1 to 8 Drum Modular Spill Pallets

Secondary Spill Containment Pallets

Modular Platform Secondary Spill Pallets for Drum Storage

Our Secondary Spill Containment Pallets and workstations are easy to load with the low profile design and optional ramp. Usually drums can be loaded off a wooden pallet on to these containment pallets. There is no need to worry about incidental spills at you facility from drums in storage when you have them stored on our spill pallets.

One piece construction optimizes space for increased durability, safety and efficiency. Ample sump capacity in each spill pallet. This secondary containment product is perfect for use as a dispensing station, for storage or as a work center. Each Secondary Spill Containment Pallet Workstation is designed for stand alone use or can be combined with other spill pallets for a customized work area.

Tough polyethylene construction, cannot rust or corrode. These low-profile modular spill pallets actually become part of your factory floor, optimizing space for increased safety and efficiency. Makes drum loading a snap. Multi-purpose pallet ramp hooks onto any workstation for easy loading.

Heavy-duty removable poly grates included for easy cleaning. These secondary spill containment pallets do not have drain plugs.

The 6.5" height of all of the spill pallets listed below allow for multiple options for a modular design. You can easily connect each pallet with the built in U-channel. When you purchase these pallets you have the flexibility to expand your drum storage needs in the future as needed.

For chemical compatiblility see our High Density Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Guide.

These products help you comply with regulation 40 CFR 264.175. See the Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.



Quick Overview

  • Low profile (6.5") for easy placement and removal of drums
  • Flexible modular system so you can add spill pallets as your needs increase.
  • Helps you comply with EPA requirements
  • Heavy duty polyethylene construction
  • Chemical resistant and rust proof
  • Easy cleaning with removable, strong, patented poly grating
  • Easily load and unload drums with optional low profile, high density polyethylene ramp
  • Spill pallets can be arranged in an endless number of configurations
  • High load capacity
  • Ample sump capacity
  • Usually ships within 48 hours
  • Optional Poly Ramp Available
  • Patented removal poly grating
  • Top quality secondary spill containment pallets at low prices


Technical Info

Polyethylene construction
Patented removal poly grating
Dimensions, sump capacity, load capacity and weights for each pallet noted below in discription
Optional poly pallet ramp for 2,4,6 and 8 drum modular spill pallets
High Density Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Guide


Compliance Info

40 CFR 264.175
See Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.


Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
1- Drum Modular Spill Pallet Dimensions - 26.25"wx26"dx6.5"h, Sump Capacity -12 gallons, No Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 2000 lbs, Weight each - 16 lbs, Works in conjunction with models 1632 and 1634, 1689 Ramp does not work with this model $ 76.99
2-DRUM Modular Spill Pallet Dimensions - 26.25"x51.5"x6.5", Sump Capacity -30 gallons, Yes Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 5000 lbs, Weight each - 32 lbs
New Improved Design
$ 138.99
4-DRUM Modular Spill Pallet Dimensions - 51.5"x51.5"x6.5", Sump Capacity -30 gallons Per Side, Yes Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 10000 lbs, Weight each - 65 lbs
New Improved Design
$ 247.99
6-DRUM Modular Spill Pallet Dimensions - 77"x30.51.5"x6.5", Sump Capacity -88 gallons, No Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 8000 lbs, Weight each - 85 lbs $ 465.99

8-DRUM Modular Spill Pallet Dimensions - 102"x51.5"x6.5", Sump Capacity -90 gallons, No Fork Pocket/ No Drain Plug, Load Capacity - 10000 lbs, Weight each - 112 lbs $ 556.99


Pallet Ramp for Modular Spill Pallets, Dimensions - 45.5"x32"x8", Load Capacity - 1500 lbs, Weight each - 32 lbs $140.97


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