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Refillable foaming hand soap dispensers keep workplace bathrooms clean

foaming soap dispenser
foaming soap dispenser
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Quick Overview

  • Choose from two dispenser styles - manual or automatic soap pump
  • Compatible with our foaming hand soaps and hand sanitizers
  • Foaming soap dispenser units available in black or white plastic
  • Touchless or push lever pump dispenses foam hand wash solution
  • No drip/leak/clog valve completely empties the soap bottle refills
  • Clear plastic window lets you monitor liquid soap level status
  • Quick and simple to replace empty bottles of soap/sanitizer
  • Delivers the right amount of soap foamer for easy hand washing
  • All refillable units feature an efficient keyless locking mechanism
  • Dispensers come with all necessary mounting hardware

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Product Information

These Foam Soap Dispensers are compatible with our bestseller hand sanitizer and hand cleaning formulas. The foaming soap dispensers come in black or white to suit your hand sanitizing station or washroom facilities. Choose either a hands-free automatic dispenser, or, the manual soap dispenser pump model.

Durable plastic foaming soap dispensers come with mounting hardware. Attach one to your bathroom or workplace wall for convenient and sanitary usage. They are ideal for commercial washrooms, kitchen and hand hygiene facilities.

Foam soap and hand sanitizers provide an important way to prevent germs and illness. Order a foam soap dispenser for your business today!

Compatible with our foaming soaps and sanitizers

Use refillable manual and automatic dispensers with our range of five pump bottle hand cleaning foamers. They accommodate 1000ml (33.81 fl oz) refills of foaming liquid soap dispenser pump bottles, including:

Stock up today and help prevent the spread of infection and illness-causing germs.

Hygienic and easy to use

These refillable dispensers work by diluting the liquid soap and permeation with air to create a thick lather. The foam soap pump dispenser valve prevents clogs, drips and leaks. It delivers a rich foam lather that sticks to hands and won't slip from your grip like bar soap can.

Unlike soap caddies or lotion formulas, foaming hand soap is easy to wash away. It also won't leave sticky residue on countertops, stainless steel or chrome faucets. This means less bathroom mess and time for your janitorial crew to spend cleaning up.

The heavy duty plastic soap bottle dispenser casing is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Touchless foam soap dispenser

The touchless foaming soap/sanitizer unit operates using four D batteries (included with purchase). Its touch-free sensor automatically dispenses soap when it detects a hand is present. It is an ideal companion for washroom facilities also using automatic hands-free faucets.

These units feature a keyless locking mechanism. A clear plastic window lets you track foaming hand soap levels. Dispensers are available in black or white plastic and come with wall mount hardware.

Manual foaming soap pump dispenser

Our push lever foam soap dispenser is an affordable option for workplace bathrooms and hand hygiene stations. The sturdy plastic pump level dispenses a soft foam solution.

Like our hands-free automatic foaming hand soap dispenser, it comes in black or white with mounting hardware. It also shares the same keyless lock and clear window design features.

Economical hand washing

Foam soap is more economical than other bar or liquid soaps. That's because foaming hand soap reduces the amount of soap you use for each hand washing. Not only do you get more hand washes out of each package, it is also less wasteful as it requires less water to wash hands. Each foaming soap pump refill bottle delivers more than 1,400 hand washes per unit.

Foam dispensers are a clean and efficient solution for hand washing and workplace hygiene.

Fast and efficient refilling

A drip, leak, and clog-free valve enables complete emptying of the foam soap pump bottle. The dispenser's clear window offers excellent visibility of the remaining soap levels so you know when it's time for refilling.

Replacing empty soap pump bottles is quick and easy. Pull forward the dispenser casing to discard the empty bottle. Remove the replacement pump bottle's protective cap then insert and position its nozzle into place. Close the dispenser unit with its keyless locking mechanism then test the pumping action is operational.


Technical Information

Heavy duty plastic casing. Units come with all necessary wall mounting hardware.


Compliance Information


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Ordering and Shipping

Contact us by email or call toll free (800) 869-9633 with foam soap dispenser order or shipping questions.

Also see our complementary hand soap and hygiene products, like industrial wipes and shop rags.

Pricing and Order

Item Description Our Price Quantity
manual foam soap dispenser in black A99920T
manual foam soap dispenser in black A99920T

Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser - Manual
Black plastic. Includes: wall mounting hardware.
Capacity: 1000ml foam soap/sanitizer refill bottle.
Priced per dispenser.
Dimensions: 10.35"L x 4.25"W x 5.5"H; Weight: 2 lbs.

$19.97 $19.97
manual foam soap dispenser in white A99919T
manual foam soap dispenser in white A99919T

Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser - Manual
White plastic. Includes: wall mounting hardware.
Capacity: 1000ml foam soap/sanitizer refill bottle.
Priced per dispenser.
Dimensions: 10.35"L x 4.25"W x 5.5"H; Weight: 2 lbs.

$19.97 $19.97
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