Acid Neutralizer

Prepare your job site for acid spills with acid neutralizer products and kits

Acid Neutralizer Powder

acid absorbent neutralizer

Description: This eco-friendly dry powder neutralizes, solidifies, and absorbs acid spills for safe and easy clean up. Color change indicates pH neutralization. Available in different container types and sizes including carton, bag, bucket, pail or drum.

Uses: Apply neutralizer direct to acid spills. Ideal for cleaning up battery acid leaks and spill response for sites handling or storing acids. Prevents damage that acids can cause to equipment and property. See more information on order page.

Battery Acid Spill Kits

Battery Acid Spill Kit For Acid Spills

Description: Three kit sizes contain neutralizers and safety equipment to clean up hazardous battery acid or chemical spills. Includes pads, socks, liquid or dry acid neutralizers to absorb and sweep up small to large spills. Features easily portable and highly visible storage containers.

Uses: Ideal for retail battery outlets, automotive repair garages, forklift storage areas, battery storage warehouses and facilities that have large batteries for backup. Strategically place these kits for quick spill response.

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