Secondary Spill Containment Pallet In-line Poly Spill Pallet 3000

In-line Poly Spill Pallet 3000

In-line Poly Spill Pallet 3000

You'll be surprised how much new space you'll be able to find around the plant floor when you start storing drums on our Secondary Spill Containment In-Line Poly Spill Pallet 3000.

Start storing in-line near the wall, between columns, and in all those spaces you thought were unusable...until now.

This is just another innovative way to help:

  • Holds four 55-gallon drums
  • Low 12" profile
  • Holds up to 3,000 lbs UDL wt.
  • Raised edge on back and sides helps orient barrels on pallet
  • Non-skid, removable grates
  • 66-gallon sump capacity meets EPA 40 CFR 264.175
  • 100% polyethylene

In-line Poly Spill Pallet 3000

Product No.5102-YE-D w/drain
Dimensions98"L x 25.25"W x 12";
Weight80 lbs. /36 kg
Capacity UDL3000 lbs.
Sump Capacity66 gal. / 250.8 liters
RegulationsEPA 40 CFR 264.175
ItemDescriptionPrice Quantity
5102-YE-D In-line Poly Spill Pallet 3000 $ 399.00
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