Drum Patch Kit

Quickly patch & plug drums with this universal leak control repair kit

drum patch kit
drum patch kit
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drum patch kitladder patch repairsurface bolt drum patchdrum repair t-patchdrum hole plug pattie patchlead wool drum repairfix stix tank patch
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Quick Overview

  • 45+ piece drum patch kit for emergency response leak control
  • Includes large assortment of various plugs, patches, putty and tape
  • Seals small to large cracks, gashes, holes and punctures in drums
  • Patches even difficult holes/cracks including tank edges or supports
  • Choose between standard stainless steel and non-sparking tool pack
  • All drum repair kit equipment & tools come in a metal storage carry case
  • A must-have item for all drum storage area spill kits

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Product Information

Use our 45+ piece Drum Patch Kit to quickly repair punctures, surface rotting, gashes, holes—and more—in plastic or steel drums, IBC and safety cans. Contents include various putties, tape, plugs, lead wood, screw patches and other sealants inside a metal toolbox for easy storage and portability. It also comes with all necessary installation tools, with either standard steel or non-sparking hand tools for sites with combustible/flammable drum contents.

It is a more comprehensive option to our kits for Drum Leaks or Emergency Repairs; this version contains new products and features including offset Patches, T-Bolt and Taper Surface plugs as well as a 3/4in foam backing Ladder Patch (instead of 1/4in hard rubber). The kit contents enable patching even difficult holes like those close to the edge of tanks or supports, and any cracks toggle wings won't fit into.

These kits are a must-have for first responders to drum leak spill containment emergencies. Keep one on hand near to drum racks, IBC totes, overpacks, and any other large container/drum storage areas with hazardous materials.

Non-Sparking Tool Pack Option

This kit is available with either a standard stainless steel or non-sparking tool pack. The non-sparking safety tools are made of aluminum and bronze and offer protection from sparks that may cause a fire or explosion. Non-sparking hand tools also have non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant properties.

For industrial or high technology environments containing flammable and hazardous materials, the non-sparking safety tools are an ideal emergency response option. Non-sparking tools are a safer solution for any material handling site where combustible solvents, gasses or residues are present.

Kit Parts and Uses


  • Barrier Tape: Hang bright yellow caution tape to restrict access during leak repair activities.
  • Hot or Cold Hose Tape: For optimal application, use on clean and dry surfaces prior to repairing smaller holes, pipes and hoses.


  • Lead Wool: Use a screwdriver or knife to pack into, and repair, hairline cracks, stress fractures, welds, or connections.
  • Fix-Stix Epoxy Putty: Works on small holes and cracks with almost all wet/dry surface types including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and more. Hardens like steel with a 20 minute cure time and is suitable for fuel tanks, pipes, drum faucets, flanges, and potable water tank repairs.
  • Plug-N-Dike Plug Pattie: This putty material forms an immediate seal over holes and requires no curing time or surface preparation. It adheres to dirty, rusty or greasy surfaces.


  • Wood Wedges/Plugs: Jam one or more wooden plug/wedge (with an optional absorbent pad) into a hole using the rubber mallet safety hammer. The materials expand to fill holes and seal leaks.
  • Ball Plugs: For use on deeply concave surfaces, by inserting the toggle through the hole and tightening its wind nut until you restrict the leak.
  • Taper Surface Plugs with Offset T-Bolts: Attach the same way as a ball plug, on flat or slightly curved surface areas.


  • Offset T Patches: Ideal for holes and cracks near tank edges as well as irregular shape gashes or elongated skin breaks. The wide surface area has a generous 1/4" thick neoprene pad on the facing and stiff, curved stainless steel back-up plate. Use the same application as a ball plug except the T-bolt straddles the crack.
  • Offset Twin T Patch: Assemble patch so it will fit the medium to large size hole, using one or both of the T bolts in the appropriate position to seal the leak.
  • Screw Patches: These stainless steel sheet metal patches have neoprene compression seals to restrict and stop flow and are Ideal for pinholes. Take care not to screw too tight and strip the hole during installation.
  • Ladder Patch/Straps: Wrap straps around the leaking vessel, position over the top of the soft foam backing patch and its wooden support ladder, then tighten the strap buckles to secure everything in place.
  • Neoprene/Foam/Sorbent Pads: These items are useful as additional gasket sealant materials to assist with repairs.


  • Rubber mallet/drift pin: Use to round holes prior to patching. The mallet also helps drive wooden plugs (with or without absorbent pad wrapping) into repair sites.
  • Hand tools: Screwdrivers, safety hammer rubber mallet and pliers in this kit enable quick installation of all repair materials. Choose between a standard stainless steel, or, non-sparking tool pack for repairs to drums with combustible/flammable contents.


Technical Information

  • This kit is intended for use by trained/experienced Hazmat personnel.
  • Use for temporary spill control only until container disposal, or, permanent repair is possible.
  • Always ensure proper protective clothing is worn during any repair operation.
  • Before use, always identify the chemical you are working with and know its compatibility with the neoprene, rubber, and stainless/plated steels materials in the kit components.

Kit Contents



1 Red, heavy-duty metal storage and carrying case (8" x 8" x 18")
1 OSHA-approved roll of barricade tape (200’)
1 Stainless steel plate with foam compression seal (8" x 12")
3 Offset stainless steel T-bolts for 8" x 12" plate (with pre-assembled wing-nut washer combos)
1 3/4" Foam backing patch with hardwood cribbing support ladder (8" x 12")
2 Heavy-duty nylon straps with ratchet buckles & rubber coated hooks (22')
2 Toggle-bolt ball plugs (#1 and #3)
4 Offset Toggle-bolt taper surface plugs (#8, #10, #11.5 and #13.5)
4 T-Bolt surface plugs (#8, #10, #11.5 and #13.5)
2 Stainless steel and neoprene T-bolt crack patches (#1 and #3)
2 Offset T-Patches (#1 and #3)
5 Self-tapping sheet metal screw patches with neoprene compression seals (#6, #8, #10, #12, #14)
9 Assorted pre-shaped wooden wedge plugs
1 Tube Fix-Stix epoxy putty
1 Plug-N-Dike (PND) Plug Pattie (10oz)
1 Lead wool pack (2oz)
1 Hot/cold hose repair tape
1 Absorbent pad (18" x 18")
1 Solid neoprene material foam patch gasket (8” x 12”)
1 1/4" Foam (18" x 22")
1 Drift pin (steel or non-sparking)
1 (ea.) Rubber mallet safety hammer, pliers and screwdriver tools (steel or non-sparking) for patch installation

Additional Product Information:

Download more information, instructions, and find individual part numbers to re-order replacement kit items below:

Compliance Information

Ordering & Shipping

Purchase your heavy-duty fuel tank repair kit from AbsorbentsOnline.com today! Please contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 if you have any general, or, checkout, order and shipping questions.

WarningWARNING: This patch kit can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
AA1-NSEC drum patch kit (non-sparking tools)
AA1-NSEC drum patch kit (non-sparking tools)

Drum Patch Kit – For Drums and Tanks
Non-Sparking Tools. See parts list above. Weight 35 lbs.

Others Charge
Others Charge
AA1EC drum patch kit (regular tools)
AA1EC drum patch kit (regular tools)

Drum Patch Kit – For Drums and Tanks
Regular Tools. See parts list above. Weight 35 lbs.

Others Charge
Others Charge
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