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Prepare your job site for acid spills with acid neutralizer products and kits

Types of Acid Neutralizers

We offer several specialty products to neutralize car battery acid or other types of acid spills. The following equipment assists with the safe clean up and disposal of workplace acid leaks and spills:

  • Acid Neutralizer Powders »
    Available in 2lb shaker cartons up to 55-gallon drums. Apply this free-flowing granular sorbent directly onto acid spills. The environmentally-friendly powder changes color when neutralization is complete. This product is very easy to use and aids quick clean up because the powder solidifies as it absorbs acid spills.
  • Acid Spill Neutralizer Socks and Pillows »
    A great option for larger spills, these neutralizers absorb liquid acids for fast and efficient response. Wrap socks around the spill location or apply absorbent pillows directly onto acid. Pillows also make economical drip pan liners in battery charging stations. These solutions are perfect for laboratories and production facilities handling large chemical volumes like nitric, phosphoric, or hydrochloric acids.
  • Battery Acid Neutralizer Liquid »
    Wet, color-indicating neutralizer formula provides quick and convenient dispensing with a trigger spray bottle. Apply the solution directly onto small acid spills, crevices, uneven surfaces and equipment for efficient cleaning. It also aids grease or grime removal from lead-acid batteries and terminals by gently scrubbing with an old toothbrush or wire brush.
  • Battery Acid Spill Kits »
    Choose from 3 sizes of box, bucket, or drum kits. Comes with dry or liquid acid neutralizers. These portable kits are a good option for large batteries in automobile repair shops, and battery retailers or storage facilities. All kits include protective gloves, goggles as well as absorbents and other essential cleaning equipment for safe battery disposal.

Learn more about Acid Neutralizing Safety below.

Acid Neutralizer Liquid

acid neutralizer liquid

Description: This acid neutralizing and degreaser liquid changes color upon pH neutralization. It is ideal to use on battery acid spills and to keep equipment clean of corrosion. Comes in four container options, including an easy application pump trigger spray bottle.

Uses: Spray directly onto equipment to neutralize battery-acid spills and clean up. Use this degreaser with a non-sparking brush to remove acid or corrosion from battery cases, terminals and other machinery. View more details on order page.

Acid Neutralizer Powder

acid absorbent neutralizer

Description: This eco-friendly dry powder neutralizes, solidifies, and absorbs acid spills for safe and easy clean up. Color change indicates pH neutralization. Available in different container types and sizes including carton, bag, bucket, pail or drum.

Uses: Apply neutralizer direct to acid spills. Ideal for cleaning up battery acid leaks and spill response for sites handling or storing acids. Prevents damage that acids can cause to equipment and property. See more information on order page.

Acid Spill Neutralizer Socks and Pillows

acid spill neutralizing absorbent socks and pillows

Description: No-mess socks and pillows with chemical-resistant fabric shell. Neutralizing filling quickly absorbs and solidifies acid spills. Color change indicator lets you know when neutralization is complete for safer handling and disposal.

Uses: Wedge under/around battery charging racks and other equipment to catch leaks. Use pillows as economical drip pan liners, or, toss into action for spill clean up. Stage in research labs, chemical processing facilities and acid storage areas for fast acid spill response. Find more information on product order page.

Battery Acid Spill Kits

Battery Acid Spill Kit For Acid Spills

Description: Three kit sizes contain neutralizers and safety equipment to clean up hazardous battery acid or chemical spills. Includes pads, socks, liquid or dry acid neutralizers to absorb and sweep up small to large spills. Features easily portable and highly visible storage containers.

Uses: Ideal for retail battery outlets, automotive repair garages, forklift storage areas, battery storage warehouses and facilities that have large batteries for backup. Strategically place these kits for quick spill response.

How to neutralize battery acids and 13 other acids

Acid Neutralizing Safety

Because acids are extreme irritants, great care is necessary during acid spill response to avoid injury. Always wear protective gear such as an apron, eye protection and protective gloves when cleaning up acid spills. A face shield can prevent breathing acid mist and direct contact with eyes or skin. Our battery acid spill kits include basic personal protective equipment (PPE) such as goggles and nitrile rubber gloves.

The acid neutralization process generates foaming gases and heat. Wait until fizzing settles, the materials cool, and change back to purple color so you know they are safe to pick up and handle for disposal. After cleaning up a spill, label and place neutralized materials in a leak-proof plastic bag or container. Be sure to dispose of all acid spill materials in accordance with federal and state regulations.

It is a good idea to rinse the spill site with clean water as a final step to the cleaning process.

Why Use Specialty Acid Neutralizers?

Acids are corrosive, aggressive, and can easily cause damage to equipment, property or personnel. Leaks from large batteries will quickly deteriorate parts that the acid comes into contact with. A car battery leak will cause corrosion to surrounding battery terminals, battery cables as well as chargers. So it's important to completely clean all acid residue from a spill and leak site before placing a new battery into a vehicle or equipment.

Specialty acid spill products offer superior neutralizing performance in comparison to baking soda and regular paper towels. Not only are ash/baking soda non-absorbent, the vigorous fizzing reaction with acids can cause an asphyxiating carbon dioxide cloud.

The color change indicator in our acid neutralizers ensures you know when a spill is neutralized and safe to handle. They will not leave any white residues behind on the spill site like sodas can.

Know Your Acid Compound

Acid types and formats vary from powders, such as citric or chromic acid,⁠ to liquids like acetic and formic acid. Some acids are more aggressive than others. The pH scale offers a measure of a substance's acidity or basicity. For example, nitric or sulfuric acid (pH 0) leaks pose a much higher risk in comparison to simple lemon juice and white vinegar (pH 2).

Therefore, the leaking battery in a car presents a more dangerous hazard than leaky alkaline batteries. Small charging cells like an AA battery typically contain viscous potassium hydroxide (a base of pH 11). Car batteries most commonly use sulfuric acid, a syrupy liquid, which our products will safely neutralize.

Before purchasing any neutralizer, it is important to determine the types of acids you have or use on site. This will ensure you have the correct product on hand to address potential acid leaks.

Acid Compatibility

The following acids have been tested and found to be safe with our neutralizing compounds:

  • Acetic Acid—Glacial
  • Lactic Acid
  • Chromic Acid
  • Lauric Acid / Eion
  • Citric Acid
  • Maistic Acid
  • Formic Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Nitric Acid
  • Sulfuric Acid (Battery Acid)
  • Nitric Acid—Red Fuming
  • Nitric Acid—White Fuming

Please note:
Our neutralizer products are not chemically compatible with hydrofluoric acid or most other strong oxidizers.

Please contact us if you require advice or have a question about any of our acid neutralizing products.

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