16 lbs $ 79.97 Suggested
single drum flourinated pallet
1- Drum Fluorinated Pallet Color - Light Blue - For Agressive Chemicals, Dimensions - 25-7/8"x25-7/8"x5.75", Sump Capacity -11 gallons, No Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug Load Capacity - 1500 lbs, Weight each - 23 lbs $217.97 Suggested
1 drum pallet without grate
1-DRUM TRAY - Without Grate, Dimensions - 31"Diameter x 6"High, Sump Capacity -10 gallons, No Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 30 & 50 gal drums, Weight each - 20 lbs
Optional Dolly for tray is Item A1618SDE below
$ 57.97 Suggested
1 drum pallet with grate
1-DRUM TRAY - With Grate, Dimensions - 31" Diameter x 6" High, Sump Capacity - 10 gallons, No For Pocket/No Drain Plug. Load Capacity - 30 & 55 gal drums, Weight each - 24 lbs
Optional Dolly for tray is Item A1618SDE below
$ 72.97 Suggested
drum tray dolly
DRUM Tray Dolly For Items A1614SDE & A1615SDE Only, Dimensions - 31"x 7", Sump Capacity -N/A, N/A Fork Pocket/ N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - N/A - 3" castors, Weight each - 32 lbs $ 99.97 Suggested
single drum containment cart truck
3 in ONE Single DRUM Containment/Cart, Drum Cart/Drum Dispensing/Drum Spill Containment, Dimensions - 32"x 72-1/2"x27", Sump Capacity -66 gallons, N/A Fork Pocket/ N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 600 lbs- 10" wheels, Weight each - 120 lbs (tare) $674.97
Others Charge:
single drum dolly cart bogie
Single Drum Cart (Bogie), Dimensions - 31.75" basin diameter (35.75" OAW) x 9"H basin (42"OAH), Sump Capacity -12 gallons, N/A Fork Pocket/ N/A Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 1375 lbs. Weight each - 30 lbs $ 151.97 Suggested
spill pallet ramp
Pallet Ramp for Spill Control Pallets For Item A1633SDE Only, Dimensions - 45.5"x32"x8", Load Capacity - 1500 lbs, Weight each - 32 lbs $ 140.97 Suggested

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