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New Flexible and Rack Containment Models Available

Utility trays have multiple uses. Use them when mixing liquids or transferring product from one container to another. Place under equipment, machines or vehicles when working on them for spill containment. Use under product on storage shelves to prevent a possible leak from running all over the place.

Polyethylene Trays. Our most popular utility trays are made with polyethylene. They are a heavy duty material that will not corrode or rust. Our most economical tray is only two inches high and comes in one size, 18" x 36". It is yellow in color.

Our 4.75" high trays are available in six sizes and are nestable so they take up very little storage space. They are black in color and have ribbed bottoms for elevation of containers so they are not sitting in any spilled material.

Flexible Utility Trays. This is a new model we have just added to our line. Also available in six sizes this tray comes rolled up for easy storage on shelves, on equipment or in vehicles. This one piece unit is simply unrolled and then unfolded. It is made of 18 ounce PVC fabric that is a safety yellow color. Compatible with most chemicals.

Rack Containment Trays. If you have palletized drums, buckets or other containers on racks that could leak, this is the tray you should be using. It has a low profile of 2 3/4 inches so it will easily slide under pallet shelving. If a leak occurs you simply slide the tray out and clean up the mess. The leak is collected in the tray, not running all over the floor and into the aisle. Helps to prevent slip and falls. This containment tray is made of tough polyethylene and is black in color. With the unique tray connector, this system can be expanded to fit your needs.

Other types of spill containment trays we carry that may fit your needs can be found on the main category page. Be sure to purchase absorbent pads to make the clean up of your utility trays a breeze.

Quick Overview

  • Heavy duty polyethylene or PVC
  • Easy to store
  • Will not corrode or rust
  • Ribbed bottom on polyethylene models
  • Nestable
  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Colors black or yellow
  • Connectable model for under racks
  • Flexible PVC model for easy storage


Technical Info

Polyethylene or PVC construction
Containers in pictures not included

High Density Polyethylene Chemical Resistance Guide

PVC Chemical Compatibility Guide


Compliance Info

See Federal Regulatory Compliance Summaries here.
PVC Chemical Compatibility Chart


Pricing & Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
utility tray
18"x36"x2" - Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 5 gallons - Outside Dimensions 18.8"x37.5"x2.5" -Weight 6lbs 25.99
Others Charge:
lab tray
18"x36"x2" - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 5 gallons - Outside Dimensions 18.8 "x37.5 "x2.5 " - Weight 6lbs 25.99
Others Charge:
utility trays
12"x48"x4.75" Inside Dimensions - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 12 gallons - Outside Dimensions 16.25"x52.25"x5" - Weight 7lbs 52.97
Others Charge:
black utility tray
24"x48"x4.75" Inside Dimensions - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 24 gallons - Outside Dimensions 28.25"x52.25"x5" - Weight 11lbs 69.97
Others Charge:
30 gallon utility tray
30"x48"x4.75" Inside Dimensions - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 30 gallons - Outside Dimensions 33.25"x52.25"x5" - Weight 12lbs 101.97
Others Charge:
18 gallon utility tray
24"x36"x4.75" Inside Dimensions - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 18 gallons - Outside Dimensions 28.25"x40.25"x5" - Weight 8 lbs 64.97
Others Charge:
27 gallon black utility trays
36"x36"x4.75" Inside Dimensions - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 27 gallons - Outside Dimensions 40"x40"x5" - Weight 11 lbs 81.97
Others Charge:
black 30 gallon tray
40"x48"x3.5" Inside Dimensions - Utility Tray - Color Black - Holds 30 gallons - Outside Dimensions 44"x52"x4" - Weight 14 lbs 125.97
Others Charge:
yellow utility tray
12"x12"x4.75" - Flexible Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 1.5 gallons - Weight 2 lbs 43.97
Others Charge:
5 gal yellow tray
18"x18"x4.75" - Flexible Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 5 gallons - Weight 2 lbs 48.97
Others Charge:
yellow flexible utility tray
24"x24"x4.75" - Flexible Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 6.5 gallons - Weight 3 lbs 56.97
Others Charge:
yellow 9 gallon tray
30"x30"x4.75" - Flexible Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 9 gallons - Weight 4 lbs 71.97
Others Charge:
yellow 17 gallon tray
42"x42"x4.75" - Flexible Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 17 gallons - Weight 5 lbs 85.97
Others Charge:
20 gallon tray
48"x48"x4.75" - Flexible Utility Tray - Color Yellow - Holds 20 gallons - Weight 6 lbs 98.97
Others Charge:
utility trays
Single Tray - Rack Containment Trays - 23 1/2"x44"x2.3/4"deep - Color Black - Capacity 8 gallons - Weight 8 lbs 52.97
Others Charge:
utility trays
Two Tray System With Connector - Rack Containment Trays - 48"x44"x2.3/4"deep - Color Black - Capacity 16 gallons - Weight 17 lbs 127.97
Others Charge:
utility trays
Three Tray System With Two Connectors - Rack Containment Trays - 72"x44"x2.3/4"deep - Color Black - Capacity 24 gallons - Weight 27 lbs 199.97
Others Charge:
utility trays
Connector For Trays - Rack Containment Trays - 44"long - Color Black - Weight 4 lbs 21.97
Others Charge:


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